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It has been years since the Red X suit has been stolen, and the villain behind the mask has yet to be identified. Until recently, Red X has made his presence scarce, only revealing himself every once in a while to steal something valuable, and almost every time, has been able to easily breeze past each of the Titans thanks to the fact that the suit was designed especially to counteract each of their powers. Lately, he's set his sights on something a little different: not money or jewelry, but Starfire of the Teen Titans.

It is clear to the Titans that he is only after one thing (if you catch my drift :D), and cleverly uses her relationship with Robin to confuse her. The fact that the masked hero is so unhealthily obsessed with his work continues to push his alien admirer further and further away, and Red X takes advantage of this fact. Eventually, he comes to find that what he feels toward Starfire is slowly becoming something more than simple lust, and he begins to grow frustrated. Meanwhile, Starfire is beginning to see that her feelings toward Robin are more destructive to her than she could see before Red X pointed it out, and much to her horror, finds herself seeking out the mysterious villain rather than trying to fight him.

Chapter One

The clear azure sky over Jump City began to warp into a wash of soft pastels as the late-summer sun prepared to make its descent beyond the horizon, bathing the metropolis in its final rays of warmth. Titans Tower, home of the city's beloved teen heroes, stood silent guard in the midst of the orange and pink hues reflected on the surface of the bay it loomed over. The water was calm, mirroring the nature of the recent uneventful weeks. In terms of crime fighting, the past couple of weeks had been relatively quiet for the young heroes, who were recently growing more restless as the days passed.

Cyborg had even grown tired of washing, waxing, and detailing the T-car, things he normally did with obvious enthusiasm. Even Beast Boy was beginning to grow bored of playing video games and constantly beating his own high score on Mega Monkeys 3. Raven, as usual, had made her presence quite scarce around the tower, but even she seemed more irritable than usual around the other Titans. Robin spent more of his time behind closed doors, and even Starfire had given up on suggesting to go out for pizza, or renting movies for movie nights.

Needless to say, the Titans were all praying for even a sign of trouble.

Most of the Titans were off in different areas of the spacious tower, with the exception of Cyborg and Beast Boy, who sat beside one another on the large gray couch battling each other for the high score on a video game. Starfire could hear their shouting and bickering from the kitchen, where she had just finished tidying up. It had been her turn to wash the dishes that evening, and she'd decided that since she had nothing better to do that she would organize the cabinets and refrigerator. Cleaning out the fridge had been a particularly frightening task, and Starfire thought that it may have been one of the worst-smelling, most bio-hazardous locations on earth, and no matter how hard she tried she was unable to get rid of the horrible, foreign smell. Still, after throwing out tons of unidentifiable substances, including things that looked like they might be alive, or had been at one point, it looked much better than before. After washing her hands thoroughly she exited the kitchen, making a beeline toward her room.

On her way to her bedroom, she found herself thinking about Robin. She hadn't seen him all day, and she was slightly worried about him. It wasn't a secret that the fearless leader of the unruly band of superheroes was somewhat of a workaholic, and would likely work himself to death without the intervention of his friends. And the Tameranian princess was certain that the lack of criminal activity would not have affected the Boy Wonder's obsessive habits. Quietly passing up the metal door labeled "Starfire," she turned into the hallway containing Robin's room. Reaching the door, the red-head raised her arm and knocked on the door, but there was no response. She knocked one more time before confirming that he wasn't inside, then about-faced and headed for the training room. Ninety-nine percent of the time, if he wasn't in his room, he was training.

Her relationship with Robin had grown increasingly confusing as time passed. She wasn't confused about her feelings; she had long been aware that she cared about Robin as something more than just a friend. She was more confused about his feelings concerning her. She sometimes felt that he shared her affections, and liked her the way she clearly liked him. But there were times that she wondered if he cared more about his duties than he did about his friends, and her. And as much as she respected that and tried to give him his space, it hurt her as more than anything. Finally arriving at the training room, the alien stuck her head through the open doorway only to find that it was empty. Pursing her lips, she decided to check one more place. Ninety-nine percent of the time, if Robin wasn't in his room or training, you could find him in the evidence room.

Knocking lightly on the thick door labeled "Evidence" and calling his name softly, she listened for the reply that she was almost sure would follow. Sure enough, she got the response that she was hoping for.

"Come in," he said, a slightly irritated edge to his voice. Starfire complied, entering the dimly-lit room slowly, the door sliding shut behind her. The masked hero looked up from a stack of folders to look at her before looking back down at his work. Robin without a mask was a rare sight to see, but she felt that she could wait a million years just to catch a glimpse of those electric blue eyes.

"What?" the boy asked, glancing up again, and Starfire realized that she had been staring at him. She then realized that she didn't really have a reason for seeking him out other than to make sure he was still alive. Having reassured herself, she decided that now would be a good time to ask him about their relationship.

"Robin, I—" she was interrupted by a shrill siren as the pair were suddenly bathed in the red light of the alarm. Cyborg's voice sounded over the intercom, calling the team to gather at Operations.

"Sorry, Star." Robin mumbled as he rushed past her, darting out of the room and disappearing into the hallway. With a dejected sigh, the alien princess followed.

They rushed into the room where the rest of the team was waiting and Cyborg quickly began to brief them on the mission. There wasn't much information other than the fact that it was a robbery and all the guards had been knocked unconscious. The identity of the suspect remained unidentified.

"Great. Okay, Titans, let's go." Robin had immediately shifted into leader mode. The teenagers filed out of the room, the girls through one entrance and the boys headed for the garage. All seemed grateful to hear the sound of the alarm after such over a week of silence, the exception being Starfire, who was much more quiet and aloof than usual. No one seemed to take notice, except for Raven. Looking at her friend, she could sense the princess' discomfort and apprehension. Raising an eyebrow, the empath began to think of ways to approach the situation as the duo neared the roof.

"Starfire, did you clean the fridge?" Raven asked, knowing that if she asked directly if something was bothering her, the silently-enduring warrior would simply insist she was fine.

"What? Oh, yes, I did." Starfire answered, taken aback by the sudden question. Raven was never one for casual conversation, and this was certainly an odd time to talk.

"Looks good. As good as it's ever been." the pale-skinned girl complimented, further confusing her friend.

"Thank you, friend Raven." Starfire replied, unsure of what else to say. As they finally reached the roof, the two girls were silent. When Starfire was sure that the brief conversation was over, she took to the skies with Raven not far behind. Not realizing just how fast she was going, Starfire rocketed ahead in a green flash, leaving her teammates in her wake.

Raven turned her gaze south as she heard the cry of an eagle, and watched as Beast Boy joined her in the sky. The green fowl was looking at her, and even seemed to be giving her a questioning look. Raven simply shrugged and looked down at the ground, where the other two boys had manned their respective vehicles and were speeding toward their destination at a frightening speed. Her indigo gaze settled on Robin, his cape flapping wildly about behind him and the R-cycle. Raven didn't need her empathic powers to see that Starfire's distress had something to do with their mysterious masked leader. It was no secret, how they felt about each other, and if the alien was ever upset it usually had something to do with Robin.

Starfire arrived at the scene long before her friends. As her feet landed smoothly on the ground, she looked up at the large building that stood over her. The windows were barred, and she could tell that the place was high-security. Looking back, she saw her friends approaching in the distance. Then she decided to do something that she wouldn't normally do: she proceeded alone. This was the sort of thing that Robin usually did.

Stepping inside of the dark building, she squinted through the darkness and spotted two limp bodies. She cautiously scoped the room the best she could, her eyes adjusting to the dark, before quickly checking the guards. They were unconscious, but didn't appear to be severely injured at all. She knew that it took skill to take someone down without damaging them, and took extra care as she continued to search the first floor. She had cleared the first floor in no time, and ascended up the nearest flight of stairs, opting to fly rather than walk. She kept her eyes and ears open for any sign of movement.

Beast Boy and Raven realized that their red-headed teammate was nowhere in sight, even as they began to close in on the building. Their eyes swept the area for Starfire, but there was no sign of her. They realized that she must have gone ahead, which was extremely out of character for their friend. Raven's indigo eyes met Beast Boy's forest green ones, each mirroring the others' concern. Of course, they knew that the warrior princess was perfectly capable of handling herself, but there was obviously something strange about her actions as of late. Raven landed in front of the building and searched for Starfire's energy as Beast Boy landed right behind her, morphing back into his human form. The two stayed where they were as the sound of revving engines drew nearer.

Meanwhile, inside the building, a masked thief had shut down the defenses with little difficulty, and was making his way toward one particular item placed conveniently in the center of the room. It was a necklace, but it was nothing like your average piece of jewelry that you would find at a normal jewelry stand. It was far larger, and far more valuable. Lifting the glass casing that covered the pendant, he carefully slipped the necklace into one of the compartments on his belt and turned around, surprised to come face to face with a gorgeous pair of emerald-hued eyes.

"Do not move." Starfire commanded, standing her ground between Red X and the only exit. Red X smirked behind his mask. He admired the girl's spunk; they both knew that he could easily defeat her, especially since her teammates were nowhere to be seen.

"Oh, hey, Cutie. It's been a while." the villain mused, moving to take a step around her. In response, the alien's hands formed into tight fists, each surrounded by an orb of solar energy. The dark room was immediately illuminated with the bright green light, which allowed him to have a better look at her.

"Not long enough, I fear." the alien replied calmly, then after a short pause, "Do not call me that."

"Call you what? Cutie?" Red X couldn't help but chuckle as he looked her up and down. He was definitely glad that he was wearing a mask. "What's the matter? Is that something that only Robin can call you?"

Starfire visibly flinched as his accusation seemed to strike a sensitive nerve, and her eyes burned with the same solar energy that powered her starbolts. Red X raised his hands defensively, his open palms facing the angry hero. This girl had the brightest eyes he had ever seen, quite literally.

"Listen, Starfire. I really don't have time to fight you, so I'm just going to—" He was interrupted as a blast was heard outside of the building, causing Starfire to look toward the barred window, her eyes still glowing. Red X took the opportunity to pin her against the wall using a sturdy x-shaped restraint. Starfire gasped as she was flung backwards against the wall, knocking the breath out of her. She looked down and realized that both of her arms were pinned down. Great.

"Well, I'd better get goin'." X chuckled, obviously full of himself. Before leaving, he stepped forward, nearly closing the distance between their bodies, and stroked her cheek with his thumb. "Until next time, Princess."

With that, he turned and flipped down the stairs, not giving her another chance to blast him. Why she hadn't done so before was beyond him, and he settled with the notion that she had been startled by the sudden loud noise outside. Little did she know that "next time" would come much sooner than she anticipated.


Author's Note

Well, folks, that was chapter one. I hope someone enjoyed it, I know that the Teen Titan's fanbase has shrunk in size since the conclusion of the television series, leaving only the most loyal fans. I'll admit that it has been a while since I've written about Teen Titans, but I assure you that I remain an avid fan. I don't watch much television, so the Teen Titans series was basically the only thing I watched, back when it still played on Cartoon Network. Recently I've decided to pick up where I left off (sort of) with my Teen Titans fanfictions, although all of my old writings were so terrible that it was actually embarrassing for me to read over them.

Anyway, I'm sorry that it's so short. I'll try to make the next few chapters longer. I'm sort of using this chapter as a test guinea pig, to sort of figure out how to upload stories.

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