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Two years later

All the children from the orphanage where crowed in the dining room. Today was Mai's second birthday and nobody was more happy then Mai. And nobody was more jealous then the twins. Everyone else was hogging all the attention of their beloved Mai! She belonged to them not those other people.

You see ever sense the day she came to the orphanage the twins never seemed to leave her side. Or was it she never left their's? Most two and three year olds would be running around playing with other children but not these three. If all the other children where on one side of the room they would be on the other. It was if a sphere of contentment and confinement surrounded those three. They didn't want the company of any one else but each other and it gave the adults the chills.

What really gave them the chills was what would happen if they where separated for too long. Things would fly around and things that shouldn't be places would be there. Like one time a couple came that was interested in adopting Mai came to see her things started to float around. The couple where two young men who had been in a committed relationship sense high school. They where good people and Yuki couldn't see any reason why the two of them wouldn't make good parents.

And just as they where about to sign the adoption papers Kazuya and Akira started to cry and a flower pot started floating and it suddenly started to fly straight at one of the young men's heads. Luckily for him he saw it coming as dodged but things kept being thrown their way as the twins cried. Finally they became so frightened they ran out with out signing the papers.

Finally Kyoko and Riku with out telling Yuki called Paranormal Research in London and told them about the children. At first they didn't seem interested but then Martin Davis heard his assistant turning down the investigation he told his assistant to give him the phone.

"Hello Paranormal Research Martin Davis speaking how may I help you?" He asked

"Could you speak in Japanese we don't speak very good English." Said Kyoko

"Of course again how may I help you?" H e asked in Japanese

"Well you see I help run an orphanage and there has been some strange things going on." Said Kyoko

"Like what Ma'am?" Martin asked

"Well first off it has to do with these three children. Two of them are identical twin boys and the other is a little girl who is of no relation to them. Ever sense she came to the orphanage when she was a week old two years ago those three have never been apart. The day she came they cried and cried out of nowhere and then when they saw her they stopped. Now I know that might not sound odd but when ever someone comes and tries to adopt her the twins will cry and things will start to float and various things will fly at the people. Like just recently a flower pot was aimed at the couples heads." Kyoko explained

"Interesting now what are the children's names and how old are they?" asked Martin

"The twins names are Akira and Kazuya Shibuya and they are three years old and Mai Taniyama who is two years old as of yesterday."

"Ok we will take the case and my wife along with two of my associates Lin and Madoka Koujo and their son Houshou will be coming with me to investigate. Is that alright with you?" asked Martin

"What ever works for you we simply want this figured out that is all." Kyoko said

"Well we will be there in about three days." Martin said

"That's fine good bye" Kyoko answered

"Good bye"

In London

Martin hung up the phone and looked at his assistant.

"George I am going home for the afternoon." George nodded at his boss slightly baffled Mr. Davis was leaving work early?

Martin drove home thinking about the new case wondering if there was more details then the young woman had informed him of. If there was he would figure them out in three days.

He returned home to find his wife reading a book. One of those smutty romance novels she enjoyed reading so much with Madoka. A light smirk appeared on his face as he thought about the inspiration it gave Luella and he was sure Lin wasn't complaining either.

"Darling how does Japan sound?" asked Martin

"Japan sounds like a lovely country why?" Asked Luella

"We have a case in Japan involving three children." He said

"Children…." Her voice trailed off

Martin and Luella had been trying all the years of their marriage to have a child but every attempt failed. So for Luella anything to do with children immediately caught her attention.

"Yes three year old identical twin boys and a little two year old girl."

"Oh really Martin do you think we could…" Luella started to say but Martin cut her off and said

"We'll see Darling now why don't you call the Koujo family and tell them they are to come with us to Japan?"

"Yes Dear" Luella said as she sat down her book to call Madoka

Back in Japan at the orphanage

"Well sense we got an expert coming everything should work out right?" said Kyoko

"Well yeah I guess but how are we going to tell Yuki we asked paranormal experts from London to come and take a look at Mai and the twins?" Asked Riku

"Well um I haven't exactly figured that one out yet" said Kyoko

"We're doomed" Riku said as Kyoko wrapped her arms around his waist

"We'll figure it out" She said as she placed a kiss on his neck and slowly she reached his lips. It was quite late in the evening the young couple should make their way to bed. And that is just what they did.

Three Days Later

Kyoko and Riku waited outside the terminal for their guest to get off the plane. When the plane landed they held up their sign and saw a look of recognition come over some of the peoples faces. A tall dark haired man who looked Chinese a Caucasian couple and a Japanese woman and little boy walked up to them.

"Hello I am Martin Davis and this is my wife Luella My close friend Lin Koujo and his wife Madoka and their son Houshou" The white male said pointing to each person as he introduced them.

"It's nice to meet you I am Riku Tanaka and this is my wife Kyoko." The group gave their individual greetings and soon they where in the car to the orphanage.

When they got there Yuki gave the group a warm greeting and led then to the rooms where they would be staying. Once they all got settled Luella pulled Yuki aside.

"Can we see the children now?" She asked her eyes pleading but Yuki could see they where the eyes of a woman who desperately wanted to be a mother.

"Yes of course fallow me." And sure enough While most of the children played outside Mai and the twins stayed inside playing with blocks.

Luella saw the twins and immediately fell in love these boys would be her sons she just knew it. What should she call them? She would name them after her and Martin's fathers Oliver for the younger one and the elder would be Eugene yes oh it was perfect! She sat down beside them and watched them play wishing she would be able to do this with them in London.

"We'll see dear" Martin said he really did know his wife to well

While Luella had fallen for the twins Madoka was having a similar experience with Mai. She had always wanted a little girl but when she had Houshou eleven years ago they told her something had gone wrong. They told her she wouldn't be able to have any more children but that didn't mean she couldn't adopt right?

"What is that little girl's name?" Asked Madoka

"Oh you are interested in Mai well I don't know about her." Yuki started to say

"What could be wrong with her?" Madoka said as she walked over to Mai and picked her up to show to Lin. All of a sudden the twins started to wail and Luella quickly started trying to calm them down but nothing worked. Then a painting came off the wall and shot straight for Madoka's head. Lin saw this and pulled his wife out of the way but the painting kept go after her. Then Martin took Mai quickly and this time the painting was no longer aimed at Madoka it was aimed at Martin.

"Put her down right now!" Yuki hollered Martin did as he was told and the painting fell.

The twins ran away from Luella and straight to Mai and hugged her as they all cried. Martin gave Lin a knowing look. These were definitely the children Kyoko was talking about.

"Now now dears you see. Mai is right there and nobody is going to take her away from you. That's right grow up and be strong young men who can protect their beautiful Mai." Yuki soothed as the children stopped crying

"What was that?" Asked Houshou

"You see people have tried to adopt Mai before and every single one of them have backed out. For the same reason you just saw what happened. The twins don't want to be separated from her. They seem to have this over powering desire to protect her from everything and anyone.

What has always seemed odd to me is on the day Mai's parents died at 10:43 am they started to cry hysterically. Later we learned that was the exact same time her parents had died on impact. They didn't stop crying until we put them on the floor and laid Mai right in front of them." Riku said

"So they use PK as a way to keep people from taking her away from them. Interesting. Martin said "Luella pick up the twins and take them to our rooms. I could tell from the moment you saw them you loved them."

"Right away Martin" Luella said as she picked up Kazuya and Akira then they heard and unearthly wail coming from Mai

And all of a sudden not just a painting was flying a large amount of furniture was as well and it was all aimed at Luella.

"Mai stop that's bad! Put that furniture down this instant!" Madoka scolded and suddenly all the furniture in the room lightly fell to the ground. Madoka picked up Mai who was blubbering with tears and out reached arms to the twins who where doing the same thing she was. Madoka walked up to Luella so the children could be near each other and instantly the twins started patting away her tears with their small hands. Akira even kissed her on the lips which all of the adults found cute.

"May we talk to our wives privately?" Asked Lin Yuki nodded and her and Riku and Kyoko left the room.

"You girls want to adopt the children don't you?" Asked Lin and both Madoka and Luella nodded

"Well Luella I know how much you want this. So lets fill out those papers shall we?" Said Martin

"Oh thank you darling we are going to make terrific parents I just know it!" Luella said kissing her husband

"Lin….." Madoka said as she held Mai a little closer to her body

"Yes we can adopt her to! On one condition we are not naming her after your mother or mine or some American first Lady!" Lin said

"But Hilary is such…." Madoka started to say

"NO NEVER! Her name will remain Mai ok? Mai Koujo is a beautiful name not Hilary!" Lin said as he took Mai from her arms.

"Fine you win!" Madoka said in utter defeat

They then called Yuki back in who brought with her all the paper work they would need to fill out and all of their health records. They filled out the forms and signed them and with that the children went from orphans to having parents who loved them.

And Akira and Kazuya Shibuya became Eugene and Oliver Davis and Mai Taniyama became Mai Koujo the youngest child of Lin and Madoka Koujo. The best part was the Davis and Koujo family lived right across the street from each other so the children would never be more then a stones throw away from each other.

Fourteen years later

Naru walked through the extremely large mansion he had once called home. Home was defined as the place in which one's domestic affections are centered. But now he didn't have a 'home' his home died on a not so busy street in Japan. And was currently at the bottom of some lake and living her life else where not knowing he even breaths.

He went to there secret hide out. Witch was actually just these two really big rooms that was connected by a door. Even his parents didn't know where it was the house had been in the family for generations and even his father who grew up her hadn't seen more then and eighth of the house while him, Gene and Mai had taken every opportunity they could to explore the huge house and when they where about eight and seven they found these rooms and immediately claimed then as theirs.

They even went as far as to use their parents money over the years to furnish it to their group liking. This room held so many special memories. In this room the three of them shared their first kisses. Mai and Gene gave their first kisses to each other. While Naru got her second. Gene said sense he was older he should start kissing before him.

Naru laid down on Mai's favorite little couch where she had a table side lamp and a pile of books she was going to read. His home was dead so could this be his coffin and his grave?


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