Ouran High School Host Club

Chapter 18


Ahna let out a huge yawn, stretching her arms over her head and arching her back. She opened her hands and stretched her fingers towards the ceiling. Then, blinking her sleepy eyes, she began to make her way through the crowded New York airport.

Her head whipped around.

She could have sworn that someone was watching her. But in such a bust, bustling airport, it was impossible to tell. She let out a slow sigh, convincing herself that she had simply imagined it.

She turned and began to make her way once more towards the baggage claim.

She stood, waiting to claim her bag, now. Again, she got the feeling of being watched. Trying to be descreet, she began to slide her eyes back and forth. Slowly she rotated in a full circle. No one jumped out at her as suspicious and the feeling disappeared. She frowned. There was no way she had imagined it that time.

She spotted her bag coming around on the conveyer belt, and as she stooped to get it she could have sworn she felt eyes on her again. Straigtning up quickly, she thought, maybe I shouldn't have worn such short shorts…

She made her way through the crowd and reached the curb out side. She started to hail a taxi when something—someone grabbed her arm.

Ahna shrieked and spun, lashing out with her fist. Her clenched hand stopped just inches from the person's face.
Both blinked.

"Ahna!" the person exclaimed then, bringing her into a bone-crushing hug.

Ahna gasped for air, and managed to yelp, "Dina—!!" before getting cut off once more.

Dina's curls bounced as she bobbed up and down, holding Ahna by the shoulders. "Ahna, did you not hear my calling you? I was yelling myself horse for twenty minutes! But can you believe it? What a coincidence, that my family's moving back, and that just happens to be today, and you're here to! I heard you were in Japan. What's it like there? And why did you never answer you phone? I've been trying to get a hold of you for weeks to tell you that we're moving back! Dad doesn't like it in Africa. He says that—"


The black girl drew in a long breath before letting it out in a big sigh. "Sorry," she laughed. "I got a little over excited there."

"I could tell," Ahna laughed, feeling immensely relieved. It had only been Dina who's eyes she'd felt in the airport. "But you'll never believe what happened to me in Japan…"


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