The sun began to appear in the east. They both knew it was there, though neither of them could see it. And they didn't speak. There were no more words to say, no hearts left to break. She didn't reach for him when the time came. He didn't look at her as they leapt, but he laughed when those nonexistent wings opened and caught the wind, and she smiled. They flew along that line between the stars and the sun, where the day and night mixed. Never on the same side. Always wing to wing.

This is the epilogue paragraph that you asked for. I know it's short. I originally just wrote it for closure. I also wanted to say that I fixed some grammar mistakes in the first chpater. I know some of you want me to continue this, so I'll think about it. I'm not sure if i want to yet. In the mean time, check out my other MR stories.