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Dark Horizon

Nothing...nothing but darkness. That's all Yuji could see. Pitch black. In the darkness, two figures appeared in dim lighting. They weren't easy to recognize as one couldn't really see their faces in the dimming darkness that surrounds them. One figure appeared to be holding some sort of weapon, a spear of some kind. The other figure seemed to be saying something towards the armed figure. Suddenly the armed figure's eyes glowed an eery red. The figure charged at him with vast speed, vanishing from sight in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden, Yuji doubled over in pain. The figure. who had not moved an inch from where he stood, began to laugh maniacally. Yuji's sight became hazy, his breathing heavy, the pain even more agonizing, until he could take no more, blacking out, the maniac laughter still ringing in his ears.

Yuji shot out of bed, beads of sweat on his face, his breathing thick, his thoughts scattered. 'I'm still alive...' Calming himself down,
he took a deep breath. He turned to see the time on his alarm clock, the red digits still radiant through the dark room. '4:50...' Slowly,
he got himself out of bed, his head spinning from an overflowing conscious. Moving over towards his closet, he got out his uniform and slipped it on. It was way to early to be getting ready for school, but its become part of his morning routine, ever since he began training with Shana. His eyes lowered at the thought of Shana. 'I need to talk to her...and soon. I don't know if I can live with this.' Yuji needed this situation cleared up, this whole mess was tearing him and Shana further apart. As he moved past the window, the sight caught him by surprise.

Shana, walking right past his house this early in the darkest of mornings, her raven hair flowing gently behind her. His eyes widened in shock, lit up with curiosity. 'Sh-Shana?! What in the world is she doing this early in the morning?' In just seconds flat, he grabbed his school bag, ran downstairs and out the door as swiftly and quietly as possible. As he reached the street outside, he searched for a sign of Shana. It wasn't long before he had caught sight of her petite figure wandering off in the distance. He followed as closely as he possibly could. If he wasn't actually following her at that very moment, Yuji would have probably thought he was dreaming this whole thing up. 'Just what are you up to, Shana?'

Shana had woken up earlier that morning feeling as if she had not slept at all. Restless, she forced herself up on her feet. Afterall, she had no time to dawdle away, she had more Flame Haze training today...with Frey. She didn't know what to expect. They had been friends since her childhood days in Tendo-kyu, when she first met him while training herself in combat with Shiro. It has been years since those much simpler days. Those days where she could care less about her feelings, where everything seemed to fit in life. Now, nothing made sense. Frey, someone she considered as a friend and ally, had made her life even more complicated than it already was. Even more complicated than when she had first met Yuji. All this had cluttered her mind as she stepped in the shower. She hung her head loosely behind her, letting the cool drops of water soothe her pain.

Her hand reached out as if to grasp something within her sight, yet it fell to her side. 'Why?' Was all she could think as she turned off the shower. She wrapped a towel around her small figure, stepping out of the shower into her bedroom, some steam still obscuring her vision. It was still in mind as she slipped on her school uniform. "Shana, if you don't want to train with the Condemner of Justice, its understandable. I won't hold it against you." "I-It's fine, Alastor." Shana said to him, though it was quite obvious that she was lying. "Are you sure?" She doubted she would be able to make it through the day without breaking down, but she remained at least a bit self-confident with her lie. "Really, its fine." Her hair fell over her face, hiding her eyes from view. Grabbing her schoolbag, she dashed out the door before Alastor had any chance to argue her decision.

Orbs of gold scanned the sleeping city. Frey had been doing this for some time now, resting every now and then. A small smile rested upon his calmly lit face, his silvery-blue hair flowing in contrast to the sky. Though it was now early morning, the sky still retained its dark color. He was sitting atop one of the many orange beams hanging around at a large construction site overlooking Misaki Bridge, awaiting his training session with Shana. His Shana. He wasn't sure if she acknowledged the fact that he wanted to be more than just friends. All he knew was that if anyone dare lay a threatening hand on her, he wouldn't waste a second tearing them to shreds. A light breeze blew through the air, so relaxing and inviting Frey closed his eyes.

Suddenly, his eyes shot open. Something was not right. Jumping to his feet, Frey's eyes held a new sense of panic next to the calm. "Aeolus, you felt that right?" "Vanishing power of existence." The Greek bracelet spoke in a panicked, yet professional voice. 'This can't be...!? I felt a surge of power a moment ago...!?' Focusing all of his Flame Haze senses at once, he scanned the area, in search of an invisible force. 'I was sure we would be safe here...!?' He was so focused on finding the intruder he didn't hear lightly-tempered footsteps coming from behind him. "Behind you!" Aeolus alerted Frey, having a 360 view on what was happening. Frey spun around, about to take defensive measures, which were gone with the wind as he came face to face with the intruder. His dilated eyes shook in horror. "Its good to see you again, Condemner." A lean shadow stood before the Flame Haze, grinning slyly, almost viciously. "I-It's you.....!"

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