A Hero's Choice

Garren's challenge brought discomfort and guilt to Jiaan, Fasal knew. But he also knew what would happen to Farsala if no one stepped up.

He, one of the last free deghans, would show that bastard Garren.

He would make Garren pay- pay for killing Aram, pay for killing his friends and family, even make him pay for killing the High Commander, just for Jiaan.

But now… staring at the ragged, half-dead stranger that he was supposedly going to give up his life for, Fasal had his doubts.

He, like Jiaan, had watched in horror as dozens of Hrum arrows buried themselves in the High Commander's body, ending the life of a deghan, a hero, a father… a man.

Garren will cheat, his mind whispered. He knew that. He didn't care. Now, more than ever, Farsala needed a champion.

Fasal kicked his mare into motion, and rode onto the field, his heart thudding heavily in his chest.