This story is based on Transformers ROTF so if you have not seen the movie so it might eventually* contain spoilers!!!! The fact that the Arcee twins were neglected in the film and deserved a huge role inspired me to write this! So hopefully the starting of this story will fill in the gaps that the movie left out! ;D

Dark storm clouds drifted over the small city of Shanghai. Lightning flashed brightly as they announced their passing with loud blasts of thunder to the pedestrians below. The citizens, now much used to Shanghai's constant bad weather, would merely glance up at the sky and contemplate whether they would need to open up any umbrellas before continuing on their journey through the damp city. Nothing was heard except the occasional comment passed between comrades and strangers. Nothing was suspected. A child paused among the busily walking crowd, his large glassy eyes drifting up towards the sky. He pointed a chubby finger up at the cloudy atmosphere.

"Look Mama!" He cried out, grabbing a hold of her hand anxiously. The women glanced up at the darkened horizon, squinting slightly at the approaching objects.

"Yes sweetie, those are helicopters!" She hurriedly acknowledged, dismissing her child's observation before pulling him roughly along the muddied sidewalk.

The choppers loudly flew over the vast dirty buildings, disturbing settled trash and papers in a nearby alleyway. Newspapers drifted along the brick walls from the unexpected breeze as a cat quickly scampered down the alley, startled from the sudden change. Four sets of bright blue optics gazed up at the black choppers as they soared low over the building. They were the few lights visible in the dark passage.

"Took them long enough…" One of them mumbled grumpily, leaning against the wall with their hip cocked.

"Chromia…patience…" Another whispered, gently nudging them in the shoulder. The other quickly shoved the hand off before folding their arms across their chest plates, their steely optics observing the third that was positioned at the mouth of the alleyway, head peeking over the edge of the brickwork.

"Arcee…! Do you plan on exposing us before we even get started?" The third quickly jerked their head back into the darkness as an SUV drove past the opening, gutter water splashing into the small space.

"Aw slag!" The third exclaimed as their head slammed into the corner of the brick wall, the loud smack of brick against metal echoed loudly up the building complex while bits of brick crumbled down to the wet ground. A set of headlights appeared from the end of the alley as a fourth enveloped them in the light, flashing silver in their direction.

"Keep quiet…or your all going to give away our position!" The fourth warily scolded, before turning around to gaze down the remainder of the alleyway, their head shaking, "Femmes…"

"Did we annoy you Sideswipe?" The second quietly teased, gently jabbing the side of his chassis, he winced before letting out a series of clicks in annoyance enveloping her with his headlights; her purple armor shined brightly.

"Actually, Moonracer… I'm more concerned of you exposing us due to you femme's loud behavior…" He clarified, looking at her in annoyance. She laughed lightly before gently patting his arm.

"Ah we did annoy you…" She smiled cheerfully as she looked over at the other two femmes while Sideswipe imitated swatting her hand away.

"I'm fine thanks for asking…" Arcee said, glaring at Sideswipe while grinding her dental plates. She reached up to finger the tender dent that was now embedded into her pink helmet, wincing slightly as she made contact. "Lovely…we haven't even been engaged with a Decepticon yet and I already have damage to my armor…"

"Quit complaining…" Chromia snapped, gazing down to adjust her plasma revolver, her blue armor reflecting into a nearby puddle of filthy water, "Just be thankful it's only that…"

"Please…" Arcee whispered to herself, rolling her optics.

"Primus…why did I end up with you three…" Sideswipe complained, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "At this point I would rather be on stakeout with the twins…"

"We heard that Sides my man…!"

"Yeah…! Theirs always room in the fun vee for more…!"

Sideswipe gaped horrifyingly towards Chromia, who happened to turn on her com-link during their conversation. She winked, smiling wickedly at him.

"Now that that's settled, Sideswipe can you please re-inform us of our mission…?"

He squinted his optics at Chromia before closing the distance between them.

"As you all know, we were sent here along with the rest of the Autobots to track down some decepticon activity located in Shanghai China. Captain Lennox along with his team and Ironhide will track the decepticon and shut him down. Our mission, as well as Skids and Mudflap's…" He muttered quietly, eyeballing Chromia's Com-link cautiously, "Is to hold our location until backup is called upon or needed…" Arcee snorted, leaning against the brick tenement.

"Of course the mechs get all of the action while we femmes are left in the dust…" Arcee murmured angrily. Chromia and Moonracer gazed at their angered sister.

"We will soon enough…" Moonracer calmly replied. She placed a hand onto Arcee's shoulder before turning to the silver Mech.

"Do we have any leads as to who the decepticon may be?" Moonracer questioned.

"Well if our leads are correct…we believe it is a decepticon known as Demolisher…" She nodded looking down at the ground.

"Keep us posted…"

He agreed, turning back to his com-link. Moonracer and Chromia positioned themselves around Sideswipe, choosing to listen intently to his conversation. Arcee cocked an audio receptor towards them, not bothering to move from her spot. Chromia remained standing, herself believing that doing anything other than assigned work on a mission made one completely vulnerable, including sitting. Moonracer took a spot near Arcee's feet, leaning gently against them.

"Alright Ironhide…how's it coming…?"

"He's here…" The link filled with static as the weapons specialist nodded, "I can smell him…"

Moonracer giggled slightly before Arcee jabbed her with her knee in the chest plates, indicating a closed mouth. She nodded before sneaking a glance over at Chromia, who was listening attentively to the gruff black mech.

"Are you alright Chromia…?" she whispered. Startled, Chromia jumped slightly before glaring at her.

"I was until I was disturbed by you…" She replied defensively before once again silencing to listen. Moonracer shook her head, shrugging her shoulders suggestively at Arcee. She nodded kindly, accepting her sister's curiosity at Chromia's silent mood. Sideswipe gazed down to the end of the alleyway thoughtfully. He waited for complete silence before interfering in the conversation.

"Ironhide…can you assess the situation…?"

"As far as I can tell we have the fraggin Con' surrounded as well as outnumbered…the damn thing won't know what hit him…"

"…But that hasn't stopped them before…" Sideswipe timidly pointed out.

The weapon specialist huffed in response, his cannons slowly charging as they always did at a moment of stress or tension.

"When will that mech learn that all situations do not involve weapons…?" Chromia angrily muttered to Arcee and Moonracer, clenching her fists in unease.

"May we remind you Chromia that you have a tendency to bring out unnecessary weaponry as well…" Arcee pointed out.

"In fact, you and Ironhide are more alike than you are willing to admit…" Moonracer suggested, her facial plates forming into a smirk.

"We are nothing alike…" She replied rudely, her mouth clenched.

"Femmes silence…!" Sideswipe demanded his hand still connected to his link, "I swear I'm going to have to go to the Hatchet for severe listening impairments…"

"Discontinue your complaining youngling…." Chromia insulted, her revolver whirring, "You're whining is just as bad as that blasted decepticon leader Starscream…" Sideswipe glared at her, his blue optics becoming slits.

"The day I am like him is the day I electrocute myself with Jolt's shock cables…!"

"Siblings please…!" Moonracer interrupted, positioning herself between Sideswipe and Chromia, "I understand the times we are going through, but arguing among allies only positions ourselves as low as the Decepticon's…" Chromia glared at Moonracer, sighing deeply at her sisters peace-making attempts.

"I apologize brother…" She confessed to the brick wall, "I let my temper get the better of me…as always…" She added grumpily, her armor on her shoulders sagging slightly.

"I accept…" He replied, turning back to his link. His face contorted in concentration as static filled the line.

"What is it Sideswipe…?" Moonracer questioned, blinking her optics innocently. Sideswipe looked in confusion at the dank brick wall.

"Their in pursuit…" He started, quickly standing up as metallic screams and the sound of explosions as well as cussing and weapon fire filled the com-link.

"…Damn decepticon scum…!"

"Ironhide…I need an assessment…"

"Slag…! Lennox there's another…!"

Moonracer backed away slightly, rapidly raising herself from the cement ground by propping herself up against Arcee's leg. Chromia growled, weapons coming online. Arcee gazed intently at Sideswipe.

"Arcee twins…Sideswipe…tag him!"

They all turned to look at each other, all four sets of blue optics ablaze in determination. Sideswipe nodded.

"We're on it…"

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