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Chapter 1: Rebirth

Naruto ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He hoped he could escape the mob at least until someone helped him. But today the mob never grew smaller. Instead it grew bigger...

'Why? Why is it always me? Why do they hurt me? I didn't hurt anyone...'

Inside Naruto the great Kyubi chuckled darkly

"Long have I suffered imprisonment by this foolish mortal. Soon... Soon I WILL BE FREE AGAIN! As for you human scum you won't die. Oh no. I have a MUCH harsher fate for you! Hehehehehe"

Finally Naruto was cornered in dead end and the mob approached. Naruto considered himself lucky to pass out after being tortured only for one hour.

-Inside Naruto's Mind-

"Huh? Where am I? Am I dead?"

"No foolish ningen. You are not. Soon though you will wish you were!"

"What? Who are you?" Asked a trembling Naruto after seeing these huge, bloodthirst-filled eyes.

"Me? Hahaha ningen you amuse me. You must be stupider than I thought. I am the mighty KYUBI NO KITSUNE!"

"What? That's... that's impossible! Yondaime killed you!"

"Hahahaha FOOL! As if a mere ningen like him could stop ME! He merely sealed me in you. Look at the seal fool! Thanks to these fools I am finally breaking free. Oh don't look so terrified. You won't die."

"I... I won't?"

"Of course not. That would be kind of me. No you won't die. Instead I will consume your soul and make you watch as I destroy everything you hold dear!"

"NO! NO! I won't... I won't let it happen!"

"As if you can avoid it FOOL! I am a DEMON LORD! THE demon lord! Defeating a child like you will be easy! Now FEEL MY FURY!" Kyubi lashed out through the seal hitting Naruto and sending him crashing into a wall.

"Hahahaha see foolish child? Neither in the material nor in the mental world can you deafeat me! Even in YOUR OWN MIND!"

'It... it hurts so much... why do I suffer so much? why... why can't I...' Naruto then saw four figures appear before him...

Iruka stepped out and said "Try your best Naruto!" reminding him of the time he first taught him how to mould chakra.

Teuchi and Ayame stepped forth and said "Come on Naruto-kun! Don't be afraid! You'll do great!" encouraging him like that first day he told them he was going to the Ninja academy.

Last stepped out Sarutobi and smiling gently said "Don't give up Naruto-kun. I believe in you." smoking his pipe as he consoled Naruto after he failed an exam.

Naruto looked at his precious people and remembered all they had done for him. All the strength they had given him... And resolve finally started showing in his eyes.

"HAHAHAHA Foolish human! What can you do? I will devour you and destroy EVERYTHING! I will especially torture that foolish old man and the daughter of the ramen shop you love so much! You will see their torture! I WILL ANNIHILATE EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR!"


Suddenly the world around them changed. Gone was the sewer. Now they stood on top of a mountain surrounded by lightning. Kyubi watched surprised at this change. He didn't expect this. Naruto on the other hand remembered what a man named Inoichi once told him.

'So da! Kore wa ore no kokoro no naka da! Kono basho no Kami wa ore da!' (That's it! This place is inside my mind! I am the god of this place!)

"Ore wa zette akiramene. Ore wa zette makene. Ore wa omae o TAOSU!" Yelled Naruto (I will not give up. I will not lose. I will DEFEAT YOU!)

"Hah foolish human what do you think you can do?" said Kyubi, still not understanding what Naruto learned.

"Simple you stupid fox. In this place he is god. In this place everything is possible if he so desires" said a new voice as a man appeared. He had a jounin vest, golden hair and bright blue eyes. He looked like an older more mature version of Naruto with a flame-styled cloak on. "Hello Naruto. In case you didn't recognise me I am Minato Namikaze. The Yondaime Hokage. We'll talk more later. Now beat up that stupid fox!"

"Ok! Come on fox! Let's FIGHT!" shouted Naruto as he grew in size and created a sword made of light on his hand.

Demon and child clashed and tore at each other. Again and again Kyubi tore into Naruto but he could't kill the child. It slowly dawned to him that he had failed. He could have easily escaped but his pride demanded he punish the impudent child... And after initiating such a fight there was no way to back off. It was all or nothing. And in the end he got nothing. After the titanic battle ended Naruto started absorbing the Kyubi. Yondaime rushed to his side.

"Well done Naruto. Or should I say son? Sarutobi never told you but you are my son and you have made me proud. Not only by defeating the demon by also staying pure against these maddened villagers. I never wished it to come to this my son. I thought they'd see you as a hero. As for why the old man never told you it was to protect you from my enemies." *sigh* "My time is running out son... I am glad to have seen you..."

"Me too dad. Thanks for the vote of confidence..." Said Naruto and hugged his dad. Suddenly Naruto fell on his knees gasping.

"SON! What's wrong?"

"Too... much... The kyubi's power is too much... I... can't control it... AAAAAARGH!"

"No... no... son... hang on..."

"Its... ok dad... I... think... I need the fox... back... Don't worry... You'll see... After all... I am god here..."

Light shone and Kyubi was restored.

"What? What happened?"

"Simple Kyubi. I still need you. Your power is too much for me to contain. Not now not ever. Your knowledge and memories alone would have made me mad. So I brought you back. Now here's the deal fox. You will no longer be filled with bloodlust. You will retain your previous existence and shall from now on guard me and my children. You will teach and guide them through a life filled with kindness. You will give them your chakra and protect them. In return you will not die unless there is no other child of mine alive."

As Naruto spoke, his words were engraved into the Kyubi's soul. Kyubi lost his bloodlust. He now was connected with Naruto and saw and felt the world through him. Thus the Lord of Demons felt something new; compassion and kindness in its purest forms.

"I don't have much of a choice now do I? Nevertheless I accept. I can't get out even if I wanted to."

"Good to know Kyubi. Yoroshiku" (yoroshiku: pleased to work with you)

"Heh kit can you do something about this place? I prefer it to the damned sewer but I'd rather have a forest. And some game to hunt. Maybe a vixen or three. In return I'll give you a gift."

"Why not? Here you go." And the world changed again into a lush forest with a lake. Small game ran around and a female fox stepped forward.

"Ah thanks kit. Here's the gift: a summoning scroll for my demon clan. Sign it but don't summon them without thought. While some of them are nice, many of them are like my old self and may not obey you."

"Thanks me if you need something else. Since we're partners now I'll take care of you you know. So dad... Its been nice to meet you... even though I'm kinda angry at the whole deal... but I'll deal with it."

"Hehehe that's my son. For what its worth son... I'm sorry. But I had no other choice. Besides who else would I trust other than my own son?" Said the Yondaime as he ruffled Naruto's hair. Of course Kyubi couldn't help but butt in in a barely audible whisper: "Ugh... so cute... I'm gonna puke"

Of course the two blondes heard him and laughed it off. Naruto hugged his dad one last time before Yondaime dissappeared into nothingness.

"Kit I think its time to wake up. I'll make a mental link so we can talk easier. Oh and uhh... you know you were kind of stupid before right? And had crappy control? Well... that was kind of my doing. Even the seal couldn't completely hold me back. So I messed up with you in order to make you weak. Then you'd have to call on my power and maybe set me free. But since our last fight proved... I can't get out ever. Might as well make it as comfortable as possible. Anyway I'll restore your mind to its previous state and repair your control. There's also something else. Due to the chakra that was unleashed, your physical body was changed. To what degree I don't know yet. We'll have to check it out after you wake up. Off you go now kit."

"Thanks Kyu. See you later eh?"

And Naruto woke up to a plain white room, lieing on a bed. An IVdrop was hanging on his arm. In front of him sat a sleeping Iruka, watching over the child he so much cared for. Naruto slowly regained movement of his arms and looked around. He checked his body trying to find the alterations Kyubi mentioned. Mentally he called to the fox.

' Hey furball there's nothing wrong with me. Or so it seems. Figured anything on your side?'

'No kit. But something's certainly different. Better sleep while I take a closer look. I'll tell you in the morning if I find out.'

'Ok. Back to sleep I guess.' And Naruto dozed off to sleep again.

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