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The Dark Whisper


Poor Bella, Locked up in some hell hole! Edward is such a freak! She can't really enjoy when he spanks her or bites her, or teases her but doesn't let her cum. I felt the wetness pool between my legs at the thought of being the one making Bella beg to cum.

Bella's my best friend and I like guys but the thought of seeing her that free, lost to the passion and the feeling. She's always making those around her happy. I often fantasized about bringing her body to that point of pleasure and of course Bella being the wonderful selfless person she is would return the favor.

No Alice, not now, later. After I've saved innocent sweet Bella, I'll satisfy myself thinking of her. But not now! I told myself as I made my way to "Dark Whisper" Seattle's most exclusive S&M club.

I had been cleaning the apartment that Bella and I share when I found the directions on the counter. I looked it up for my own curiosity after she left to meet Edward for their date tonight. I was shocked to see that the address was for Dark Whisper.

Bella most likely thinks it's just a club. Edward is so dead if he hurts her at all! Needless to say as soon as I realized my best friend was headed for some kind of sexual deviant death trap I hopped in my Porsche to go save her.

What if they try to drug her so they can take advantage or her! I swear to all things holy if any of those freaks so much as scare her I'll kill them all! I lamented to myself as I pulled into the dimly lit parking area. I practically ran to the front of the building and banged on the large black ominous door. A small slit in the door opened revealing dark grey eyes set in pale skin.

"What may I help you with, ma'am?" The sultry southern voice asked, looking at me.

"Umm…I…my, um friend." Shit! I hadn't really figured out a plan, all I knew was I had to save Bella.

"Are you here for the beginner's class?" The man asked obviously mistaking my lack of a plan for nervousness.

"Yes?" I said a little too loudly.

"Sub or Dom?" He asked simply. What umm, which one gets to spank Bella for scaring me?

"Sub?" I said questioningly not having a clue which was which.

I know sadist and masochist but sub, Dom… wait a minute Dom, Dominant… So I just… Fuck!

"Oh, great we were one sub short." He said opening the door and letting me in.

I stepped in and looked around. I was in a large darkly light room. Everything seemed to be black, walls, carpet, even the ceiling. I looked at the walls a little closer and saw all forms of medieval torture devises. I was just about to panic looking at one particularly nasty looking wooden paddle with small round holes in it, when someone spoke.

"Cash or credit card? The class is $2000 dollars for seven lessons with our best instructor Master Carlisle." The man said. My head snapped toward him finally taking in all of him. He was tall, 6'3 at least with golden curls falling just above his chin, and an amazing body almost completely exposed to me since he was only wearing black leather chaps with nothing under them. He was hard and large.

Fuck me!

I got my credit card out and handed it to him never taking my eyes off his perfect thickness.

"I'll be right back. Stay here!" The man commanded harshly, and my eyes snapped up to his only to see his darken before he turned to leave. I watched his perfect pale ass as he sauntered away into the darkness.

"He is exquisite isn't he?" Asked the most seductive voice I'd ever heard, from directly behind me.

I turned quickly, startled.

OH MY FUCKING GOD! No human man could be this fucking delectable. He was about 6'2 with short blond hair and beautiful golden butterscotch eyes. He had full lips that I wanted on my body as soon as possible. His body should have been uncovered; it's surely a crime to cover such perfection. I looked at his rippling muscles through the tight black tee shirt he was wearing. My eyes moved down to the black leather pants that did nothing to hide the fact that he was gargantuan and excited. I found myself whimpering in need as I looked at the sight before me. He chuckled sexily at me; my eyes found his as I blushed.

"Hmm, very responsive aren't you? What's your name Kitten?" The god spoke and my knees weakened at the sound.

"Alice Brandon, Mr.?" I managed to say after a brief moment of incoherency.

"Master, Carlisle Cullen." He replied and I briefly contemplated the chances of cumming just by listening to him talk.

Hold on, Master Carlisle, as in the teacher of the classes I was signing myself up for? YES! I'm sure Bella will be fine without me. I was thinking when a throat cleared behind me.

I turned to see the man who had met me at the door, his hand outstretched to give me my credit card back.

"You're signed up for the next seven classes Miss Brandon." The man said as I put the credit card away.

"Jasper, go check on everything, class is in 15 minutes. I'll get our little Alice here ready," Master Carlisle said and Jasper's eyes darkened at his master's words.

"Yes Master." Jasper replied turned and walked away once again, and once again I watched his ass as he left.

"Does Jasper make you wet, Kitten?" Master Carlisle asked me pulling me to him and speaking in my ear. I could feel every inch of his glorious body against mine. Before I could answer his right hand dipped down into my panties.

"Mmmm, yes…very wet for Jasper, he'll like that. He's such a good boy." Master Carlisle said in a gravelly voice as he stroked my pussy. His left hand was teasing my nipples through my shirt.

"Jasper makes the most wonderful noises when I fuck him." Master Carlisle whispered to me flicking my clit and making me call out.

The thought of the two beautiful men fucking was so erotic. Master Carlisle stroked faster and I bucked against his hand. I found myself imagining Jasper and Master Carlisle together. I felt Master Carlisle's lips hot on my neck as I pictured Master Carlisle fucking Jasper's mouth, Carlisle's head thrown back as he savagely took Jasper. Jasper's hands digging into Master Carlisle's ass, Carlisle's hand firmly in Jasper's hair.

Master Carlisle dipped one finger inside me and it was too much, my fantasy along with his skillful manipulation. "Master, Master…OH MASTER!" I called out as I came. Master Carlisle bit down on my neck, while simultaneously pinching my clit and my left nipple to the point of pain. This only threw me into a second and more powerful orgasm. He was holding me tight against him as I regained control of myself.

"That's the last time you ever cum without my permission, Kitten!" Master Carlisle growled angrily into my ear. Panic struck me.

I said near tears thinking of the wooden paddle with the little holes. "Oh, Yes Master, I'm sorry Master, so sorry!" I felt myself shake slightly in fear.

"Now, now Kitten you're here to learn, you won't be punished yet," assured Master Carlisle while licking the lobe of my ear as he pulled his hand out of my pants. He turned me, stroked my cheek and kissed me passionately for a long moment, wiping away my fears, with those amazingly soft full lips. He pulled back and smiled at me.

"Come Kitten, we must get you ready. This class has a bit of a dress code and I'm afraid nothing you're wearing will do, but no fear I have something for you Kitten." Carlisle said taking my right hand in his left and leading me out of the open room, and down a dark hallway.

I followed, enticed by his lips licking my juices off his right hand. He made light meowing noises as he sucked, seeming to enjoy it. I was biting down hard on my own lip to keep from moaning. I tried to ignore the part of my brain that thought this was insane and that my rescue mission had gone horribly wrong. All I would allow my brain to process right now was that Master Carlisle had already given me two phenomenal orgasms and it seemed he wasn't even trying. I was no prude but what sex I did have was never more than lying under some good looking guy and playing along while he got off. Something told me Master Carlisle was not the type to just let you lay there pretending to enjoy it. That thought alone was both terrifying and thrilling.

And besides I told myself, Bella will be here too, so I can keep an eye on her. Yeah, Perfect. I had just finished this thought when Master Carlisle spoke again.

"Here Kitten." He said pointing at a costume that was hanging on the wall. It was a leather bikini top with black fur edging and leather crotch-less panties with a little black tail, thigh high black boots and a little set of black ears, completed the ensemble.

That cheeky bastard had this planed from the moment he saw me, that's why he kept calling me Kitten! I thought, but secretly loved that he wanted me in this, it was so cute and naughty! He released my hand and got the outfit down turning back to me and putting the ears on first. I looked up at him through my lashes and grinned, taking the costume as he offered it. Then I looked around for a dressing room.

"Where do I change?" I asked, looking around again, thinking I'd missed it.

"You change right where you are Kitten, while I watch. You will change for me won't you Kitten?" He said seductively while massaging my neck with his hands.

I bit my lip but thought what the hell, and began undoing my pants.

Carlisle took a step back and watched me change palming himself as I slipped on the boots. I made sure to keep my legs open for him, watching him get more and more aroused was having the same affect on me.

"Good little Kitten." Master Carlisle said first patting my head then my ass before taking my hand again and leading me back toward the big room.

"Time to meet your new classmates Kitten," Carlisle said sexily as we got to the big room again.

I looked over to a gathering of people and my mouth fell open, there in the middle of the room was Bella.

My Bella standing in a leather one piece swim suit with cut out sides and a zipper in the front. Black heels and a leash in her left hand completed the outfit, her long mahogany hair was down and falling around her shoulders, she was stunning. I followed the leash to find it lead to a collar, a collar around Edward's neck?!

He was only in a black thong, crouching on all fours next to Bella. Or should I say Mistress Bella. HOLY FUCK! Edwards lovely green eyes shot to my hazel ones and a look of shock swept over his face. He pulled on the leash and Bella stomped her foot yanking back. He whimpered but pointed at me. Bella's eyes snapped over to me and our eyes met. Shock first, but then her eyes darken? No, it was probably wishful thinking.

"Go join the rest of the class Kitten. Get on your knees so the rest of the class knows you're a Sub." Master Carlisle said turning to me and adjusting my ears again.

I smiled at him nodding and started towards the others taking time to look over the others. Jasper was there? Was he in the class?

There was a blond girl, a real beauty in a mesh mini dress with nothing under it. She was a Dom I guessed since she was standing next to a huge guy who was on his knees, in some kind of loin cloth.

He looked like someone to be afraid of, all rippling muscles and massive frame. He shot me a killer smile, with dimples, and it was obvious he wasn't the Dom type and it made his kneeling next to the voluptuous blond a little less ridicules looking.

I got on my knees by Jasper since he was the only person standing by himself.

"OK, Class, first off, I'm Carlisle Cullen, you may call me simply Master Carlisle or Master." He said sauntering towards us.

"Subs, over the next seven weeks you will learn how to obey and serve, you will learn to anticipate your Master's needs and wants, and you will learn to control your own needs to the point of only feeling pleasure when they let you!" He said walking over to a wall and getting down a ridding crop. He slapped it over one hand then turned back towards us.

"Doms, you will learn the proper way to take care of your Sub, the appropriate use of punishment and rewards, safe words, and how to use slight pain to create immense pleasure," He said winking at me. I blushed but never took my eyes off him. His perfection was still covered but that really wasn't a deterrent since it's not every day you find a god teaching sexual enlightenment.

"Now we will all introduce ourselves, but after that, Subs will only speak when specifically told they may… understood?" He asked the class and all the Subs nodded. He pointed at Jasper.

"Name and something about you please," Carlisle said running the crop down Jasper's chest. Jasper shuddered then spoke.

"I'm Jasper Whitlock and I love anything related to the civil war." He said looking at everyone then stepping back to the place next to me. Carlisle put out a hand for me then. I took it and stood.

"I'm Alice Brandon, and I came here with every intention of rescuing my best friend, from what I don't know but umm, my plan was apparently faulty." I said with a little blush at the end.

All the Dom's chuckled at me, even Bella, and she gave me a real smile, making me feel a little better about abandoning the rescue mission. I sat back on my knees next to Jasper.

"I'm Rosalie Hale, and I like to restore cars." Said the hot blond.

"I'm Emmett McCarty, ah, I like camping." The big guy said before sitting next to Rosalie.

"I'm Edward Masen, and I like playing the piano." Edward said and I couldn't help but admire him in the little thong.

Hi, I'm Bella Swan, and umm, I like to read." Bella said sweetly before moving back to her place.

"Good, it's important that everyone in this class gets to know each other because we will all be participating together, so if anyone has a problem sharing, or with homosexuality now would be the time to leave." Carlisle said coolly looking us all over. No one moved. Bella didn't have a problem with other girls touching her? I felt my heart skipping a beat at the idea of finally getting to see my Bella cum.

"We will start with control, now Edward, Bella, Rosalie, Emmett, you're couples so you have been with each other before, therefore we will be mixing things up a bit. Kitten you go over with Bella, Emmet go to Jasper, Edward you go to Rosalie. You Dom's will do everything you can to make the Sub's cum but Subs you must not come until I have given you permission." Carlisle said passing in front of all of us.

Wait Bella, my Bella is going to, and I can't. SHIT! I moved half dazed over to Bella. She didn't look so sweet and innocent now.

"Lay on your back Alice." She commanded in almost a growl and I complied immediately. I looked over and saw Jasper teasing a fully erect Emmett with the tip of his tongue. Then I looked to Rosalie, she was kissing Edward's neck and working his cock with her hand. I felt a light touch on my thigh and looked up at a very uncertain looking Bella. Shit she didn't want me. I should have known. I thought trying not to look to broken.

"Master Carlisle, I umm, need help, I've umm, never pleased another woman. Can you show me?" Bella asked him unsurely.

That's it, she was afraid she wouldn't please me? Ha! She doesn't even have to be touching me to please me! I thought as Carlisle made his way over to us. He sat down next to me, looking down at me.

"Kitten, I'm going to let you speak, but when I say enough you must stop understand?" He asked.

"Yes Master." I said timidly.

"Now Bella, just start with kissing and go from there. Alice will let you know when it feels good, and I will provide encouragement when it's needed." He said simply.

I felt Bella's body pressing into mine as she leaned over to kiss me. Her hot lips on mine were so much better than I thought it would be. The kiss started off sweet but quickly turned urgent as she forced her tongue into my mouth. I moaned and that seemed to encourage her.

I could hear the sounds of sucking, and moaning, grunting, and humming coming from the others and it only made my already dripping cunt that much wetter.

"Mmm, now Bella massage Alice's breast." Carlisle said gruffly.

Bella's hand moved to my breast massaging, and roughly through the leather bikini top. I cried out into her hot mouth as she pinched my right nipple.

"Bella! Please, please!" I cried breaking away for air and bucking my hips, grinding against her. It felt amazing her, leather clad pussy against my exposed one. I did it again and again, and she began meeting my hips with her own and moaning.

"Move your hot little mouth to Alice's pussy Bella." Carlisle said in a breathtakingly sexy voice. Bella's body slid down mine.

"Fuck, you're dripping Alice!" Bella said as she arrived at my entrance. She wasted no time putting her face right in my cunt. This caused me to scream and move my legs further apart. She licked and sucked mercilessly.

I threw my head to the side and saw Edward and Emmet watching. Then I saw movement closer to me. There, just a foot or so from me, Master Carlisle had undone his pants and was working his own massive cock while watching Bella and me. I moaned at the sight of him.

"Master please let me?" I asked eagerly looking from his face to his engorged dick.

He growled moving closer and I tried to put my hand on him. His hand went over mine helping me get a rhythm he liked.

The feeling was so intense, Bella licking and sucking me while I pleased the god before me. I felt Bella slip a finger into me, then another. I cried out and squeezed Carlisle. He hissed and I started stroking him faster as Bella pumped in and out of me.

Master Carlisle sat there panting and I ran my thumb over the head of his cock before working him harder. He called out cumming into my hand. I pulled my hand back and began licking it clean tasting his salty goodness. He watched me lustfully before putting his pants back on.

"Next time I want your mouth around me when I cum." He said walking away from me.

I watched him go, what can I say I'm an ass girl. I was distracted from his breathtaking form when I heard Edward cry out; I looked in time to see him cum in Rosalie's hand as she bit down on his nipple. Rosalie chuckled seductively and it seemed to send Emmett over the edge and I watched him cum into Jasper's waiting mouth.

Bella was still pumping into me and she bit down on my clit savagely. I was about to cum without my Master's permission, but instead I pulled back from Bella. She didn't seem to like this. She slapped my ass hard.

"Never pull away from me Alice, Never!" she howled adding a fourth finger and began fucking me harder.

"Master, Please let me cum!" I cried, hoping Master Carlisle would let me have my release.

"Not yet Kitten." Master Carlisle said but it was too late. Bella's fingers curled as she found that sensitive spot inside me and she hit it over and over, sending the most amazing sensations through my core.

"BELLA! FUCK!!" I screamed cumming harder than I ever had before.

"Bad Kitten!" Carlisle yelled as I rode out my orgasm.

Bella looked up at me triumphantly, moved up my body kissing me and letting me taste myself on her lips. We kissed until Master Carlisle cleared his throat to get our attention.

"This class is nearly over. Next week the Subs will be punished for cumming without permission." Carlisle said bringing my attention fully to him. He was grinning down at me evilly with the holed, wooden paddle in his hands.

I felt fear, but mostly I was thrilled at the thought of him punishing me. I felt myself getting wet again thinking of him spanking me then taking me from behind, feeling him fully inside me.

I shook my head trying to forget my need. Next class, one week. I told myself almost desperately, already addicted to this Adonis of a man.

"Fill these out please." Master Carlisle said while handing out pens and papers.

I looked at mine. It was a questionnaire on what we thought of the class. "On a scale from 1 to 10 how was the class?" "How could we make it better? " Questions like that. Then at the bottom it asked. "What did you think of your instructor?"

"He's one hot bitch!" I wrote, smiling wickedly, wondering if Master Carlisle would read this himself. I gave the paper to him and went to change back into my clothes. As I changed I thought about how what just happened would change my and Bella's relationship, hell this class would change my whole life from bottom to top. I was starting to worry that I had made the wrong decision when I heard someone behind me.

"I'm one hot Bitch? Am I, Kitten?" Carlisle asked me with playfulness in his seductive voice.

I turned slowly to face him. Nodding my head yes, I slipped my heels back on. His eyes darkened and he looked very serious for a moment.

"I'm going to punish you next week, Kitten." He said walking over and kissing my pulse point before whispering in my ear. "And I'm going to fuck you." Then he turned and left me there stunned and completely horny once again.

Oh yeah, definitely a hot bitch and maybe a bit of a pussy tease. I decided when I was able to think again. I left "Dark Whisper" counting the seconds until my punishment.