The Note:

I normally don't do this, but I believe everyone that follows "Shattered" deserves some type of status...I have gotten quite a few PMs and reviews asking about this story.

Quite some time has passed since I began this story and it's high time I finished it (among other things). I originally stopped writing because I felt as if my OC (Alexis based off the Armada Transformers) was a bit of a Sue. Alexis Witwicky appeared as a brat that didn't care for others. She was far too manipulative for her age and honestly had no reason to be way the way I was presenting her…the psychology didn't add up for me. I also thought the Mechs seemed OOC, what with everyone sort of 'loving' her without a second thought.

I was like… 'wow, Prowl would've been on her sneaky little aft like Starscream after leadership!'

As for Starscream; he wasn't coming off as how I wanted him.

In short:

1) Alexis pissed me off with her Sue-ness
2) Mechs were OOC
3) Starscream could have so much more potentional
4) Annabelle was too wild for my taste
5) Alexis was much too young too…

I understand that some didn't see this, but it bothered me.

I am going to attempt to change this and add a bit more to the plot and characters; I hope I produce something better and different. If you have followed the old Shattered than I suggest you pay special attention because I have changed numerous things…

Literally...just forget the events of this story because the new one is completely remixed and remastered; it'll make HD T.V. Cry...XD

It will be set after "Revenge of the Fallen" but will ignore the events of "Dark of the Moon" to a certain degree...

The entire story is outlined! I hope readers are ready for chapters ranging 10,000 words and more XD!

Look for the revised Shattered which will be titled, "Igniting the Fuse."