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Sora snores loudly on the train.

"Someone, for the love of all that is GOOD AND HOLY! SHUT HIM UP!" Riku yells. Roxas gets up.

"Here ya go!" He jams a sock in Sora's open mouth.

"Maybe you shouldn't be so hard on him, Roxas..." Namine says and looks up from her sketch. Roxas shrugs.

"It's clean." Axel laughs.

"Nah! He's fine! Look... I think he ATE it!" The sock is nowhere to be seen.

"It's GONE! Where'd it go?" Kairi asks and starts looking around on the floor. The train comes to a stop. Roxas and all their belongings sail through the air.

"Whoa!" Roxas ends up in one of the luggage slots. Namine gets up.

"Are you alright?" she asks worried.

"I'm fine. Ask Sora." Roxas tries to get down but part of his jacket is stuck on a loose wire.

"I'M UP!" Sora yells and knocks over his tray. Axel looks out the window.

"Hey! We're here!" He picks up the fallen suitcases and goes outside.

"HEY!!! OVER HERE!!!" A loud voice calls. The group turns.

"You guys are the KH people right?" the brown haired girl says. She's holding a sign with Sora's name on it. The black haired one rolls her eyes.

"Of course they are, Katy. See? Super spikey hair!" She runs over and tugs Axel's long hair. The little blonde one is silent. She seems really excited.

"Well.... I'm Sora and I'm guessing you three are the ghost hunters?" Sora asks. The black haired girl glares at him.

"It's FORBIDDEN, Sora. Commit it to memory." she says this with a jab in his direction.

"I swear I've heard that somewhere....." Axel mutters.

"Well.... I'm Katy! And this little girl's Luna." Katy says and points to the little blonde girl. She then stares at Riku.

"Somethin' wrong with her?" Riku asks. She squeals and tackles him.

"RIKU! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S REALLY YOU!!! I'M A BIG FAN!! I LOVED PLAYING AS YOU IN COM!!!" Luna shrieks and hugs Riku tightly.

"GET HER OFF!" Riku yells and tries to shove Luna to the floor. Forbidden pulls her off.

"Didn't I say no huggling the customers?" Forbidden scolds her sister.

"But he's SOOO CUTE!" Axel rolls his eyes.

"Can we get to the hotel?" Kairi asks. Forbidden nods.

"Sure. Then we can go to Davis." Sora's confused.

"What's Davis?" Katy laughs.

"As in Davis County Jail. We're going to conduct an investigation." Katy grins.

"Eh? Jail?" Roxas says.

"What? No one told ya what you guys were doing?" Forbidden asks, holding Luna away from Riku.

"No. They just said that you three were going to meet us here." Namine says shyly.

"Well..... We're gonna go investigate possible ghost activity." Katy says and starts playing around with a skateboard.

"WHAT?! NO WAY!" Sora says. Forbidden rolls her eyes.

"Yes way. We'll tell you the story of the place when we go escort you to your hotel." Luna hails a taxi.

"This all began over a hundred year ago during the Civil War." Katy says.

"1861–1865." Forbidden says.

"Near here was a beautiful mansion. It was taken from its owners and converted into a jail." Luna says.

"The only child of the owners was taken and placed into this jail as a Confederate spy." Katy explains with a grin.

"Her name was Angela and she soon perished in the jail that was once her home. After the war, the mansion lay abandoned for several years before some of her relatives claimed it as their own." Forbidden says and starts to rummage through a bag.

"Through many generations, many claimed to see the spirit of Angela and her fellow prisoners walk through the halls. This is what we're trying to prove!" Katy finishes and grins again.

"Lemme get this straight. We're going GHOST HUNTING?" Roxas asks. The girls nod.