Flames of the Heart Burning on the Inside

Inspired and Continued from (Ch. 5) ALL IS FAIR IN FLAME HAZE AND MYSTES by zaki-kun


After School Sessions

The sun hangs in the afternoon sky. All the students begin to pack up their things, but before they can head home, their teacher makes an annoncement. "Students, remember that you must have your reports AND presentations by the end of next week. You may chose the topic as well as a new partner for the presentation if you choose. That is all." The teacher takes his bag and leaves the class, leaving the students to finish and begin to leave. Frey picks up his bag and heads over to Shana's desk, who in return smiles lightly as he's walking up to her.

From the corner of his eye, Yuji notices this. His heart still feels like he's getting pricked by needles. 'Why? Why am I feeling pained every time I see them like that?' Frey and Shana break him away from his thoughts as they start laughing and continue to talk as if they were the only ones in the room. "Why don't we study together tonight, my Shana?" Frey lifted her face with his finger as he told her this, much to Yuji's dismay. Shana simply smiled. "Fine. But don't do anything you'll regret, especially since Wilhemina's not there." Yuji just remembered. 'Is Miss Wilhemina really going to train me from now on? I wonder why Shana said that. Maybe I can still ask her...' Yuji stared into space, not noticing someone was next to him.

"Ano...Sakai-kun, I-I was wondering if you still wanted to work together for the presentation." Kazumi asked, her face turning red. Yuji seemed to wake up from a trance when he heard Kazumi. "Of course. It's ok with me." Yuji put on a fake smile. Yoshida didn't seem to notice. "All of us are going to Keisaku's to work on our assignments. Can you ask Hirai-chan if she can come for me? I have to finish cleaning the...""Sure!" Yuji said quickly, getting up before anything else could be said. Kazumi stood there as he walked away, confused by his quick gesture just to talk to Hirai. She felt hurt by this, but brushed it off at the moment. "I wonder what's up between those two now a days..." Kazumi thought as she looked out the window, watching the students exit the school gates.

Meanwhile Shana and Frey were in the hallway heading for the school gate. "My Shana, you seem tired. Let me carry that for you." Frey looked down at Shana, giving a smile that many of the girls in their class would have fainted from seeing. "I'm fine. You don't have to do anything for me Frey." Shana pleaded as she stuck out her tongue at Frey. She stared into his eyes, seemingly mesmerized by their golden color. She just couldn't help it. 'Why can't I stop looking into his eyes?' Shana felt confused. "Are you ok, my Shana?" Frey asked, his face now only a couple inches away. 'Why is he so concerned?' Shana was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice. Just then a hand grabbed her shoulder.

"Shana!" Yuji exclaimed. At the sound of Yuji's voice, a startled Shana relapsed into reality, jumping several steps away from both boys, blushing madly. This left all three in a very confusing and not to mention uncomfortable silence. Shana calmed down just a bit to respond "What?!" Yuji was so startled by her reaction, he almost didn't respond. "We were all wondering if you could come to Keisaku's tonight to work on our assignments. And..." "No." Shana said coldly. Yuji didn't even finish his sentence, he just stood, feeling even more pain. "Why?" He asked trying not to sound anxious. "I just can't." Shana said as harsh and cold as the last time. She didn't like the feeling of envy and solitude when she saw Yuji with Kazumi, much less around friends. Both of them looked at each other with hurt in their eyes. "Why don't we head home, my Shana?" Frey interupted, trying his best to end the very complicated situation. Yuji twitched at the sound of 'my Shana'.

"Fine. Lets go, Frey. I can't stand talking to this idiot." Shana turned to leave with Frey, but was stopped by Yuji. Shana blushed madly, realizing that Yuji had grabbed her hand. Yuji blushed at the thought that he was holding her hand, but stood his ground. "Shana..." Shana pulled her hand away from his grasp before he could say anything more. "No. Good bye Yuji." She walked away from him, his heart breaking even more every step she took. Frey waited for Shana to catch up, then he continued to walk beside her out the school gate. Yuji just stared at their walking figures until they disappeared from sight. He couldn't help but feel as if he has lost something, something close to not only himself, but his true heart.

"My Shana, do not be upset." Frey couldn't help but comfort Shana. He felt that the situation between Shana and Yuji would only worsen from this point on. All he wanted to do was comfort her and see her smile like she would when they were little. "I'm fine, Frey. You don't have to worry about me." She didn't however stop frowning, she would not look up, nor look at him. As they reached Shana's apartment, They noticed a note on the door. "I am going to research something with Miss Margery, de arimasu. It will be for 2 days that I shall take absence but I have taken the liberty of buying groceries for you, de arimasu.- Wilhemina" Shana read the note as she opened the door to her apartment, taking the note with her as she entered through the door. Frey followed closely behind, closing the door behind him.

Frey sets both his and Shana's schoolbags on the table in the dining room. He continues to follow Shana through the kitchen. "My Shana, you should calm down. Yuji didn't mean to be rude. He must have been worried about you, that's all." Frey tried to lighten the mood, but it just might have made it worse. Shana continued to walk through her home infuriated at that thought. "What does he have to worry about? I can take care of myself-" Shana, not paying attention to where she was going, trips over a chair. A loud crash is heard throughout the home. "Oww..." Shana moaned in pain as she got up from where she had fallen. "Hmm...I'm not in so much pain I must've fallen on something soft-" she thought. Just as soon as she realized this, Shana looked down to find she had landed on a now half-conscious Frey.

"Frey! When did you...? How did you-?" She paused as she noticed blood spreading from his side. She realized that when she fell she must have hit the lamp, Frey must've fallen on it when he tried to save Shana. Shana's eyes widened in shock as he slowly sat up, the blood still spreading from his side. There was some shards of glass on the ground, some shards covered in blood. "Frey..wait don't move!" Frey just looked into those concerned eyes of hers and smiled. "Don't fret, my Shana. I'll be fine." Easier said than done, since he winced at the horrifying pain coming from his side. The heavy bleeding had stopped, but the pain hadn't subsided. Still he held his smile, that smile that was always on his face.

"Frey-!" Shana protested, only to be suprised by Frey's hand caressing her face. 'Why does he smile so sweetly when he's hurt so badly? Why?' Shana asked herself, her eyes glimmered in sadness. "Please cheer up, my Shana. That sadness in those beautiful eyes of yours does not deserve such a fragile face as yours." Shana couldn't help but look at him with wide, teary eyes. 'Why does he always say these kind things?' Tears that laid hidden trailed down Shana's face. At the sight of those tears Frey took Shana into a tight embrace. "Don't cry. Please." Their eyes met in silence, their faces not to far from the other's. Their faces glowed from the light of the afternoon sun. The distance between the two grew shorter for every second that passed, until their lips met, hearts hung in the air.

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