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Upbringing-Frost Chapter One

"I would be willing to do it." said Shikaku, boredly. "But… did you say you have a technique to make him pass as a normal clan member?"
"Yes." said Minato.
"That would affect Kekkei Genkai?" he said quietly.

A ripple of murmured voices.

"Then it would make sense to choose one of our rarer families. Such as that newborn from the Rescue program." said Shikaku quietly. "What was the family name…"
"Momochi. Bought in by an ex-Mist nin." said Minato quietly. "Ice Release?"

Shikaku nodded.
"It would be very valuable."

Minato blinked.
"It is the opinion of the council that my son should be adopted by a Mist-missing-nin and an ex-Mist civilian?"

There were nods, and words of assent.
He sighed, and smiled slightly.
"Well, fate has an odd sense of humour. I'll go and talk to them."

* * *

"What did they say?" said the Sandaime quietly.
"They said no, I kidnapped their daughter anyway." said Minato nonchalantly.
"You did what?!" shouted the Sandaime.
"Got you." he giggled.
"I swear, if your son is anything like you I'm abdicating." warned the Sandaime.
"He'll be like my wife." said Minato sadly.
"Your wife was a female you with more stubbornness and less self-control." said the Sandaime, quietly. "That's why you got on so well."

"I loved her." said Minato, on the verge of tears. "Now quiet… the beast is just over this ridge…"
Sarutobi got the idea he was cutting the conversation short.

The warning to become quiet was largely made irrelevant by a roar, and a blast of energy that destroyed the ridge they were about to climb.

Minato took a small, cloth bundle from Sarutobi, leaping forward, face suddenly dark.
Sarutobi sighed. They were his last words to his student's protégé.

"Goodbye, Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage, Yellow Flash…" he whispered.

From the direction of the immense fox came a cry of "Nibai Shiki Fujin!"

There was a flash, and the fox was drawn into a dot, vanishing from view.
Sarutobi ran over instantly, and saw two babies, swirling seals upon their navels.

One was female, with straight black hair and deep brown eyes, and two faint whisker marks on each cheek. The other was blue eyes, with blonde hair, straight like the others-though it had been spiky before the technique. There was a slight resemblance, though it was more in the lines of the face than in anything else.

Sarutobi sighed, picking them up. There was a family to make whole.

* * *

"Get up, kids! Big day." came a bright voice, best described as floral.

Momochi Tenkami, the woman once from Mist, had had a hard life. She was the rare owner of the Kekkei Genkai of Ice Release, a crime punishable by death in the lands of Kirigakure.
By severe bad luck, her husband, her beloved husband, saw her power on the day of her daughter's birth-early October.

By amazing good luck, the ninja once known as the demon of the hidden mist was passing by-and he wasn't going to waste the chance to obtain the powers of such a rare ability.
Besides… good deeds tend to pay for themselves.

And he never much liked Mist anyway.

So the two, plus the newly born girl-named Momochi Haku-left for the village that would do anything to give Mist a bloody nose.


Konoha had been good to the two-they had married years ago. The 'demon' was now a respected, if not quite trusted, jonin.

And their two children were just about to become genin.

"Wake up!" shouted Zabuza, voice reverberating through the house.

It was barely a minute later that the two-eerily similar, though instantly recognisable by gender, hair and eye colour-arrived downstairs.

"Here, oto-san!" they chorused.
Haku was a quiet girl, completely contrasted by Naruto's loud, more outgoing nature.

Tenkami looked at her two children-one by blood, one by jutsu. She smiled beatifically.
"I'm so proud of you two!" she gushed, hugging them suddenly.

Zabuza approached through the door. He'd always found it a little uncomfortable with the kids-after all, neither were his.
But he was doing better than anyone would expect.

"Come on." he said, a little shortly. "I have something to show you."

They followed as he turned into a side room, and stopped as he held up a pair of long swords-almost replicas of Zabuza's weapon. But there was something about the handles. They were a little short-barely enough to wield two handed-and something else.

"Here." he said gruffly, handing one to each of them.

"That's so cool!" exclaimed Naruto.
"Thank you, Oto-san." said Haku. "What are these bits at the ends?"

Zabuza took the two of them, attaching them-making an oversized, double ended blade.

He nodded grudgingly at their amazed expressions.
"Teamwork." he said. "It's the most important part. Remember that."

* * *

"Team Eight. Inuzuka Kiba, Momochi Haku and Momochi Naruto. Your jonin sensei will be Yuhi Kurenai."

Kiba groaned. Naruto stuck his tongue out. Haku groaned.

* * *

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