Five More Minutes

A Doctor Who General/Humor Fanfic

A series of drabbles, branching out from the Doctor meeting fanfiction.

Rated K for absolutely nothing bad.

Disclaimer: If I owned a sonic screwdriver, it'd make the sound AND light up. Not just light up. Unfortunately, I don't – I don't even have a light-up-noise-making pen that looks like it. Ergo, I couldn't possibly be the alien using the alias "Russel T. Davies."

A/N: I was tempted to write this into a full-length one-shot, but then I decided that it's funner as a drabble. And it's a real one, too.

I decided to turn this into a series of drabbles, because I couldn't resist.

Chapter 1: Fanfiction (100 words)

"We're here!"

"Bother," the teen muttered. "Five more minutes!"

"You've been reading those things all morning!"

"But I'm almost finished this one!"

"You said that twenty minutes ago!"

"Yeah, but we weren't anywhere near ready! You still had to fix the... whatever it was you had to fix, so I started another one!"

"Do you ever stop?" The teen took her eyes away from the screen for a moment and considered this.

"Nope!" He sighed. Loudly. He glanced around the ship, as though there was someone to catch his defeat.

"What are you reading?"

"Fanfiction. Ten/Rose shipping."

"Move over."

A/N: Don't bother reviewing. Or, maybe do. I don't care. This was just fun for me to write. Heh, it's funny to imagine the Doctor reading DW fanfiction, tho, don't you think?