Ouran High School Host Club

Chapter One


"Tamaki! Tamaki!"

Tamaki turned around to confront the female who had addressed him. "Oh, hey Ahna!" The boy smiled to the exchange student.

Ahna brushed her long mousey brown hair up in a pony tail as she talked. "Nice out today,"

"Sure is. C'mon, class is about to start."


The two headed inside the school building.

"France is so pretty in the morning," Ahna sighed. "So how is your mother? Is she doing better?"

Tamaki nodded. "Yea, she is doing great. Ahna, I've been meaning to ask….how did you end up in the exchange student program, anyways?"

"Well," Ahna said. A far away look came to her eyes. "You see, it happened like this…."

*New York, some apartment block, last year*


"Yes Ahn?"

"I want to see the world."

"Is this part of your 'become the earth's most famous artist in history' plan?"

Ahna laughed. "Yes, it is. I want to go to Paris and see all the great painting by amazing artists. Oh there's too many to name…!" Ahna sighed with pleasure.

"Ahna, I had a great idea .Why don't you sign up for the school's foreign exchange student program? If you do well enough, next year, I believe it's a school in Paris that we're trading with…"

"Oh, really Uncle? You'd pay for me to go to Paris? Oh thank you Uncle!"

"But only if you do well in school…"

*Back to the present*

"Wow, so your uncle is the reason that you're here?"

"Pretty much. Class is starting, you'd better run."

"Yea. See you later, Ahna!"

Ahna smiled after her French friend, and then went inside the class room she was standing in front of. She was a year younger then Tamaki, so they were, naturally, in different classes.

I don't know what I'd do if Tamaki hadn't become my friend, Ahna thought. I really don't.