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In You Heart, You Call Out. Chapter 3

(Hospital Tsunade's POV)

'I will not cry, I will not cry, I WILL NOT CRY!' Tsunade repeated in her head.

She'd just left the hallway in which Shizune had given her the bad—scratch that, horrible news. Her heals clicked down the corridor of the hospital, in a leisurely pace.

Naruto couldn't die—shouldn't die! He had so much to live for! His dreams of being Hokage, his 'love' for Sakura unrequited, and--….. and that girl, Hinata, she looked like she loved that knucklehead so much! But Naruto was naturally naïve and oblivious. Oh how she hated to think about the face Hinata would make when she told her the news….

She stopped at a doorway that in side was what Shizune had given her some hope that Naruto was alive, and that he was pulling a prank on them and then she would give ham a good whack on the head calling him a troublesome gaki, and they would get over it and move on with their lives.

If not—and oh, if not, she would personally get the satisfaction of beating this girl the hell and back for stealing from the dead and disposing of Naruto's body…

Oh, well, time to go in and show this girl what this Sannin was made of.

(In another part of the hospital)

Kakashi stood next to the bed of his rogue student, disappointment filling his body.

"If….if I were to come a bit sooner, maybe…..maybe Naruto wouldn't be dead ehh, Obito?" His lone visible eye was collecting tears and his eyes were drooped, sadness obvious.

"Kakashi-Sensei…. It…. It wasn't your fault." Sakura slurred her eyes red from tears.

"If any thing, it was my fault. I told Naruto that, if I could have one wish, it was that I wanted Sasuke to come back and that I'd never forgive him if he didn't.." Sakura said this slowly as if to remind herself of this.

Kakashi said nothing, his mind wandering to the past and of the girl he brought back with him, if they were to find out something, their best bet would be her. Why not Sasuke you may ask? Sasuke was a stubborn as Naruto and he wouldn't spill, unless it had something to do with Itachi.

Kakashi sighed a depressed sigh and thought to the team he took a couple of months ago, and how harmless that had been.

But when that happened, he was in charge of three kids and there lives as there sensei…

But it had all gone so wrong….

(Shizune's POV)

"Tsunade–sama…." Shizune sighed.

She knew that Tsunade was in a rush to meet the girl, and by all means, so was she.

But, Tsunade just left her with a sobbing Shikamaru, a sad Shikaku, and still surprised Temari.

She, as Shizune, the apprentice of the Legendary Slug Sannin and medic-nin Tsunade, Can. Not. Handle. Situations. With. TENSION!

As she ran to catch up to her shiosho, she caught up with Tsunade as she was about to open the door.

But when she did, Tsunade's eyes grew to the size of Ton-Ton the pig.

Haha…. Funny.

(Tsunade's POV)

I heard Shizune's shoes clomp down the hall, but right now, I could care less.

There on the bed was a girl I've never seen in Konoha, fiery red hair, expressive cerulean blue eyes, and wearing a too-baggy-for-your-own-good orange jumpsuit with a gapping hole on the left shoulder, staring at the window—eyes lifeless.

One name came into her head and she thought she was dead.

"K-kushina…" Tsunade breathed.

(Hazuki's POV)

'Ehh, In a hospital again? I just have a knack for being here huh?' Hazuki thought.

She heard Tsunade come in with a gasp. How predictable.

Now that she was in her true form, she needed Ero-Sannin to come fix her seal and sort everything out. She would probably help the old pervert sort everything out since it was sorta her fault in the first place… Or, maybe not. Hey? She was in the hospital, it had it's up side's. Hospital – An institution where people receive medical, surgical, or psychiatric treatment and nursing care.

She was in need of nursing care, right?

Yeah, I thought so.

"K-Kushina…" Tsunade breathed.

"Kushina?" Hazuki said, adverting her eyes from the window to glance at Tsunade.

"How did you know my mother?" Hazuki stated her voice flat.

"T-that's not the reason I'm here!" Tsunade yelled, getting into her Hokage voice.

"I need to know where you got that necklace and jumpsuit!" She demanded quite emotionally.

"Heh." Hazuki said with a smirk on her features

Hazuki continued without missing a beat.

"You've forgotten about me already, Tsunade Baa-Chan?" Her smirk got wider as

Tsunade's showed shock.

"N-naruto?" She mumbled out.

"The One And Only, Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage of Konoha!" Hazuki said a sudden burst of enthusiasm in her voice, her eyes big and bright with excitement.

But that was short lived.

Hazuki's eyes turned from excited and bright to unemotional and dark.

"Heh, I used to be him but now I'm…." She stopped to build excitement and to sneak a peak at Tsunade's face.

But for the record when she told her her name? Her reaction? Priceless

"Hazuki Uzumaki Namikaze, at you service Godanime of Konoha." She said standing up from her bed and giving Tsunade a curtsy.

"I just need to tall to Ero-Sannin first, kay?" She said with a smile.

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