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"Ummm.... WERE THE FREAK DID WE END UP?!" Forbidden shrieks. Sora shrugs.

".... The sewer??" He suggests. It's really dark, with moisture heavy in the air. Some unidentifiable slime drips from the ceiling onto the walls. In such a place, it seemed as if modern technology had never existed, that they had been transported back in time, to a time that had been both ages ago and the present.

"Ooh... The narrator sure is doing a good job!" Forbidden mutters to herself.

"Did you say something?" Sora asks.

"Nope." Forbidden adjusts the night vision goggles.

"Well.... there's a hole right here, you wanna go through to see?" Sora points with the flashlight. It had been broken in the fall so, they couldn't use it for much.

"Uh.... I ain't going through nothin'. Cause..... This is the part where the zombies come out. In hordes. And the imbecile who goes through the hole, is the first to...." Forbidden pauses.

"WHAT?!" Sora asks nervously.

"DIIIIIIIIIIIE!" Forbidden screams into Sora's ear.

"AH!" Sora falls over from shock.

"Heh. I've been watching too much Resident Evil." She helps Sora up and they both peek into the hole.

"Hm... Looks pretty clear." Sora says.

"Yep. Wait... Someone's coming this way!!! OH MY FREAKIN!!! WHAT DO WE DO?!" They both duck behind a giant rock.

"............................................" It's Angel with a flashlight.

"No sign of them guys!" he calls out into a walkie talkie. He walks away.

"Owwwwww......" In ducking behind the rock, both of them crashed into a wall.

"THAT HURT!!!" Forbidden yells and smacks Sora.

"YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SAID TO HIDE!!!" Sora protests.

"SO?! YOU HURT ME CLOWN BOY!!" Forbidden snaps and picks up Angel's wallet.

".....I knew he'd lose this. Lessee.... SWEET!! There's like 50 bucks in here!" Forbidden tucks it into her own pocket.

".......... Hey... Someone else is coming!" They both crouch behind the rock.

"....................................... OH MY GOD HE'S ALIVE!!!" It's Chuck Norris carrying a bruised and bloody Indiana Jones on his back.

"MR CHUCK NORRIS SIR!!!! Is he okay?!" Forbidden and Sora ask in unison. He nods and puts Dr. Jones down.

"I'm fine! Any one got something to drink?" Dr. Jones asks.

" I got a potion, if you'd take it." Sora says and starts rummaging through his pockets. Forbidden beats him to it by knocking him over and taking his shoe off.

"I KNEW IT!! YOU HIDE FOOD IN HERE!!!" She says as she pulls out a potion from it.

".............So? AND YOU BETTER NOT TAKE MY OREOS!" Sora pouts.

"You got Oreos?? What kind?" She asks suspiciously.

".....Double Stuf. Why?" She takes the other shoe off. She removes a pack of cookies and opens it.

"Coooool." She sniffs it and takes a bite.

"HEY! SHARE WITH DOCTOR JONES!!!" Sora grabs them and gives some to the two heroes.

"Thanks, kid." He says.

"N-N-N-No problem sir." Sora stammers. Forbidden starts humming 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' AKA the Indiana Jones theme.

"FORBIDDEN!" Sora says in shock. She clears her throat.

"DUM DUM DUM DUUUUM! DUM DUM DUM! DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM!" She starts yelling out the tune.

"KNOCK IT OFF!" Sora pulls out his Keyblade.

"DON'T FUCK WITH CHUCK!" Forbidden finishes with a grin. Both men were laughing.

"Nice kid." Indiana Jones says with a grin.

"No problem!" Forbidden says and pulls out a bag of cookies.

"HEY!" Sora protests.

"Wha? I like fudge cookies better!" She takes a bite.

"... Did you hear that?" Dr Jones asks.


"..... Like rushing water." Chuck Norris nods.

"........................... Oh fuck biscuits! TO THE TOP!! NOW!!" Forbidden and the others start running out.


"SOOOOORA!! FORBIDDEN!!! HEY!" Katy screams.

"Hope they're okay...." Kairi says. Then she notices the house shaking.

"GAAAAAAAAH!" Forbidden, Sora and two VERY VERY familiar guys run out of the house, just in time for it to collapse behind them.

".... WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!" Katy and Luna yell in unison.

"Uh... We finished our investigation! The joint's haunted!" Forbidden says happily.

"AND IT'S SUNRISE!! WE MADE IT!" Sora says proudly.


"... Let's not focus on the details here! We're alive and well. That's ALL that matters." Forbidden says.

"What about Vexen?! He was still inside! ... " Katy makes a face.

".. Who cares! The MAJORITY of us are alive and well."

"Can we just go home?" Roxas asks.

"Let's." The KH crew gets in the Gummi Ship and takes off.

"See you." Norris walks away, Jones at his heels.

"... Chuck Norris and Indiana Jones?" Luna asks.

"Yup." Forbidden yawns.

"The Goonies?!" A group of kids run out of the rubble and vanish.

"......................Those bastards coulda given us a lift..." Katy mumbles.

A few months later

"Hello?" Sora answers the phone.

"YOU ASS HOLE!! WE FAILED!" The phone hangs up.

"....... Sorry?"