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In your heart, you call out...



'What did I do wrong?'

"Demon whore!" a villiager spat out as he continued to kick a sun-kissed girl laying down with dirty blond hair, covered in dirt and covered in her blood.

In the backround, there were more villiagers throwing rocks at the poor girl, there were some with headbands with the Konoha symble they were Konoha ninjas.

'I-I didn't do anything wrong!'

Some even went as far as to throw glass at the girl found in the ground of the ally, successfully lodging some glass into her.

"W-Why? W-What did I do wrong?" the girl squeaked attempting to get glass shards out of her leg, but winced and stopped when she felt the pain.

"Oh don't act so inocent!" the villiger continued to kick her with a force stronger the when he started.

"You killed inocent people-- Destroyed half the villiage, and took Yondanime-sama's life!" the villager stated, the ending coming out in a scream. He then proceded to get a kunai from one of the ninjas in the crowd and proceded to stab her arm.

--Time skip! 3hrs--

The villagers left the girl for dead bleading sevearly with multiple stab wounds throughout her body. It would seem....she would not live....


"What....w-whos there" the girl mumbled looking lazily around with her head unmoving.

"Kit, it would seem....you are close to death..."

"Heh..nothing new." the girl coughed spiting up blood in the process.

"Kit, I will not die in this pitiful fashion!"

"You die? Well,wouldn't I be the one to die?" the girl said in a pitifully weak voice, then fainted from blood loss.

"Heh. Well Kit, I guess there isn't any other option." just then, the allmighty Kyuubi no Kitsune closed it's mighty, and furred paws together and muttered,"Demonic Arts!: Yoko no Tenshi!

The girl was enfulged in a searing red light, and her wounds...slowly being healed.

--Sceen change! Hokage Tower! Hurah!--

Sarutobi was NOT a happy Hokage. First his secretary denied him a distraction from the dreaded paperwork, then accidently spilt his morning tea on him.

Then the council demanded to kill Hazuki Uzumaki for the trillienth time, claiming that she was a danger to the village and children and would only worsen when she grew older. Heh! The council was more of a danger to the village than a mear five-year old!

He than came back to see that the paperwork that he wished would magicly disappear, wasn't fullfilled! God he wished Minato was still alive! Then he could turn all the Hokage work to him and be happily enjoying retirement like he was suppose to!

Then, he heard form his ANBU, that there was a riet in town about Hazuki Uzumaki and reported to him.

He then went off to fend off the villiagers but found out he was too late. The girl in question, Hazuki, was laying in her own blood, covered in cuts! It was a wonder how she was still alive!

He took her to the hospital in a swift manner to get her cleaned up and to examine her status.

Kami! The council still wanted to kill her! Saying the fox was vulenerable, and was a hazard! Only a select few wanted to keep her saying she was a normal kid, or in Hana's case, a normal pup. The Ino-Shika-Cho,Inuzuka, Aburame, and Hyuuga wanted to keep her normal.

The old coot Danzo wanted to use her as a weapon for Konoha! Kami, he just wants to put her in his ROOT program! I will refuse to let and inocent child to be used as some kind of--of--monster!!

Heh, I just hope they get what they deserve! If they knew of Hazuki's heritage, they would be out there pampering her and giving her gifts!


Oh Kami....

I would love to see their faces!

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The final clash between rivals....that will wilt into something blossoming...

I-I never said I needed help!
Well help just came at your doorstep