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Chapter 7

"Where are you?"

Colors flew by quickly, a blur to the one watching; searching.

"I know you're there."

Six lights, brighter than all the others.


The others disappeared until only those six remained. But rather than the figures he normally saw, all he could see were glowing balls of light, hazy yet bright at the same time.

"Why? You're hiding; I know you are. But why?"

A tentative nudge; questioning, not hostile; and three of the six lights lashed out.




Zeo nodded in approval as he took in the other pilots camp as he carefully landed Destiny against the cliff beside the other pilots Gundam. Just from the quick observation he could see that it was well hidden between the forest and the cliff face. And because of that it was also easily defendable as well. Should OZ happen to find them they would have time to make it to their Gundams while the troops navigated through the trees.

"All in all a very strategic placement."

Hesitating a moment Zeo glanced over at the other Gundam; seeing it still in the process of shutting down he opened a window and began to search for his brothers location. He would have rather contacted his brother and spoken to the other, or at least sent him an email; but he wouldn't risk it. Wouldn't risk the other pilot thinking he was giving away his location; betraying him after he had tentatively given his trust to a pilot he had just met.

"Yeah. That would be a great way to start off an alliance. Make them think you betrayed them…great."

A beeping brought the emerald eyed teen from his thoughts, causing him to blink for a moment as he looked back to the screen.

"He's still on the barge. Right where I left him. Good."

Well…good and not good really. That meant that for now he wouldn't need to worry about what insane stunt his twin was planning next. But it also meant that he was still too sick to leave. For he knew that as soon as Heero felt well enough to stand he would be out of there; likely looking for him. So good and bad.

"And I need to be careful too. I've done four missions plus Operation M without much rest in less than a week. We can't afford to let our guard down. And now that we know that there is a way for us to get…sick…"

Shaking the thoughts from his head Zeo began shut down procedures, making sure that Destiny's system stayed active enough that he would receive a warning should a mission or communication come through. Once shut down was complete Zeo reached back behind himself and grabbed his duffel bag from where it was safely secured to the back of his seat.

The soft sound of a cockpit opening caused Zeo's ears to perk slightly. Taking a glance he smiled lightly and opened his own cockpit, exiting just a moment after the other pilot.

"I can only hope that this goes well…really don't feel like being shot. Or stabbed as the case be."


Was this a smart idea? Probably not. He knew nothing about this pilot other than the fact that he seemed to have a sense of honor and that his fighting style seemed both controlled and feral.

…Why had he done this again?

Wufei sighed and finished the last of his shutdown procedures before grabbing his bag. No point in putting it off, a glance to his right showed that the other pilot had yet to exit and the scan he had discreetly done moments before had shown that no communications had come or gone from the other suit.

Good. At least the other was considerate enough not to try to contact anyone right now. He didn't trust enough to not jump to conclusions right now. And sending off a communication right after entering his camp would have definitely made him jump to the worst possible conclusion.

"Time to get this over with."

Opening his cockpit Wufei stepped out and glanced to his right just in time to see the other pilot exiting as well. Exchanging a brief nod with the other Wufei grabbed hold of his zip line and made his way down to the ground, aware of the other making his way down right beside him.

Both teens hit the ground moments later and turned their attention to each other, standing loosely but steadily.

Could they really trust each other? And if so…with how much?


Zeo felt it best to make the first move. He was; after all; in the other's territory so to speak. So with no visible hesitation on his part, no visible weakness , he stepped forward and bowed to the Chinese teen before him.

"Again thank you for the assistance and for the refuge you have granted me now. My name is Zeo Yuy."

Wufei studied the other and took note of the almost formal tone to the words he spoke. He understood it for what it was, and accepted it with a bow of his own.

"You are welcome, on both counts. My name is Chang Wufei."

Zeo blinked as he rose from his bow after the other did. Now where had he heard that name before. Maybe not that exact name but…

"Chang…of the L-5 Dragon clan?"

Wufei blinked, honestly surprised and not a little curious.

"Yes, I am the heir to the Dragon clan. How did you know about our clan. I did not think it common knowledge."

Zeo nodded solemnly and gently shifted his bag on his shoulder.

"No I do not believe it is. But I was on L-5 for a time when I was a child. And I had a teacher who apparently lived on L-5 for quite some time."

Wufei's onyx eyes were confused now but he gestured towards his meager camp as he talked, leading the way.

"I had not thought anyone had ever left our colony. We were cast out to space for a reason after all; which if your teacher was as good as your knowledge of us so far would suggest, you already know."

Zeo nodded as he took the seat indicated to him, watching as the other black haired teen took a seat on the other side of what was apparently a banked fire pit from the smell he could pick up.

"Yes, you were a warrior clan, were you not?"

Wufei nodded, silently debating whether or not trying to make a fire was a good idea. He had a rather large problem making a fire through conventional means; seems his own flames took offense to that in a way and generally went out of control.

"That is correct, we still are really. But perhaps…we should move on?"

Zeo smiled gently, watching the obviously thinking pilot with curious eyes of his own. Now that he was closer he could see more than he really had before. Details that at the time he had deemed insignificant and had therefore overlooked.

As the sword on Changs; and that was what he would be calling him as it would be impolite to do otherwise until directed to do so; hip had led him to believe he was built like a close range fighter would be. Though from just a cursory exam of his body he appeared to be focused almost equally on speed and strength, apparently understanding the need for both.

And those eyes, they were penetrating. Deep onyx pools that seemed to be filled with endless amounts of determination, anger, curiosity and anguish. Despite the differences in their upbringing Zeo knew not to underestimate this teen in anyway. In fact he would disregard any preconceived notions he might have had. Something told him that this pilot would go out of his way just to prove him wrong; the thought almost made him smirk.

"Very well. I take it you have questions?"

Wufei nodded silently and watched as the other nodded as well, seemingly completely at ease with their present situation. But could that truly be it? Could the other truly be that calm about everything? He could still decide that the other is a threat to him and harm him after all. But no…something in those eyes.

Wufei blinked. Those eyes were odd; almost too intense really. Such a shade of green he had never seen before. Those emeralds; for there was certainly no other term for them; seemed to swirl with only positive emotions, with something raging just beneath, well hidden from the world around them. But that wasn't all.

Now that he was sitting so close to the other he could see what was missed in his cursory scan of the other pilot. While he did in fact look slightly delicate he held himself as a predator would, confidently and with a grace that belied the piercing gaze he held. There was more…so much more but right now, at this point in time, he couldn't fully decipher it all.

And damn if that didn't just bug him.

"You answer my questions and I'll answer yours alright?"

Wufei nodded, silently berating himself for getting so lost in observing this interesting new puzzle, he needed every bit of focus he could gather in order to be in top shape. This was war…they had to be careful.

"What is your mission?"

Zeo cringed. Of course that would have to be the first question.

"To discover."

Wufei blinked and stiffened slightly. What the hell did that mean?


Zeo sighed, knowing his answer had confused and put the other on guard.

"Simply that. My mission is 'to discover', but while doing that I am to do as much damage to OZ as possible. …Truth be told I'm not entirely sure what I am supposed to be discovering."

Zeo gave a small nervous laugh, shifting slightly as he subtly eyed the other. Would Chang take his answer as a threat? But no, he was relaxing slightly; only slightly.

"And you?"

Wufei inclined his head.

"I look to destroy OZ. They are a menace and are using the space colonies as scape goats to fund their own war."

Zeo nodded, completely understanding Wufei's point of view. He had traveled enough to see the extent of the damage done by OZ and the Alliance.

Both went silent after that, for now it was obvious that they were at least fighting for the same cause. And right now that was good enough for them.


"Professor? Professor!"

Professor Charles Xavier groaned as he came back into consciousness. The rather loud voices around him doing very little to help the headache that was currently beating at his skull.

"Calm down half-pint and go wait downstairs with the others."

"Logan's right Kitty. Go downstairs with the others and we will let you know if anything changes."

Hearing nothing more Charles assumed the child had done as she was told and sighed slightly. Not that he didn't love the children but Kitty was a little loud while panicking.

"Alright Chuck time to wake up."

"We have closed the curtains as well Professor."

Charles Xavier opened his wise blue eyes and let them drift over the forms of two of his eldest X-men.

"Thank you Logan, Ororo."

Logan, aka Wolverine growled lowly as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Right. Now how about ya tell us what happened Chuck."


The sharp rebuke from Ororo Munro, aka Storm barely even caused a twitch in the feral mutant, but still she glared at him for a moment before turning concerned eyes down to look at the Professor.

"What happened Professor? You were using Cerebro when some of the students heard you yell. They came to get us right away but by that time you were already unconscious."

Charles groaned and pulled one of his hands from beneath the blankets to press to his still slightly aching head. The bald telepath grimaced slightly before turning to look at his two friends and comrades.

"I wish I could tell you but…I'm not sure I have all the answers myself?"

Another growl; this one much more irritated came from where Logan had decided to make himself comfortable leaning against the wall beside the bed.

"How about ya just start at the beginning Chuck? Yer always tellin me that."

Charles chuckled slightly but agreed all the same.

"Alright then. Earlier this week Cerebro made me aware of some new mutants. Six to be exact. All at the same time in different parts of the world."

Ororo's eyes widened in shock.

"Six? At the same time?"

Charles nodded carefully.

"Yes. Though I do not believe them to be new mutants."

Logan's eyes narrowed and his hands tightened into fists.

"What do you mean Chuck?"

Charles sighed and began trying to lever himself into a sitting position.

"There power was…immense, that much I could sense. And they were still largely untapped. But what they had tapped into was mostly controlled. These mutants; whoever they are; have had some practice controlling their powers."

Logan sighed as he watched Ororo settle Charles into a sitting position against some pillows.

"That's great and all, but that doesn't explain what happened to you just this morning Chuck."

Charles looked over and raised a brow at the feral mutant.

"Yes I know. I was getting there Logan. You must learn to be patient. You seem to be about level with the children when it comes to that."

Logan glared and growled as Ororo laughed quietly beside the bed ridden mutant.

"Very funny Charles. But if there is a threat I need to know about it so it can be dealt with."

That immediately sobered both mutants up and Storm turned her attention onto the Psychic, pushing a strand of her white hair out of her way.

"Professor? Are they a threat?"

Charles sighed and rubbed his temple. Were they? Not at the present time. Could they?

"At the present time I do not believe them to be a threat; to us at least. I was able to tell that none of them are anywhere near us. I don't believe any of them are even on this continent right now."

Logan snarled and pushed off against the wall, his claws itchin to come out and his instincts rearing to go.

"Then what happened?"

Glancing over at the concerned Ororo Charles frowned as well.

"While looking for them in Cerebro earlier this week it seemed to me as if they were hiding. Their minds were constantly slipping away from me before I could even get a grasp on them really. But today I was able to locate them all. It seems they are getting nearer to each other, though I still don't know where."

Charles smiled and nodded as he accepted the glass of water Ororo passed him. Taking a moment to drink Charles looked into the glass as he thought.

"But when I tried to get a closer reading on them they weren't like the normal minds I see; human or mutant. Where normally I see people, these six were only balls of light. I was curious and I know I wasn't giving any sense of hostile intentions but when I nudged them three of the six orbs lashed out at me. The pain from that caused me to go unconscious I'm afraid."

Ororo frowned and leaned forward to place her hand gently on the Professors arm.

"Professor, you said they were orbs of light. Were they colored lights? If so they may give us a clue to their powers."

That immediately caught the Adamantium infused mutants attention and he paced closer to hear the answer better. Charles' eyes widened at the idea.

"A very good idea Ororo. Yes they were colored. Now let me see…"

Ororo quickly glared as she saw Logan opening his mouth, a small bought of lightning shocking the mutant into a sullen silence as they waited for the Professor to work out his memories.

"Ah! There was one red one, I believe there were a few other colors in there but that was the main one. Then there was a white-yellow one, and black one as well."

Logan frowned.

"Black huh? That doesn't sound like anything good."

Ororo shrugged.

"But it doesn't have to mean anything bad either Wolverine. This may or may not lead us to finding out what their powers are. What about the other three Professor."

Charles frowned and rubbed at his head in frustration.

"I'm not sure. The only reason I was even able to get those three was because they are such strong colors. The black and the red leave a very strong impression. The white-yellow one was glowing very brightly so it too left an impression. The other three…were just too hazy. Like there was some kind of barrier around them or something like that."

Logan sighed and came to sit on the bed, finally accepting that there was no one he could hunt down for the Profs sudden break down.

"So which ones attacked?"

A quick moment of thought later.

"The red, the yellow, and one of the hazy ones. The others did react minimally but didn't react violently."

Ororo frowned and looked out the window where a storm was brewing.

"It almost seems like those three were protecting the other three in a way."

Logan nodded.

"Yeah, but something else is on your mind Chuck; so spill it."

A glance at the feral and Charles sighed.

"Right before I passed out I was able to see something. The black orb seemed to simply vanish and the other two became hazy like the first three. It almost seemed like a barrier of some sort."

Logan snorted, mind racing.

"Or a defense mechanism of some kind."

Charles sighed but nodded, knowing he would be forced to accept the possibility.

"Yes well, for now I will rest but I will continue to search for them. It almost seemed like every time I looked it became just a bit clearer."

Logan nodded and stood from his seat, heading towards the door.

"Well just make sure ya have someone with ya when you do Chuck. That way we know if ya pass out alright? Now I gotta go deal with the kids. Think they need a little Danger Room session."

Ororo laughed lightly as the door closed behind her colleague before turning to the bed ridden Psychic.

"Do you think the children or Logan need the Danger Room session?"

Charles chuckled as he leaned back into his pillows.

"I think both my dear."

"But those mutants. I must find them. Before something happens."


It had begun getting dark only a little before yet still neither of them dared to light a fire, each for their own reasons. Zeo sighed, eyes sharpening as the sun sank further and further beyond the horizon.

"It will be full dark soon. Do you think we should start a fire? We haven't heard any signs of pursuit in hours."

Wufei looked up from where he was cleaning his sword, onyx eyes straining to see the other.

"I suppose that would be safe. There is not much else we can do right now accept be ready to leave as soon as possible should we be found."

Zeo nodded and took out a lighter from the side pocket of his duffel. Setting the small pile of wood on fire was only the work of a few seconds and soon the pair could see each other easier.

"There. Just enough for us to see by but not enough to give us away."

Wufei nodded, trying his best to avoid looking at the flames; silently thankful he hadn't been the one who had to make the fire. That wouldn't have turned out well at all. As it was he was having something of a hard time keeping his flames under control now. He hadn't used his power in battle earlier and so there was something of a build up occurring inside of him. He could feel it. Only question was, could he contain it until the next battle came along.

Zeo glanced over to Destiny for what must have been the thousandth time as he leaned back against the tree behind him. His worry was beginning to get the best of him. Heero should have gotten a hold of him long ago. What if something had happened?

"You are stressed."

Zeo blinked and turned his attention back to the other pilot. Seeing he had the others undivided attention Zeo blushed lightly; thankful the shadows hid it well.

"Ah, sorry. It's just been a stressful couple of days. I mean no offense."

Wufei snorted and stood slowly and steadily.

"Would you like to spar? I too feel stressed."

This should be safe. He had never lost control of his flames during a fight. Only when he let his guard down to far it seemed.

"Sure! Swords of no?"

Wufei blinked as the other pilot rose to his feet, excitement almost pouring off of him in visible waves.

"You have a sword?"

Zeo nodded happily and reached down to pull the precious item from his bag. Pulling the plain scabbard out Zeo carefully drew the sword, holding it up to be seen in the light of the fire.

Wufei blinked and took a moment to admire the craftsmanship of the blade. It was long and thin, appearing to fit the others build in a way. The hilt itself was made to look plain but even in the poor lighting Wufei could easily see the delicate etchings on the blade and the fine craftsmanship of the piece itself.

"It is very beautiful."

Zeo bowed in thanks.

"It was a gift."

Wufei nodded, accepting the brief explanation and moved away from the fire towards a slightly more open area. It wouldn't do for them to have to continuously dodge around the fire pit. Zeo followed willingly, feeling the thrill of a challenge rushing through his veins and making his claw ache. He could see that the other knew how to use the weapon in his hands, there was an ease of assurance about him that made the thought of this fight all the more thrilling.

Stopping across from each other both moved easily into ready positions, swords at the ready. This wouldn't be like the 'sword fights' he and Heero had had at that bordering school. This was live and real and thrilling!

Neither could tell who moved first. But suddenly the clash and ring of steel on steel was all that could be heard throughout the clearing. Everything else seemed to fade from the pairs mind as they traded blow after blow, sparks flashing as they dodge effortlessly around each other in a parody of a dance.

This was what they lived for. This rush, this thrill. The feel that they were truly accomplishing something. That they were truly pushing themselves to the limit; and beyond.

Zeo smirk in excitement as Wufei's sword nicked his arm, never pausing as he came up for a counter strike. Never even paused as he saw those onyx eyes widen in surprise and pleasure as the fight continued and the almost unseen flames that seemed to almost be the others eyes roared with renewed life. The only time he paused…was when the roar became real.

"Watch Out!"


Heero jerked up in bed with a gasp, sweat running down his body. That dream…was it a dream? But it had all seemed so real? Bringing a hand to his head Heero groaned as emotions surged to the fore, tearing at his control. What was wrong? What was going on?

Heero cried out as emotions flew by faster than he could name them. Emotions he knew he unconsciously passed on to Zeo. He heard nothing as he screamed out again and the room began to shake and waver. He felt nothing as strong, lean arms wrapped around him; held him.

It was only when the scent of blood hit him that he even snapped out of it at all.

Opening his eyes carefully Heero was confused and slightly panicked when for a moment he could see nothing but black.


A slight groan and the increased scent of blood had panicked and fevered memories returning.

A flash of smiling, pained violet eyes. A long braid of chocolate. A slim black covered body. And a name-


A groan was all the answer he received as the room continued to shake, the sound of waves crashing against the side of the ship and the yells of the crewman barely even registering as he wrapped his strong arms around the body above him.

There was something pinning the other, he couldn't move him. Heero shifted slightly, trying to see the problem. Everything was in disarray, things still falling off shelves and other places. But…there!

Pinning the violet eyed teens right arm and shoulder was a portion of the bed that had been beside them.

"Are…Are ya alright?"

Heero turned incredulous blue eyes up to look into pained but concerned violet eyes.


Duo grinned, not looking at where his arm was trapped as he looked around the still shaking room.

"'M fine. Just need ta get free before anythin else hits us. The hell is up wit' the sea?"

Heero hid a wince, semi-aware of what was going on. The emotions…they were too much! They were upsetting the balance they had created in order to keep their more secondary powers under control. And with his earth power acting up, it was affecting the waves around them. And if he didn't get control of it soon-


"Ah Shit!"


"Are you sure you have to leave so soon Trowa?"

Trowa glanced up to see the little blonde standing hesitantly in the doorway, watching with sad teal eyes as he packed his bag. Sighing Trowa gestured the blonde forward, sitting on the bed and patting the spot beside him.

"I wish I could stay Quatre, but I need to get back to the circus to ensure my cover isn't blown."

Quatre sighed and rubbed at his arms.

"I know that. I just wish you could stay a bit longer, that's all."

Trowa smiled gently, and after only a moments hesitation, leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to the little blondes lips. Deepening it only slightly Trowa pulled back as the need to breathe took over and rested his forehead against Quatre's as both tried to catch their breathes.

"I'll see you again you know."

Quatre smiled sadly.

"I know you-AHHHH!"

Trowa jerked back as Quatre screamed and began to jerk.


Trowa was dimly aware of the door banging open, but his main concern was the little blonde. Pulling him into his arms as he began to thrash and claw at himself Trowa looked towards the door where he could see the man whom Quatre had introduced as Rashid.

"Help me! Before he hurts himself."

Rashid snapped out of his shock and rushed forward, grabbing hold of the blondes kicking legs in an attempt to save them both some pain.

"What happened?"

Rashid's dark eyes almost dared Trowa to try to lie to him, but Trowa knew better. And besides…they needed help, maybe the other man could do something. But…

"I don't know. We were talking and then all of a sudden he started screaming. I grabbed him when he started thrashing."

Rashid studied him seriously for a moment before turning his head to look over his shoulder at the door.

"Two of you get sheets and come back to help us to get to the center of the bed. The rest of you search the grounds. Make sure that nothing and no one gets in while Master Quatre is down."

Trowa never even looked up from the pale, pain filled face. The blonde held his entire attention.

"Come on Quatre; please!"

So caught up in his panic Trowa never noticed the electricity arcing off of him in jagged waves, but Rashid sure did. As one of the walls was hit by the arcing lightning Rashid's dark eyes snapped to taking in everything. Every detail in the room. He understood the significance of the display; what it made the mysterious emerald eyed teen; and what this little display could mean for the blonde heir as well. But that was not his main concern at the moment.

"Calm, everything will be alright. It will all turn out fine."

He didn't attempt to touch the teen but he had to find a way to get through to him. Before he brought the entire room down around them.

"Easy now."

Trowa blinked slightly as the calming tone; one he had never really heard directed at him before; caught his attention. Glancing up he caught the solemn dark eyes of the man; Rashid.

"There you see? Everything's going to be alright. Master Quatre is calming down."

Emerald eyes shot down to look at the blonde in his arms, and sure enough the blonde was calming. Glancing back up at the man, an arc of electricity caught his attention and he gasped; eyes jerking over to the older mans, expecting rejection and hatred. But he saw nothing of that. In fact, the other man didn't even acknowledge the event at all. Simply turning his attention back to the stirring blonde.

"Master Quatre. Are you alright?"

Trowa's eyes swung back down to the blonde, seeing teal eyes opened wearily he felt the electricity pull back into himself.


Quatre glanced up and smiled tiredly.

"I'm…I'm fine Trowa."

Rashid glanced over at the teen; noticing how the other reacted.

"So the boys name is Trowa huh? Hmm."

"You are not fine Quatre! What happened?"

Rashid nodded, eyeing the blonde sternly.

"Yes Master Quatre. You were screaming and thrashing quite violently."

Quatre blushed under the stern gaze but answered all the same, eyes looking to Trowa to understand and perhaps, even help.

"I'm…not all too sure. It was like…a huge burst of emotions, released almost simultaneously. There were so many and so strong. I've never felt emotions this strongly or clearly before. Especially from such a distance."

Trowa blinked, watching the larger mans reactions from the corner of his eyes.


Quatre nodded.

"I can't tell you exactly where but I got hit from emotions from multiple people in different areas…not on this continent of that I am sure."

Trowa's eyes widened.


Quatre shrugged wearily, fighting to keep his eyes open as he did.

"Enough. Sleep now Master Quatre."

Quatre's eyes shot open, panicked teal meeting solemn brown.


Rashid smiled gently down at the pair as he heard hurried footsteps in the hall.

"Everyone has secrets Master Quatre. We will talk in the morning if you wish."

Both teens could only watched stunned as the older man left, shutting the door gently behind him. What…had just happened?



"Ah Shit!"

Heero looked over towards the right as Duo began to try to unpin his trapped arm. The sound of rushing water reached his ears and Heero quit thinking. Raising his hand Heero unleashed his claws and swiped down, slicing the pars of the bed cleanly and freeing the brunettes trapped arm.


Heero glanced up and met stunned violet for only a moment before he was wrapping his arm around the others slim waist and pulling them both off the bed and onto the floor. Standing up with the other held tightly to his chest Heero looked around. Where would they have relative safety?


Heero glanced to where Duo was pointing and saw a corner of the room relatively untouched.

"There's no shelter there."

Duo pulled back slightly to look up at the teen who was obviously a mutant like him.

"I'll take care of that."

Heero growled and pushed the other teen into the corner, placing his back to the room as he braced his hands on either side of the other pilots head. Blue met violet for one terrifying moment.

"Hold on."

And their world was rocked.


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