Ever since reading Dead and Gone, I have wanted a do-over of sorts for Sookie. I couldn't get the idea out of my head, so here we are. First time publishing fanfiction! Hope you like it :)

Charlaine Harris owns all rights to the SVM; written for fun, not profit etc etc

Chapter 1

Sookie POV

"You get to choose when" he finished. His skin glowed as he folded the piece of paper and wiped his nose in a very un-fae manner.

I remove my chin from my hands and place them palm-down on the kitchen table between us. My mind is buzzing with the information he has just thrown at me. I can't even remember his name. He came in just as I was sitting down to lunch, introduced himself, and started reading the letter. A letter so surprising that I quickly forgot his introduction. Gran would flay me; no matter what happens you should never forget a person's name within ten minutes of meeting them!

I take a deep breath and address the nose-wiping fairy: "So, let me get this straight: Niall has foreseen that because of my involvement with him, I will soon be captured, tortured and raped beyond all reckoning." Nose-wipe nods, looking bored. "And, in order to avoid this he has now evoked an ancient and unprecedented magic to send me back in time to a place, erm, a time, of my choosing, where I will retain all of my memories?"

Nod. Wipe.

"Yes, it is all as I have explained" he taps the paper he just finished reading from. "The only requirement is that it must be before the first time Niall contacted you, and that when he does approach you, you give him the second letter." He pulls out a second letter from some kind of invisible pocket in the area of his chest. It's sealed with what looks like an ancient crest, and glows slightly. "You will need to keep it on you at all times. Any change in your actions will cause changes in what comes next. Things will not occur exactly as they have in this time-line. He may contact you in a different way, at a different time. You will need to be ready."

"Ooookay." I reach for the letter with an unsteady hand, mind reeling at the possibilities. He covers the envelope with his hand in a protective gesture. "This is a powerful magical artifact, not a groceryshop-food-list to be thrown in your ugly satchel" he sneers. I glance down at my battered tan purse, feeling sorry for it. It didn't know when I put it on this morning it would suffer the censure of the fae-fashion-police.

Nose-Wipe-Fashion-Police produces a ring from his invisi-pocket. "The letter may be stored in here." He holds the letter up to the ring and says "Abdo." I almost laugh, the letter zips into the ring in the exact same way a document looks when it is minimized on a desktop (Amelia set to work almost immediately after she moved in to make sure I had a tutorial in basic computer operation).

"Simply say 'Aperio letter,' to retrieve it." As he speaks the words the letter reappears in his hand.

"Neat" I comment without thinking.

"Yes, it is a very clean and efficient way to store solid matter" he nods as if I have finally said something worthwhile. I decide to forgo mentioning the lesson he needs in colloquial human English as he continues: "You may also store other objects. Given your… history, it would not be remiss to put in a stake, some silver and whatever humans use to kill other humans. Simply say 'Aperio' and the name of the object and it will appear in your hand."

I think about this for a moment, before asking: "Are there any size or weight limits?" He nods again, pleased with the question. "The ring is actually a portal to a rented-out space in another dimension. Nothing is actually stored in the ring itself. You could store this entire house in the ring if you wanted, the only draw-back being that when you call it back, it would crush you." He wipes his nose again, and I wonder if there is such a thing as a fae runny nose.

"I, wait, what does this letter say?" He stands up, looking impatient. "That is none of your concern. The Prince is giving you a great gift; all he asks is that you deliver this letter. Think of the exact date you would like to return to, I will be back in one hour." And with that, Nose-Wipe-Fashion-Police was gone.

My first inclination is to simply return to the night Eric brought me to meet my grandfather, deliver the letter, and have that be the end of it. Mission accomplished. But my mind kept turning over the words "Any change in your actions will cause changes in what comes next." Meaning… I could change the future… well, past. Whatever, I could save Gran! I could steer clear of the whole messy business with Bill! I could avoid all this supe drama before it even happens!

I quickly exit the kitchen, grab a hand-full of paper from Amelia's printer, and start to plot out the events of the last two years.

I could change it; I could change it all.