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I don't know where this one came from... but I had to pen it to get Matt, Christian, and Adam to leave me be. Probably a mix of influence from one of my favorite shows (Supernatural) and one of my favorite books series (the Demonata). Well, here's chapter one!

Warning: There will be death, bloody battles, and other evil stuff. Some of your favorite wrestlers will be bad, bad demons. Some will die. Don't yell at me if that's not your cup of tea; I warned you.

Chapter One: The One Who Lived

"Excuse me?"

The receptionist to the Hellespont Psychiatric Facility looked up and saw two young men standing in front of her. Both were blond and good looking, but the one who spoke had short hair and an open face, while the other had long hair and was hiding behind a pair of shades.


"My name is Dr. Christian Carter, and this is my partner, Dr. Adam Timberlake. We're here about the case study on the Hardy boy."

The woman looked through her papers. "Ah! Here you are! Yes, I see... hardly out of medical school, eh?"

Christian smiled; it was so easy to trick people sometimes. "Yeah. This is our first case study."

"Oh, and you picked a doozy." She stood up and motioned for them to follow her. She led them through the back and said, "Matthew Hardy's interesting as hell. Quiet, intelligent, and with this strong sense of dignity about him. He's read about all of our library in the two months he's been here, he's well behaved... it's hard to believe that he's insane."

"But he is?" Christian said. If it's so hard to believe, then open your eyes and actually listen to the guy!

"Oh, you should hear the stuff he says. Well-" She lowered her voice. "You heard about the Hardy family, right? Well, he's the only one who survived. He saw his father and brother die. He somehow escaped, and he went to the police, telling them some story about men who can blow people up!"

"How sure are you Matthew didn't kill them himself?" Christian asked. He liked messing with people, especially the oblivious ones.

"No nineteen year old boy could do what happened to Matthew's father. Biggest piece they found of him was a bone fragment about the size of a toenail." She shivered. "Gives me the willies, thinking about what he must have gone through. Well- here's the visitor's room. Wait here while I get Matthew."


"Mattie... Mattie, help! Help me! No, stop, please... MATT!"

Matt opened his eyes, the sound of Jeff's scream waking him from the dream. He wiped the sweat from his brow and thought about Jeff. Dad's final request- protect Jeff. And Matt wasn't good enough to do fucking that. He looked over at the Snoopy stuffed animal, the only thing he had in his room that the facility didn't provide for him. The reminder of how he screwed up.

The door opened and one of the workers, Selina Bradley, smiled at him. All of the workers at Hell's Spot Psychiatric Facility smiled at him like a freaking invalid or a cute little puppy with a broken leg. Couldn't they see he was completely fucking sane? His neighbors were a man who only said 'She knows' and a woman who thinks her teddy bear is her five year old son- how could they put him in the same boat as them?

"Matthew?" she said, speaking in a low voice, "You have visitors." Matt nodded and stood up, following her out. No matter how many times he said call me Matt, they always called him Matthew, so he stopped trying. Bastards.

Selina brought him to the room and sat him in the chair across from two blonde men. They didn't look that much older than him. "Matthew, this is Dr. Carter and Dr. Timberlake. They're using your case as a study. If you need anything, just knock on the door. I'll be right outside." She left, leaving Matt alone with the two men.

"Alright," Matt said, "Doctors my ass. Who the fuck are you, really?"

Adam and Christian exchanged glances; that was blunt. "We are," Christian said.

"Yeah. You're barely legal and your last names are pretty conveniently both lead singers from a boy band. Now, how about you be frank with me and tell me who the fuck you are."

Adam took off his shades and looked into Matt's eyes. "I told you, Christian. I told you he wasn't broken."

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here," Matt said. Adam turned to him and smiled.

"I'm sorry. It's just not everyday I meet someone whose survived a demon attack who acts completely normal."

Matt stared at him. "You... you believe me?"

"Yup," Christian said, "Now, we've read your file, so we know how you described the guys means you're not insane. We don't have a picture of Mark... but we have one of Raven." He pulled a picture out of his pocket and gave it to Matt. He looked at it and the man was, without a doubt, the man who killed his father and little brother.

"You know him?" Matt asked, crumpling the picture.

"Not personally," Christian said, "We know of him. He's Raven, the demon of Nightmares. He can conjure up illusions of your worst nightmare and manipulate your dreams. And we also know of Mark, the Demon Master, who can do every evil thing you can think of. And... well, we're pretty interested in the fact that your family was targeted, and even more interested in the fact that you survived. Tell us the story, will you?"

Matt looked at them. "Why do you want to know?"

"Because, any detail might be important." Christian grabbed Matt's hand. "If it's not too painful, please. Tell us everything."

Matt shook his head. "It's not. What hurts isn't the story. What hurts is that I can't catch these fuckers and make them pay." Matt thought back to two months ago...


Matt and Jeff went to the carnival with their friends that night. They went to Shannon's house first, then Shane's, then Marty's, until everyone was home but the brothers. Matt held his brother close as they went home.

"Matt, can we go back tomorrow?" Jeff asked.

"Why not?" Matt asked, "What, mad you didn't win the Snoopy?" Matt held up his Snoopy that he won from the water gun game, to taunt Jeff.

Jeff pouted. "You should give me Snoopy!" He said, "You know I love Peanuts!"

"Too bad. You should've won your own," Matt said, sticking his tongue out. They walked to the door and opened it. "Dad!" Matt shouted, "Dad, we're back!"

Suddenly, a crash filled the house. Matt and Jeff walked around into the kitchen and saw two big men, one a devilish man with blond braids and a horrifying face and the other beyond explaining. He just exuded evil. The men were standing over their father and the broken china set.

"Where is he?" The shorter one, the less scary one, asked, "When the Lord of Darkness asks you a question, you answer! Where the hell is he?"

Gil looked behind them at his boys, silently telling them to run. The shorter one didn't notice, but the taller one did. He turned around and looked at Matt and Jeff- and Matt was hit with a feeling of recognition. He somehow knew this personification of evil.

"Look, Raven," he said, "Fate's delivered him to us." Matt pushed Jeff, screaming "Run!" Both Hardy brothers ran up the stairs, hearing their father scream run over and over again. "You know what, I tire of him. Raven, kill him while I go chase the boys."

"Matt!" Gil screamed, "Protect yourself and Jeff! RUN!" That was the last thing Matt heard from his father before a loud explosion filled their ears. Jeff screamed, but Matt couldn't. He was too shocked.

"Come on," he said, pulling Jeff into their room. He opened the closet and pushed Jeff inside. Matt grabbed the bat he had and said, "Jeff, no matter what you hear, keep quiet, okay?" Jeff nodded, tears coming down his eyes.

"What about you?" he asked.

"Don't worry about me. Just keep quiet." Jeff nodded and Matt closed the closet. He realized he was still holding the Snoopy, and wished he thought to give it to Jeff, but he threw it to the side of the room and waited by the doorway. He watched, waiting for the evil man. If his father was hurt...

He saw him, and he jumped out, swinging the bat as fast as he could. It connected with the man's body, but, to Matt's surprise, it broke on contact. "Oh no, young one," he said, laughing, "That'll have no effect on me." He grabbed Matt's arm and began pulling him back into the room. Matt punched and kicked the guy, trying to get him to let him go, but he held tightly.

The man threw him on the bed and, suddenly, Raven appeared. "Well, hello there," he said, "I'm Raven." Raven sat next to Matt and began stroking his hair. "What's your name, pretty?"

"Raven!" The other man, obviously his leader, snapped.

"What? I won't hurt him. I just want to play with him a little." Raven turned to Matt again, smiling like a twisted clown. "Well, pretty? What's your name?"

"Go to hell!" Matt screamed.

Raven scratched his chin. "Gotohell... it's kind of long and definitely weird. But I like it." His hand moved down to Matt's forehead. "Hmm... your worst nightmare... well, isn't that interesting?"

"What is it, Raven?" The man asked.

"Well, Master, he's not afraid for himself. He's got spunk, I'll give him that. He's afraid for the pretty little birdie in the closet."

"You leave Jeff a fucking lone!" Matt screamed, trying to get up, but Raven pushed him back down.

"Sorry, Gotohell, but I've got orders about you and your brother. Got to follow them." He looked at his boss. "Well? Do you want Gotohell, or do you want... what did you call him?... oh, right. Jeff?"

Matt could feel his fear rising. "Please... don't hurt Jeff. You can have me. Just leave Jeff alone."

Then, Jeff came barreling out of the closet. "No! Leave Mattie alone!"

"Mattie?" Raven looked at Matt. "You lied to me! You said your name was Gotohell!"

"Jeff, run," Matt begged. But Jeff shook his head.

"I'm not leaving you."

"Raven, I'll take Matthew. Just take care of Jeffrey." Raven smiled and stood up.

"This'll be one kill that'll grace my mind for ages," Raven said, grabbing Jeff by the throat.

"No!" Matt screamed. He tried to rise, but he felt an invisible pressure on his body, holding him down. He was forced to watch as Raven pulled Jeff in and kissed him. He pushed him into the wall, and Matt would forever be haunted by what happened next.

"Mattie... Mattie, help! Help me! No, stop, please... MATT!" Matt was forced to watch as Raven stuck his hand into Jeff's chest, grabbing his heart. He pulled it out and threw it to the ground, and then he threw Jeff's lifeless body down too.

"No!" The pressure was lifted suddenly, and Matt ran out. Raven and his boss were so caught off guard by his sudden escape that it took them a moment to catch themselves.

"Chase him!" The boss screamed. Matt saw Raven, and he went into the bathroom. He locked the door and ran to the window. He tried to lift the window, but it didn't go very high. If he were Jeff, he could possibly fit, but... not him.

"Shit!" he shouted. He had to try. He put one leg through it, and then the other. He thought his butt would get caught, or even his stomach, but he fit out pretty easily. He let go and fell into the bush as he heard the door to the bathroom burst open.

"Matthew! Come out, come out, where ever you are!" Raven sang. Matt ran, not saying anything so Raven wouldn't hear him. He ran straight to the police station and told them his story, but they didn't believe him. But, since Matt was frantic, they went back to the Hardy residence. Raven and his master were gone... but the goo that was his father and Jeff's body were still there.


"That window wasn't big enough for you to fit through," Christian said.

"I know. But I did." Matt said, "I'm not going to apologize for surviving."

"I didn't expect you to," Christian said, "But... the pressure just, disappeared?"

"Yeah," Matt said.

"How? Was it, like, it lifted off of you, or did it feel like it broke and fell around you?" Now, to anyone who hasn't been held down by telekinesis, this statement makes no sense. But it made perfect sense to Matt.

"The second one," he said, "This... this is... no one's believed me before..."

"Alright, I've heard enough," Adam said, "Matthew..."

"Matt," he corrected him.

"Matt, then. How would you react if I told you I can give you your revenge against Mark and Raven?"

Christian glared at Adam. "Adam! Can you give the guy a second to breathe?"

"Christian, I need to know. He's intelligent, he's got a smart mouth, he's got that ever important suspension of disbelief... but, if he doesn't want this, then this trip was a waste. Matt, if I gave you a chance to get revenge, would you take it?" Adam's eyes bore holes into Matt's, but Matt just returned the stare.

"Without hesitation," he said.

"Good. Then it's settled. We're springing you out of here," Adam said. He saw Christian's face. "We don't have the luxury of telling him everything now. We'll tell him once he's free."

"You're really going to break me out of an asylum?" Matt asked dryly, "How?"

"Don't worry about that. Just be awake when we come tonight." He turned to Christian. "Let's go."

Matt stared at them. Part of him believed them when they said they were going to free him. The other part thought this was a sick joke. "Are you serious?"

"Deadly. Matt, if you're not awake, we're not going to take you. So you better be." Christian waved goodbye to him, leaving him with his thoughts. He finally found people who believed him... but could he really believe them?

"Come, Matthew," Selina said, holding out her hand. Matt sighed and grabbed her hand. It was the only hope he had, so he had to stick with it. Even if it was all a lie, for one night, he'd at least think he could leave Hell's Spot.

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