Random plot bunny time! What would happen if Naruto was adopted by a major Konoha clan? Read to find out. SPOILERS!, for those who don't know who Naruto's father is and don't want to find out.

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Authors Note-This will be done in the same format as Tales of the Blades. If you don't know what that is, you'll find out.


"My friends; elders of the Konoha council. I will not survive tomorrow." said the fourth Hokage. There was a small outcry.
"It's true. I may be good, but I cannot defeat the Kyuubi. No-one can. All I can do is seal it away. I have a plan." he said, a small, sad smile on his face. The Hyuuga heir, Hiashi, spoke.
"What will you do? What can you seal it into?" he asked.
"I have no choice. The beast can only be sealed into a newborn baby, no more than a day old. I could not ask anyone to give up their child." he said. It started to dawn on them what he was suggesting.
"You plan to use your own son as a vessel." said Shibi Aburame quietly.
"Yes." said Minato.
"You can't! shouted Tsume Inuzaka.
"Why?" asked Minato.
"You would rob us of our Hokage and his child in one stroke?" she asked.
"My son will not die. He will be the host of the Kyuubi, but he will not die. I beg of you to treat him as a hero, a martyr."
"We will. What else could we do?" said Hiashi.
"Thank you." said Minato. "But I have to ask one of you a favour. I will die tomorrow, that much I know. My wife too will probably die… someone must look after my son, Naruto." he said.
"Surely there is more we can do." asked an unlikely choice, Uchiha Fugaku.
"Possibly. There are techniques I know that could split the power of the Kyuubi among two hosts, weakening any effect it ahs upon them. Of course, I have only one child…" said Minato.

There was silence.

"Please. Someone, looking after my son, even better, allowing your child to share the burden… it would help more than you could imagine."

"I will do it."

Just a prologue. This applies to EVERY version.