Morning twilight…

A starlit sky…

To have you…

To hold you…

To love you…



Prologue ~ June 7, 1997 ~ End of Half Blood Prince (1 year prior to the Deathly Hallows)

Minerva felt as though a hole had been carved through her chest to the bowels of her soul, legs crumbling beneath her, as her magic pulsed…her breath leaving her lungs as tears slipped down her cheeks. He was dead.

She could feel his death rippling through her body…spreading like a virus…withering all that it touched…draining…pulling her away as death began to seep into her bones.

Minerva could hear fighting down the hall…Death Eaters…she mused as she fell backwards…back striking the hard stone…knocking the last of the wind from her lungs as she slid down the stone wall. Her fingers becoming lax, wand clattering to the floor…her eyes closing…as her own death came swiftly upon her.

Only to have a blinding flash burn through her fingers, veins, bones, to her soul…staunching the flow of death and sweeping through her body…rebuilding, regenerating… severing and subsequently replacing an eternal bond…helping as she had unselfishly helped before.

And then Minerva McGonagall did the unthinkable.

She took in another breath.

And another …as she blinked open her eyes and gazed about. Her first thought was in wonderment that she was alive…and then she felt tears burning in her eyes at the sudden emptiness that now existed within her, save for a subtle purr humming through her...and before she could give it another moment's thought, a student rounded the corner. Even from this distance, she could see the fear blanketing the face as two wizards pursued and at once, she was standing, wand snapping into her fingers, the feel of the ebony wood caressing her skin...and her arm moved in a sweeping arc…her magic coursing through her in a melodious yet asymmetrical way…and then two wizards jerked to a bone riddling stop…And she turned to see relief evident in the chocolate brown eyes now staring up at her for her timely intervention.

"Thanks…" Hermione gulped in another breath of air, "Professor. What spell did you cast? I've never seen anything remotely like that." Hermione questioned momentarily peering at the unconscious death eaters, wondering what could possibly cause them to collapse as though the floors had swallowed them whole. After a heartbeat, Hermione turned back to her professor, expecting to hear the familiar Scottish burr giving an explanation…and was at an utter loss for words…at the hollow woman before her. Gone was the rose hue from her skin, the prideful stance…the fire burning within her emerald eyes...

Two streaks of tears could be seen drying on McGonagall's cheeks…and Hermione found herself tentatively reaching outward. "Professor…" She stated as the tips of her fingers gently came into contact with the thick silken outer robe. "Minerva." She reiterated wrapping her hand around the elder witch's forearm. "Are you alright?"

Instantly as soon as her hand touched Minerva's arm, Hermione could feel a gentle thrum of magic tingle against her fingers…

The subtle purr suddenly pulsed through Minerva…drowning out the overwhelming…soul wrenching ache…soothing the shards of the shattered bond…mending an irreparable hole…

The effect was electric.

…and Minerva jerked her arm away from Hermione. Emerald eyes were suddenly peering down at Hermione as if truly seeing her for the first time. "Are you injured, Miss Granger?" She asked, eyes sweeping over her form and then darting to the two death eaters twenty paces away.

Hermione shook her head, "No, Professor. But are you?"

Minerva quirked her eyebrow as she glanced back at the young witch, I am anything but alright, she thought prior to responding. "Nothing I shan't live through, Hermione." Whether I chose to or not. She finished silently, and before she could ascertain what had happened and why she was indeed alive, Minerva felt an unsettling feeling course through her…and she found herself speaking the words without thought. "Come…we need to get to Entry Hall at once." She stated and then in flurry of black and emerald robes strode away.

Hermione starred after her professor for a long moment, wondering what in Merlin's name had just happened and then she heard a series of shouts, curses, and hexes. At once, Hermione set after the Deputy Headmistress intent on asking her Professor what had happened as soon as time allowed, but five minutes later the world changed, and her question was forgotten.

For the greatest wizard of the age, the revered Headmaster of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore had died.


A/N: This was originally started because of dare that I couldn't make a believable Minerva/Albus relationship and morph it into a credible Minerva/Hermione one – I thought, no problem…and I'd write it for the Hermione's Big Bang Challenge, and while I've missed the Big Bang Challenge, I do hope you enjoy this tale.

The time table for the bulk of the story will happen during the 2009-2010 Hogwarts school year. The format is different in that each chapter will constitute a day (save for a few exceedingly detailed/long days which will be broken into multiple chapters).

Regarding characters; we will see many original characters and some additional ones that have joined the story. Original characters include; Minerva, Hermione, Harry, Ginny, George, Filius Flitwick, Pomona Sprout, Ron, Molly & Arthur Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Aberforth, Hagrid, Kingsley Shacklebolt and several others – the Harry Potter universe and the above mentioned characters belong to JKR; while this story and the original characters within are from my paltry imagination and belong to me.

This story will contain themes of Albus & Minerva; Ron & Hermione; and ultimately Minerva & Hermione as the story progresses. Also, be advised, that as this story progresses there will be adult themes, including same sex pairings.

Overall, it generally follows canon through the seven books and after; including Hermione's children. It does not include information/details from Pottermore. 'Bonding' is a drama/friendship/romance/humor/angst/action…and more story rolled into one.

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