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Chapter 1

Operation Meteor…a plan that should have sent five mobile suits to Earth; to take on the military organization OZ…however, a surprising and promising find led to an additional mobile suit being sent….six pilots are heading to earth with their machines…but only five will be visible…as shooting stars…six teens…one mission…a common enemy…


A.C. 195

"Sir! Moving objects have been detected entering the atmosphere."

"It's not just one? No sir, there appear to be five of these objects entering the atmosphere."

"Zechs is in the atmosphere, let him know what we've found…probably parts from an old satellite or something like that…and don't forget to keep an eye on that satellite that the Alliance wants downed in the sea outside Eastern Eurasia."

"Yes sir."


The operation had been perfect so far…according to Dr. J he hadn't even made a blip on the scanners. Keeping pace with the dropping satellite Zeo looked over his scanners. Emerald eyes blinked as he the screen flared to life and the readings were given.

"…Seven energy readings? …Three of them are close together."

Pulling the keyboard out of where it was stored, Zeo quickly began to work through the analysis. His eyes widened slightly as he read through the results.

"One of those three is Aniki with Wing…but the others…"

Frowning, Zeo carefully opened a secure communications channel.


Static reigned for a moment before his elder brothers face appeared on screen.

"What is it…Ototo?"

Zeo attacked a few more keys before looking back to his brother.

"I'm sending you the data I have been able to ascertain. There is a civilian shuttle ahead of you and an OZ space craft behind you."

Heero scowled over the line and Zeo reciprocated the movement. Neither of them were happy with this, though it was expected.

"Damn…the Alliance is already onto us…"

Zeo smiled grimly at his brother...he knew the situation and was just as unhappy with it…but this is what they had chosen.

"They're onto you Aniki…and whatever those other objects are. From the look of things…you were the only one they could catch up too…luck of the draw apparently."

Heero smirked.

"So it seems."

A flashing over on Heero's end of the line drew his attention away from his little brother. Turning back to the screen with a blank expression Heero looked his brother seriously in the eye. He knew they had both agreed to this…but he would let nothing happen to his little brother…that meant…

"Oto…you continue on your course and meet me at the agreed upon location at the agreed upon time. I've just gotten a mission."

Zeo bit his lip. He didn't want to lose his Aniki…but he also knew he didn't want to disobey him either…he had always taken care of him and protected him.

"Yes Aniki."

Heero nodded solemnly once more before cutting communications. His brother would be just fine…and would do nothing that would endanger himself…yet. Entering the atmosphere with the satellite Zeo sighed and turned his attention back to the task at hand. He hoped his brother wouldn't do anything reckless.

Zeo knew his brother would do anything to protect him…but he also knew that he would do the same in return. But his brother was definitely the more reckless of the pair of them. Seeing his chance, Zeo split himself off from the satellite; easily disguising himself as a piece of broken off debris that would land and sink in the water. He would worry about his Aniki later…once his mission was complete and he was safely settled in their agreed upon meeting area.


"Lieutenant Zechs, surveillance is reporting a meteorite."

Zechs Marquise scoffed.

"Figures…the satellite surveillance crew are practically blind…do they really think a meteorite would ride the wave course when entering the Earth's atmosphere?"

"So it's just like Headquarters told us."

Zechs nodded as he continued to read over the report sent.

"Right, it's operation M for certain. How many of them can this carrier catch up with?"

Calculations played out on the screen before them.

"Just one…the one heading for Eastern Eurasia."

Zechs smirked.

"One would do just fine. A hired frontline soldier mustn't rush to battle."

One of the pilots turned to look over his shoulder slightly.

"That's quite the bold statement sir."

Zechs chuckled lowly.

"I told you…I am a true soldier."

Picking up speed, the carrier made its way through the atmosphere towards the 'meteor'.

"We've caught up…I'll bring it up on screen."

Zech looked at the image in front of him and smirked.

"So that is their little battle seed. He has to reduce speed; there is a civilian shuttle ahead."

One of the pilots looked back a moment.

"Isn't there a chance he could shoot it down and pick up speed?"

Zechs shook his head as he continued to study the image in front of him.

"No, he won't do that right in front of us…he's on a secret mission after all."


"Oto will follow my directions and complete his part of the procedure…now all I have to do is follow mine. I can't leave him all alone."

Inside his Gundam Heero smiled slightly as he increased his speed and began to change course.

"Finally here; I've made it to the Earth."

"You had best make it too…Oto."


Breaking off from the satellite was easy…as was landing his Gundam in the water…the hardest part was getting past the patrols to settle Destiny in the forests of the surrounding area. Watching the screen in front of him Zeo sighed as he watched the military planes going in and out. If he thought he would be able to get Destiny from the bottom of the ocean…he would have set him there. But…swimming was most definitely not his strong suit.

Zeo grimaced as he thought about it. It didn't help that there really wasn't anywhere where he could have really learned to swim in the colonies...but he could have at least worked it out then. Now though…with the extra weight of the Adamantium…it was a rather hopeless endeavor for him…his brother might be able to as he was the stronger of the two of them but he…had almost no chance in hell of staying afloat at all.

Seeing an opening, Zeo made his way towards the shore; making sure to keep just below the water's surface until he made it to land and was able to slip around the military patrols. Taking a quick look back Zeo frowned.

"Good luck Aniki."


Breaking away from the designated path, Heero reached out and calmly dislodged the atmosphere entry capsule. Once all of the pieces had broken off as they were supposed to the wings of his Gundam filled out.

Up in his carrier, Zechs was reading the data their surveillance was able to get on the now revealed machine.

"Lieutenant Zechs…what is that?"

Zechs' brow furrowed beneath his helmet as he answered.

"The enemy's new weapon is a fighter."

The pilots stared.

"It moves just like a bird."

"We've reached flight altitude. We can proceed to attack."

Atmospheric shields lowered and the weaponry came out.

"Let's wake him up with our machine guns."

Zechs made his way to his feet.

"No! No machine gun for him…shoot him down. We were told to bring in the weapon but it's not the weapon that matters it's the fighter pilot inside."

Heero glanced back as the carrier's machine guns began firing. Dodging around the rather weak shots he continued on his course, rather unconcerned. This was not his problem.

"I'll escape no problem."

The flashing and slight noise that signaled an incoming mission drew his attention.

"Alter mission? That carrier is carrying OZ mobile suits."

Heero looked back once more.

"Judging by the size and speed there are likely to be three suits on board."

Turning audio on he sent the message through to two channels…Dr. J's and his brothers.

"Rodger that missions, I'll return right now to take down the OZ carrier."

Almost finished settling Destiny in its hiding place Zeo looked up to hear the transmission. He could only hope nothing else would go wrong.

Turning Wing around Heero made a beeline for the OZ carrier.

"Enemy fighter has turned and is heading straight for us."

Zechs stood and moved over to the door leading to the mobile suit hanger.

"Is Leo ready to launch?"

Waiting only for the confirmation Zechs made his way out and into the Leo.

"I'll need to get any information I can for Trieze…"

Launching the Leo he acknowledged the soon to be back up and readied his weapon. A warning flash had him looking up.

"He's above!"

Turning his mobile suit so that it was falling backwards he shot, missing the incoming fighter entirely. Quickly turning as the fighter shot passed, Zechs fired off another shot that hit the fighter.

"Nice shot Lieutenant Zechs."

Zechs frowned.

"That was far too easy."

Gripping the controls tighter to keep Wing in the air Heero read off the damage, knowing that he had kept the line to his brothers Gundam open.

"Left drive system malfunctioning…he's good."

Catching sight of the Aires mobile suits that had been launched to help the Leo, Heero grabbed the controls and hit the sequence needed. The shifting of gears and parts happened swiftly and easily as Wing shifted from a fighter into a mobile suit.

Watching, Zechs felt his eyes widen.

"It transformed into a mobile suit."

As he zoomed in on the fighter turned mobile suit Zechs observed it's makeup.

"Lieutenant Zechs…what kind of machine is that?"

"I have no idea."

"I thought OZ and the Alliance were the only one with the abilities to make mobile suits. Trieze will find this most interesting indeed."

Allowing for the Aires to go after the unknown machine Zechs observed but stayed ready in case he would be needed.

Heero allowed himself to be hit in the back as he waited for both of his targets to get into the positions he wanted. Once he was sure they were where he wanted he turned and brought his buster rifle up…taking careful aim he let the shot fly, blowing both mobile suits away with one shot. Watching the explosion Heero laughed, enjoying the freedom he felt here.

"One more to go."

Zechs watched as his men were blown away before releasing the parachute that had been placed on his mobile suit and releasing his gun. Pulling his beam sword as he fell Zechs avoided the blasts from the unknown mobile suits weapon.

Catching the arm of the incoming mobile suit Heero fought it off and ground his teeth together when he noticed that the Leo had wrapped itself around him.

"Dammit…Zeo…I'm going to be late…you are to continue to the agreed meeting area."

He heard the other sigh as the line became two way.

"I understand…Heero…please be careful…I'll meet you at the meeting place."

Heero said nothing more as the line went dead and as his Gundam hit the water and began to sink.


The opera played loudly in the background but Trieze paid it no mind as he listened to what his old friend had to say.

"You're saying that you lost three of your mobile suits?"

Zechs nodded over the vid line.

"Yes sir."

Trieze sighed.

"It's unlike you to be so careless Zechs."

Zechs nodded understandingly but continued. He knew that there was information that Trieze desperately needed to hear.

"We were up against a suit made of Gundanium."

Trieze frowned.

"You're joking."

Zechs nodded.

"It's true…just imagine if it was made by the colonies. The mobile suit is likely undamaged at the bottom of the sea…but I doubt that reckless pilot would have survived."

"Something like that would never have happened had you and I been here in OZ 15 years ago."

"The Alliance Marina is on its way to pick up the evidence."

Trieze nodded.

"Alright leave that to my men."

Zechs nodded before Trieze cut the transmition and sat back to enjoy the rest of his show…he would deal with the Alliance later.


Kneeling on the ground beside the body, Relena Dorilan gently pulled the flight helmet off.

"He's just a young boy."

Heero groaned as he began to wake. He agreed with Zeo…swimming was definitely not something he wanted to try again. He sunk like a stone until he got the hang of it. And he would get J for this…if he was going to send them on missions near or on the water…wouldn't it have been imperative that they learn to swim?

Sensing another person beside him who he could tell was not his twin his blue eyes shot opened and he leapt to his feet, using one hand to shield his face as he observed the girl in front of him. He recognized her as the Vice Foreign Ministers Daughter.

"Don't move the ambulance is on its way."

"Had I really needed an ambulance; you telling me to move now would be pointless."

"Did you see?"

He saw the girl's confusion from where she knelt in the sand.

"See what?"

He heard more than saw the ambulance pull up and the medical personnel get out.

"I'm sorry Zeo."

Opening the pack on the chest of his space suit he hit the button inside before slamming his hand down on the destination switch hidden in the arm of the suit. At this distance…even he would die. He jerked back as the device backfired and looked at it momentarily in confusion.

"DR. J!"

Taking his chance Heero took off running, making for the stairs that would take him from the beach to the main street. Attacking all of the medical personnel he came across he made it to the street and quickly destroyed the window of the ambulance, kicking the driver out and taking off. He needed to get to his brother.


Zeo paced within the warehouse the two had decided to use as a meeting place. He knew his brother might take a while as he had to get up from the ocean but still…it was taking quite a long time. The squealing of tires outside had his gun in his hand before he even registered what was happening. Making his way silently to the window he sighed in relief as he saw his brother climbing out of an…ambulance? What happened?

Keeping his gun still out, Zeo waited until his brother was in the room before he relaxed and slipped his gun away. He saw his brother give him an acknowledging nod as he grabbed the bag that had some of his everyday clothes in it and went off to change. Zeo frowned as his brother turned his back. He had seen the ruined suit. Had his brother tried to self detonate? If so then what went wrong?

As his brother came out he got his answer.

"J messed with our suits, the self destruct malfunctioned."

Zeo sighed and nodded; they really should have expected something like this from the old man. Looking up Zeo smiled as his brother stowed his ruined flight suit. His brother had gotten dressed in his normal spandex black shorts, yellow work boots and green tank top. He had used to wear the same thing but…his brother had been fine with that as long as they were away from people…for some reason though he would never allow him to wear it outside…something about too much skin and innocent emeralds. (A/N: *grins* overprotective Heero and naive Zeo Yay!)

Stepping out of the shadows of the door Zeo grinned.

"Ready to go…Heero?"

Heero turned to nod and faltered, before glaring at his brother.

"What are you wearing?"

Zeo blinked and looked down at his outfit. He had done as his brother had said. He was wearing tight leather pants that wouldn't get in the way of his movement, black combat boots and a rather small dark blue tank top…okay so maybe he had disobeyed his brother just a tiny bit but it wasn't his fault. J had chosen his clothes.

Heero glared at the outfit his brother was wearing…he had an idea who had given his brother those clothes…he distinctly remembered J being a little too pleased with himself before they left. He growled the pants were too tight, clinging to nearly every curve of his petite brother's body and the shirt was to small, showing a good deal of his brothers toned midriff and again clinging to nearly every curve. It really didn't help that it was a tank top that showed his brothers toned arms and that his lean frame was clearly visible.

Dammit it wasn't right…his brother never seemed to notice the looks he had gotten when they had gone out on missions these last couple of years but he sure had. People eyed his brother like he was a piece of meat (he completely ignored the fact that he got the same looks). He had forbidden the spandex for a reason…and J had helped his brother both obey and disobey that.

Heero growled and bent down, quickly searching through the single clothing bag they had with them; the other being at the bottom of the ocean; mumbling to himself about soon to be dead old men. Blinking Zeo watched confused as his brother continued to dig through the bag.

Nodding firmly when he found what he was looking for, Heero took it out of the bag and closed it up. Slinging the bag over his shoulder he tossed the leather jacket he had found at his brother. Zeo caught it and stared back at his brother. Heero glared.

"Put it on and zip it up."

Zeo frowned and quickly put it on and zipped it up; waiting till his brothers back was turned to unzip it silently; it was too hot to have it zipped.

Heero heard the zipper come down and nearly sighed. He knew it was too hot to have it zippered…but dammit why did that damn shirt have to show so much skin. Not mentioning the jacket again Heero sighed slightly in relief as he felt the familiar grip of his brother settle around his right arm. Straitening up he looked back towards the city they would need to stay in for a time…they had a mission to start.


The ride down to Earth had been thankfully silent; Duo knew it could have been much worse. Settling back in his seat he once again checked over the schematics in front of him before continuing on his way. He would be going out to join G's brother Howard on another Sweeper ship as soon as he was done here. After that he would fix up his buddy if need be and get a good night's sleep.

Getting to where he wanted to be within the mobile suit factory Duo struck. A strong explosive had their attention as he used Deathsythes beam scythe to slice the enemy mobile suits that came at him. Turning his attention to his main mission he quickly sliced his scythe through the machinery.

Seeing the explosions he grinned.

"This is Duo here, I've destroyed the main motor…now I've just gotta slice my way outta this battle."

His grin turned feral as he faced the incoming enemy mobile suits.

"This should be fun"


"This is the Nova base reporting; we are under sudden enemy attack."

"Enemy attack!? Whose attacking?"

"I-I don't know!"

Trowa frowned as he made his way closer and closer to his target despite the steady stream of heavy artillery coming at him. He had a mission to complete but he also had to find a place to hide.

"Best finish this quick."

Raising Heavyarms left arm he aimed his gun and began a steady stream of bullets.

"Now that you've seen me I can't let you live. My mission was to destroy only the space port; now I'll destroy everything."

Opening his chest plates as well as his shoulder and leg panels he sent out the weaponry hidden inside with calm precision. Calmly and efficiently destroying the space port and all enemy mobile suits.

"This is battle 001; pilots name, Trowa, for the record."


Entering the atmosphere Quatre immediately sent out a message to the Maganac, relaying the details of his entry point and viable landing point. He had just finished his scan of the surrounding area when the vid screen opened. Brow furrowing, Quatre reached out and allowed for two way communication. He smiled brightly when he saw who was on the screen.


The older man smiled and nodded.

"Master Quatre; it's good to see you again?"

Quatre furrowed his brow as he frowned cutely.


Rashid smiled and nodded; remembering the last time they had all seen this young man.

"Of course, you earned our respect that day and we owe you our lives."

Quatre blinked.

"No you don't."

Rashid simply grinned and continued with the conversation; ignoring the young man's answer.

"What are you doing all the way out here in the desert Master Quatre? There are no shuttle ports way out here."

Quatre grinned sheepishly; remembering that he had not been able to speak with the Maganac corp. for the past years and that they would not yet know what he had been doing.

"Oh umm…long story actually."

Rashid eyed the rather guilty looking blonde suspiciously before shaking his head.

"I'm sending you our current coordinates…we will talk when you arrive."

Quatre nodded…he wasn't sure if he should be worried about the outcome of that conversation or not.


Rashid nodded once more before cutting the connection. Quatre sighed as he made his way to the given coordinates. He had told them that he would try to be a little bit stronger when he saw them again but…would they approve? Would they still accept him as a part of their family?

Catching sight of the well hidden and camouflaged mobile suits situated amongst the sand dunes he smiled and brought his shuttle; which had been specially designed for transporting his Sandrock; to the ground, easily performing a belly landing on the sand. Sighing Quatre stood from his seat in the pilots chair and made his way back to get changed out of his flight suit.

Entering the shuttle a few minutes later Quatre grinned and waved at the men standing on the ground. He recognized them all; they had been there on MO-III and he had fought alongside most of them. They had taught him a lot and he had taken those lessons to heart.

Rashid smiled up at the teen though inwardly he was confused; the shuttle was larger than it should be. And where was the crew that should be with the young Winner heir.

"Welcome Master Quatre. We hadn't expected to see you for a few more years."

Quatre smiled as he jumped smoothly to the ground, ignoring the shocked cries due to the distance he had to fall. Landing in a neat crouch Quatre smiled as he walked up to the large man.

"So had I but something's came up that pushed the date forward a bit."

Rashid raised an eyebrow as he stared down his Master until he shifted guiltily.


Quatre nodded nervously before searching in his pockets. Finding what he was looking for, he pulled the goggles Rashid had given him and held them out to the older and larger man.

"Here, I felt I should return these."

Rashid continued to stare down the still slightly guilty teen as he reached out and closed the young man's hand over the goggles with his own.

"Those are yours; they are the symbol that you now lead the Maganac corp."

Quatre's eyes widened.

"But I-"

"No use arguing Master Quatre!"

"Yeah, you more than earned it!"

Quatre looked around as the other men joined in with their words of agreement.

"They are right you know…Master Quatre. …Now, what things really sped up your arrival date?"

Quatre cringed lightly…somehow hoping the larger man had forgotten.

"I…I agreed to an Operation that Instructor H was to take part in. …He came to my home to speak with my father some months after you all left. I volunteered."

It was silent now as they all waited for him to continue. When it was clear he would not Rashid placed his hand on the teens head, having figured out some of what he thought might be going on.

"Show us."

It was an order; not a question and Quatre didn't question it…he respected the older man too much for that. Leading the men back to the back of the carrier he carefully input the code and stood back as the back of the shuttle opened. Moving so he could look inside Rashid frowned at what he saw. A large mobile suit, most likely taller than the Maganacs own; if it's size while kneeling was anything to go by; sat towards the back of the carrier.

"It's made from Gundanium Alloy. I named it Sandrock. This is my Gundam."

Murmurs went through the man as they caught sight of the mobile suit.

"I was originally to take place in a different Operation Meteor than what was actually performed but Instructor H changed my orders. I am to do the missions assigned to me here on Earth. My enemy is OZ."

Rashid sighed.

"Does your father know of this?"

Somehow he doubted it. The Winner Master would not have allowed any of his children; let alone his son; onto a battle field. It was just too far against his beliefs.

Quatre shrugged.

"I left him a note."

Rashid sighed and shook his head but stopped as the mobile suits eyes glowed.


The Maganacs watched as the blonde ran up into the shuttle and grabbed hold of the zip line for the mobile suit. Rashid sighed as the teen disappeared into the mobile suits cockpit.

"What are we going to do Rashid? …We aren't just going to let Master Quatre fight alone are we?"

Numerous sounds of agreement and protests at the thought of the boy fighting alone rang out and Rashid held his hand up for silence.

"We will be going with Master Quatre; he is the leader of the Maganacs now and we will follow him into battle."

Cheers rang up at that and Rashid turned behind him as the young man in question rode down the zip line.

"I'm afraid that our meeting will have to be cut short…I have a mission to get to."

Rashid set his hand on the teens shoulder when he was close enough.

"We will be coming with you Master. These may be your missions but you will not fight alone."

Quatre opened his mouth to answer but was cut off by the cheer of the other men and the sight of them all going off to pack up their equipment and get into their mobile suits.

"Don't even think of arguing Master…just get ready to go."

Quatre smiled as he nodded.

"Thank you Rashid."

Rashid nodded before heading off to his own mobile suit.

A little bit later Quatre situated himself within Sandrocks cockpit and grabbed hold of the curved scythes on his back. With a quick motion he sliced his way out of the shuttle and onto the hot desert sand.

"Let's go."

Sounds of agreement came through the communication channels and the group set off to hide from the search group coming in.


"Your sure the rebel capsule fell in this area are you?"

"Yes sir."

"But their nothing here."

The hidden Maganac suits sat in wait hidden in the sand as the Alliance Leo suits came closer. Rising up; Rashid opened fire.


Explosions and gun fire rang through the air as the Maganacs attacked with all they had.

"What's happening?"

"Enemy Attack!"

"We're surrounded, who are they?"

"What on earth?"

From within SandrockQuatre watched the Leo suits scramble over the Dunes.

"Give up your weapons and surrender…and I'll spare your lives."

The Leo's ignored the instructions and instead opened fire. As the Maganacs bent their suits down to avoid the barrage, Quatre started his thrusters and took off over the sand towards the two Leos left. Rising up above them Quatre pulled his curved scythes from his back and sliced the two in half. As the explosions rang in front of him Quatre sighed and sent off a message while removing his goggles.

"Quatre reporting. I've destroyed the leader."

Looking out at the destruction he sighed.

"Told you; you should have surrendered."


Wufei frowned from his place within Nataku as he efficiently destroyed the military ships around him. Seeing two jets coming in he raised his dragon head arm and shot two solid columns of flame; powered by himself (an invention by Master O); and destroyed them.

As he stood on one of the sinking ships Wufei scowled.

"My name is Wufei. I'm not hiding anywhere. This battle will be over in practically no time."

"We must finish this quickly Nataku."


Six pilots have made it down to earth with their Gundams…OZ and the Alliance know of only five…times are about to get interesting…can the boys survive alone…or will they have to join forces to defeat their common enemy…?


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