"Bella…Bella…" I could hear someone calling in the distance. I knew she had to leave me as the train would only be at the Olympia Station for a few moments but I did not want to break our kiss. My arms were wrapped tightly around her under her hoodie pulling her as close as possible. Gently she pressed against my chest breaking my hold on her. She stepped from the train and turned and stood watching me as the train left the station.

I stood in the half open doorway between cars waving good bye to the best thing that had ever happened to me. I felt like jumping from the train and running back to her. A giant hole was opening in my chest growing larger the further I got from her.

I pulled my phone from my pocket and quickly texted her:

I miss you already. Be safe and I will see you soon ~ E

I couldn't believe how much had happened in the past three days:

I'm stuck in traffic waiting to get off at Century Boulevard. I can the see planes swooping in low over the stopped lanes of traffic as I am trying to get to LAX.

Finally, finally traffic breaks and soon enough I have found a parking spot near the International Terminal. No I'm not going anywhere, I'm here to pick up my baby sister's boyfriend. Lucky me!

Actually it's not all that bad, Jasper is a really great guy. If Alice has to have a boyfriend then Jasper is a good choice.

His flight should have landed by now but I had no idea how long it would take to get through customs.

As I entered the terminal I was overwhelmed by the masses of people there. I wasn't the only one there waiting for someone to pass through the customs lines and people were being processed through quickly. Mass confusion was putting it mildly.

I scanned the US lines looking for Jasper. He had been traveling throughout Europe while working on his Master's thesis in history. I worked from the front of the line backwards trying to spy him… no luck yet.

A big guy in a business suit talking on his cell phone came barreling through the crowd with total disregard to all those around him. As he made his way past me he pushed and shoved and I felt someone ram into my back and heard an "Ooof".

I turned and saw a beauty at my feet. I reached out to help her stand. She was a goddess: slim but with curves in all the right places, brown wavy tresses that tumbled over her shoulders nearly to her waist, and deep chocolate brown eyes that I wanted to dive right into, pink full lips and a blush creeping upwards across her cheeks. She was mumbling her thanks when all of a sudden the crowd swept her away from me.

I craned my neck to look over the crowd to try and spot her again but she was gone.

I had forgotten all about Jasper until I heard "Edward.. Edward..over here!"

He was just a few steps way. I made my way over to him and helped him with his bags as we headed to the exits. My eyes kept scanning the crowds looking for her. As we reached the sidewalk outside the terminal I spotted her far down the curb climbing into a cab which quickly sped away.

"Hey Edward did you hear me?'

What? Oh yeah Jasper! "Sorry. I was distracted. Let's get to the car and go find Alice. I know she's excited to see you again. I don't know how she will be able to sit still to finish her last final."

"I can just picture her bouncing in her seat as she takes her exam," laughed Jasper. "Let's get outta here."

We climbed into Alice's little yellow Versa and headed to her apartment.

I had finished my exams a few days ago and had to be out of the apartment I had been sharing yesterday. Nearly all my worldly possessions (at least the stuff I wanted to keep) I had packed up and shipped home to Seattle. I had spent last night on Alice's couch and was not looking forward to sleeping there again tonight but it just wasn't worth it to spring for a hotel room when I knew we would be spending most of the day together anyways.

That afternoon we spent lounging around the pool at her apartment building catching up on each other's lives. After a late lunch and cleaning up we decided to go to Santa Monica Pier.

The drive wasn't too bad as rush hour hadn't completely taken over the freeway and we made good time getting there especially with Alice's crazy driving.

We walked down to the far end of the pier and decided (Alice decided) that we should go an all the rides. Well not all were designed for adults but there was enough to keep us interested. My favorite was the futuristic bumper cars. Then we threw away some cash on the carnival games. Who can pass up a rousing round of Wac-A-Mole?

The sun had set a while ago and we had all had enough of the amusement park so we headed to Rusty's Surf Ranch for drinks and something to eat before heading back to Alice's apartment for the night.

"Aaargh, what is that noise? Be quiet for god's sake my head is killing me!"

"Edward get up or you will be late for your train," Alice sang in a way too chirpy voice.

My head was pounding from the noise, too much sun yesterday and oh yeah maybe one too many beers last night. Ugh! I rolled off the couch and onto my feet and trudged into the bathroom to grab some aspirin. After chugging down the aspirin with a huge glass of water I got dressed in my last clean clothes and went back to sit on the couch until we had to leave for Union Station.

Why oh why was I going by train back to Seattle? Now I remember, I had thought it would be good way to decompress and get myself ready for the next phase of my medical training.

Between undergrad and medical school I had rarely had a minute to myself. I would be moving back in with mom and dad while I did my residency at Seattle Grace. I knew full well that the only thing I would be interested in doing when I wasn't working was sleep so moving back home wasn't the worst idea.

When we got to Union Station we said our good byes at the curb and I headed for my train. I found a comfortable spot in an empty car pulled my hood up and slumped down and promptly fell right back asleep.

I was beginning to wake and as I peeled my eyelids open saw that the train had left the city behind and we were passing fields where something green was growing and farm workers were bent over harvesting whatever it was.

All of a sudden it smelled of oranges and I blurted out, "That smells delicious."

I heard a soft voice reply, "Would you like some?"

I turned and got up and headed over. Not quite awake yet I kept my eyes on the floor making sure my feet would cooperate. When I made it over to the only other passenger in the car I looked up and was speechless. It was my goddess from the airport. I was afraid to open my mouth and tried to convey with my eyes a request so sit and join her. She nodded her assent and I dropped into the seat opposite HER.

She handed me half of the orange and I slowly began to eat. I had to make this last. I watched each section she peeled off slip between those luscious lips. Then she spoke, "Where are you headed?"

"Seattle," I replied. "And you?" Duh Edward seven years of higher education and that's all you can say?

"Olympia," she answered.

Trying to be cool I played dumb and said, "I'm Edward by the way… you look familiar… have we met before?"

"Well you did pick me up"

"Pick you up?"

"Literally... You rescued me after I got knocked down at the international terminal at LAX yesterday morning."

All I could do is smile. "Small world."

"Smaller than you think. I saw you again at Santa Monica Pier last night too. Twice, once while I was riding the carousel, and again at Rusty's Surf Ranch."

"You should have come over and said hello. Hey… I still don't know your name."

"Bella. And no I couldn't come over, you were with your friends."

Actually that's who I was meeting at the airport. At least Jasper, because my sister Alice was finishing up her last final exam at FIDM and couldn't pick him up herself."

"What's fid'em?"

"Oh, sorry. Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Alice wants to design clothes, eventually have her own line, but right now she's landed a dream job as a buyer for Neiman Marcus. Jasper is her boyfriend. Why were you at the airport?"

"I just got off my flight from Sydney. I took a semester to study abroad and am headed home."

"Where's home?"

"Forks, it's a real small town on the Olympic Peninsula. What about you? Is Los Angeles home for you?" she asked me.

"Well it has been the past few years. I just graduated from UCLA medical school and am headed home to Seattle to do my residency. My dad is the Chief at Seattle Grace, so I have an in to do my residency there, plus I've missed my family." Did that sound sappy?

Bella's stomach started growling and she had gotten out of her seat and had said something about going to look for something to eat. I knew she couldn't disappear from a moving train but I didn't want to let her out of my sight.

"Wait!" I blurted out. "Would you mind if I went with you?"

"Sure, come on," she answered. Oh, I'd like you to make me cum.

We found a little snack bar and grabbed sandwiches and drinks from the cooler and paid for our meals before lucking into a small table to eat at. We sat in companionable silence. Bella watched the scenery go by but mostly I watched her.

When we finished and had thrown our trash away we headed back to our upper deck seats. We had to pass through the space connecting the two cars. The connecting space was shaking all over the place and Bella seemed to lose her footing and was about to fall on her butt again. I reached my arms around her waist holding her up. In the space there was a door that was split in the middle about waist high with the top half open to let in some fresh air.

"Would you mind stopping here for a while?" she asked.

"No problem. It's a nice break from the air inside here." I wanted to stay here with my arms around her for as long a possible.

I could feel the sides of her breasts brushing along the inside of my arms. Should I let her go? Stay as I am? Oh crap! Either choice and I am doomed.

My head was in a daze. I became aware that ever so slowly and she was turning herself around in my arms until we were chest to chest. I still had my arms firmly wrapped around her. She raised her arms to wrap her hands around my neck and run her fingers through the hairs on my neck. I looked down at her with a raised brow. What was she doing?

"Bella…" I asked. Yeah look at me the eloquent one!

She pulled my face down to her level and planted those luscious lips on mine.

I looked at her questioningly. What was going through that beautiful mind of hers? I knew all the dirty thoughts that were rampaging through my head but was raised to be a gentleman.

She smiled up at me and that was all it took . All sensible thought flew from my mind. I firmed my grip on her and pulled her up to me crushing our lips together. I brushed the tip of my tongue across her bottom lip and she opened to me and I plunged forward.

Hiss… The door opened from the car behind me and people were passing through. We broke apart as a giggle escaped her lips and stood there innocently looking out the open door.

"Let's go back to our seats," I spoke softly by her ear. Clutching her hand tightly in mine we flew back in our seats.

It was baking in here with all the windows and the sun beating down so I pulled off my hoodie and saw that Bella was doing the same. She had on a deep blue top that showed off her bare arms and a little cleavage with a pair of pants that hugged the curves of her hip and down her toned thighs ending just below her knees.

I was standing there staring at the goddess before me when her voice interrupted my stupor. "What?"

"Do you mind if I sit with you?" I asked.

"That would be great."

I practically ran back to where I had dumped my stuff earlier this morning and brought it back to where Bella was sitting. I stowed my things out of the way and sat down beside her.

"So Bella, when you go back to school in the Fall where will you be?"

She twisted sideways in her seat facing me, "U-Dub, I'm an English major."

"Once you finish your residency what are your plans?"

"Well, if I survive the residency I'd like to work in pediatrics."

Our conversation ground to a halt.

I found myself turned in my seat mirroring her. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own and was creeping up her thigh. All I could think of was the kiss we started earlier. I wanted more. I crept my hand around to her back and was gently pulling her closer. Her hand had returned to the back of my head curling through my hair. I could feel her nails grazing my scalp. It took everything I had in me not to moan at the sensation.

Her soft lips met mine and while I was tentative at first that passed quickly and as I felt her breasts pressing against my chest our kisses grew more frantic. I needed her closer. With both my hands grabbing her ass I pulled her onto my lap with her straddling me. I couldn't get enough of her delicious mouth.

Clunk, clunk, clunk….clunk, clunk, clunk. OH CRAP! People were coming up the stairs. I'm sure any girl would be embarrassed to be seen in this position. I quickly lifted her off my lap and deposited her back in her seat before we could be seen in a compromising position.

I physically ached with the loss of contact and grasped her right hand tightly in my left. We looked at each other and we both shook with silent laughter.

Well that puts a damper on my afternoon. I am sure that Bella would not have been comfortable continuing with the groping and kissing with an audience. What am I 13?

We fell into an easy silence and watched the world passing by outside the window. Well Bella watched the view, I watched Bella.

Later when the other passengers left us alone FINALLY! I mulled over in my mind how could we resume where we had left off earlier.

Bella interrupted my thoughts when she said, "Edward, I feel like I need to stretch my legs. Do you want to take a walk with me and do a little exploring?"


We walked from car to car. I made sure she safely navigated the connections between the cars. I wasn't really paying any attention to anything but the sway of her hips and her tight little ass. I almost bumped into her when she came to a stop. We were in front of the maitre'd's station at the entrance to the dining car. We checked out the menu and it seemed reasonably priced with a better selection to choose from than the snack bar.

"Bella, should we make a reservation for later?"

"That's fine with me."

"Can we reserve a table for two at 6:45?" I asked the maitre'd.

"That's fine, we will see you back here at 6:45."

There were more people wandering around now so I couldn't just grab her as we moved between the cars. On our way back to our seats we did stop in the snack bar for bottles of water.

When we got back to our seats we had more than two hours until dinner and Bella caught me off guard when she said, "Edward, I don't mean to be a bore but my internal clock is way off. I'm going to fall asleep on my dinner if I don't take a nap now."

"That's fine. Let me get out my I-Pod and something to read and you go ahead and get some rest."

I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she lay her head on my chest and promptly fell asleep. As she slept she shifted in her seat and curled around me more. All of a sudden her face was in my lap. I could feel her warm breath blowing on my crotch and I felt myself hardening at her proximity. I had read the same line in my book six times. I couldn't concentrate on the words with that delectable mouth so close to where I wanted it. I threw my book onto the seat in front of me. There was no hope of comprehending another word. As she shifted in her sleep I would feel her nose grazing my erection. It was nearly time for dinner and I was going to have to wake her soon and I couldn't let her wake up to my wood in her face. What could I think of that might make this go away? Grandma Platt in a bikini. Better. Grandma Platt and all her gardening club in bikinis. That did it!

I gently shook her shoulder. "Bella…Bella… time to wake up."

"Can't I sleep a little longer?," she whined.

"Nope. Our dinner reservation is in 15 minutes."

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