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The room was white as snow and just as cold. In the room was a private stall to go to the restroom a table to eat at and two chairs and one full size iron bed. And coming out of the wall was a long steel chain and at the very end was a person. A young girl about fourteen years old with long dark brown hair. Her eyes once so bright were now dull brown. The door to this room had all the latest security measures they had to make sure the girl never escaped.

The girl's mother stood outside the door and could feel her self about to weep. Her daughter was suffering so much and they couldn't do anything about it. Her daughter had been driven to madness when he died. It wasn't her fault nobody blamed her not even he blamed her. Her mother looked down the hall and saw her husband walking in her direction and in his hands was their daughter's lunch. He had taken to eating lunch with her every day in hopes to perhaps find a way to cure their youngest child. When he got to the door he looked at his wife and kissed her gently.

When the girls father walked into the room he sat down the food on the table. Then he walked over to the bed where his daughter laid and sat beside her.

"Honey; daddy brought his little girl some lunch. Let's go eat ok?" He asked gently as he semi forced her to come with him to the table. She picked up her chop sticks and ate a little bit of food. But not much this made her father very happy as usually she wouldn't eat a thing. He could remember when she would eat and eat and how still be hungry.

"I'm sorry I'm not really hungry." She apologized as she laid down her chopsticks

Her fathers smile faltered as he to laid down his chopsticks. "It's ok baby you don't have to eat if you don't want to."

As his daughter stood up he cleaned up the mean and left the room. And Then his wife locked the door. They walked down the halls trying not to look at the pictures of happier times. Like when their son got married, when their daughters adoption became final, when he was alive.

The front door opened reveling a short haired girl in a kimono. She bowed politely to her best friends parents. She and the girl had been best friends for years and it broke her heart to see her friend like this. When she was young people should either shun her or try to use her because she was a medium to the dead. But not her; she didn't shun the girl in the Kimono no she loved her instead. The girl in the kimono would always love her best friend dearly no matter what state her mental health was in.

"Oh my friend everything will work out in the end but please hold on even a little bit?" She thought

"Uncle how is she has she gotten any better?" She asked

"Well I think she may be getting a little better. It's hard to say for sure but she actually ate some of her lunch today!" Her father said proudly

"That is good news!" She said happily then he walked in

His face was blank as he looked at the three people in the room. He wanted to see his best friend. The one they locked up because she was a danger to them all. They had been best friends sense her birth.

He couldn't wait a second longer as he went to her room and locked the door and walked inside. When he saw her in her pitiful state his heart broke. He had been in love with her for so long he hated seeing her like this. When he sat on her bed she looked at him and wept.

"Naru….I'm sorry I killed him…"She cried

"It's not your fault." He tried to tell her even though he should know by now it is pointless. He could tell her a thousand times it wasn't her fault and she still wouldn't believe him.

"I killed him…I killed him…I killed him…it's all my fault…dead….Naru hates me…I killed him…I KILLED HIM AHHHHHHHHH" She screamed and the things in the room started to shake.

"NO STOP IT YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG! CALM DOWN!!!!!" but the girl did not calm down the table started to float. Even though it had been welded to the ground so this wouldn't happen. Finally her older brother and his wife ran in and used a charm to put her to sleep.

"I don't like seeing her this way. It's just not right it's not." Her sister-in-law cried into her husbands shoulder.

Then a blond haired young man walked in he told every body he was a priest but in truth he hadn't made the vow if he ever would. He walked over to his girlfriend and grabbed her kimono clad shoulders and held her close.

"We have got to do something about her! There has got to be some other way to help her then just locking her up in this room. If anything this room is just making it worse. And who knows what Love hears? Voices yelling at her it's her fault he died. How could she believe any different?" Asked the blonde

"The only thing we can do is erase her memories and replace them with new ones." Explained Naru

"Is that really our only option? I don't want to send my sister to live with people she doesn't even know." Said her brother

"She wont know us and we will send a maid or something pretending to have some form of relationship with her. Besides we have to do what is best for her and I think forgetting she ever knew us may be her only hope." Explained Naru

"Well sense this is coming from you Naru. I remember when Aunt Luella and Uncle Martin went to adopt you and Gene you two wouldn't be adopted because you didn't want to leave her. Then our parents came and fell in love with her witch worked out for you three sense you grew up next door. So if you are saying it would be better for her to forget all of us. Then I guess I am going to have to support you aren't I?" Said her older brother and everyone else simply nodded their head in agreement. Naru was right, Naru was always right.

"Houshou go tell your parents what we decided to do. They should hear it from their son Ayako go with your husband. Masako you and John go get what we need to do this and I will stay here with her." They all nodded as they left the room

Naru looked at the girl who slept so soundly. How he would miss her when she left he had almost died when he got the vision. She had been with his brother the day he died she had seen it happen. He lightly brushed her hair away from her face and gave her a smile.

'Please be happy where ever you go.' he thought

When suddenly her parents ran into the room.

"Noll what is this I hear about you wanting to alter with my daughter's memories?" Asked her mother

"Aunt Madoka look at what her memories are doing to her? She is literally loosing her mind because of her memories. I don't want to see her like this anymore I want to see her smile again. And if making her forget me is what it takes I am willing to let it happen." Naru said

"Naru you are the only one who can do it." Her father said

'These memories mean everything to me. I have them and she will have them it's just she wont remember. I can go on some way with out the two people I love the most. The only reason I am able to be as strong as I am is because she is still alive. If they had both died there would be no way I would still be breathing. If this is what is best for her then I will do it.' Naru thought as he concentrated on Gene to control his power. And he placed his hand to her eyes and erased her memories. He quickly thought of things based on all of their memories and replaces what he had erased.

She had been an orphan for the past year and she now lived with a teacher. He placed a key to there old secret hide out in her hand and had her remember it as the key to her old apartment.

"From now on we are strangers Mai Taniyama I love you" Naru said he looked at her parents and stood up. Her mother was crying and her father comforting her. Of course she would be crying her beloved daughter didn't know who she was anymore if ever they should meet again. They would all have to act like they where perfect strangers.

"Madoka Lin I'm sorry I just could bare to watch Mai suffer anymore." Naru explained

"Naru we understand we want what best for her to." Said Lin and no matter if Mai remembered him or not she would always be his daughter.

"What happened if we all happen to run into her at the same time?" Asked Masako the thought of her best friend no longer remembering her it broke her heart

"We act like never met her before and he act like we have either never met before or only have met occasionally." Naru replied

They all nodded as they chose the maid who would be the teacher she would live with. Lin forged Medical and Schooling records for Mai Taniyama and they arranged for a place for her to live. And they prayed she would be safe in happy her new life.


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