Soraya regretted how stiffly she waved to Jiaan at their parting, how obviously she jerked when he yelled those words for everyone within 200 yards to hear: "Farewell, SISTER! I'll see you again when I come back to Farsala!" For in the almost-year that they had spent fighting the Hrum, Soraya had grown to respect her half brother as more than her father's bastard page. Now, sitting in the Hrum army camp, watching as Jiaan strode in wearily, his brown peasant hair mussed from his helmet, she smiled.

"You did wonderful, brother. The Kadeshi peasants must be happy."

His beaming grin at her acknowledgement was enough answer for them both.

AN: Sorry, I know it's really short... but maybe the feelings in it speak more than the words? Haha, I wish. :) Hope you like!