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Would you?

Outside the Galleria mall the weather was at its worst, thank you global warming, it was bitter cold and was raining heavily. The gang was sitting at their usual table babbling the same thing they do every day while they waited Until their shifts started. But today was a special day for two specific lovebirds. It was Jude and Caitlin's 4 month anniversary, and to Caitlin's surprise this had been the longest relationship she's ever had. Funny as it seems, it was as if she had been asked JUST yesterday…


Once everyone's break was over they began to leave one by one, leaving Jude and Caitlin by themselves. Caitlin stood up from her assigned chair, and went back to the lemon, put on her apron, lemon hat, and took a magazine out of her small pink bag.

While flipping from page to page, Caitlin looked up ever so slightly

"So, Jude, don't you have to go to work?"

No sound came from Jude. He kept a straight face and he seemed to be staring at something.

"Jude? JUDE!?"

He blinked rapidly trying to get off his trance and jumped in his seat.


Caitlin cocked an eyebrow and ran next to Jude, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him ferociously

"Jude, it's ok. Calm down Jude."

"Oh. Hey bra, what's up?

Caitlin's mind began wandering off while looking into his eyes

'Whoa. That messy blonde hair, his gorgeous ocean blue eyes, his lip- SHUT UP CAITLIN!' Caitlin mentally slapped her self and came back to reality. She let go of his shoulders.


Their faces were inches apart and they both stared into each other's eyes and Caitlin began to inch closer little by little. Jude on the other hand, stayed in his position and started to think of Caitlin more than a friend:

'Never noticed how beautiful she is. Could I be falling for Caitlin? What would happen if we dated? Dude, you'll never go out with her… Wait, what is she doing? She's trying to kiss me… Should I let her? Come on dude, she's your friend, but… she's beautiful, just wanna hug her and then ki-'

Jude was mentally fighting with himself and his mixed up emotions for Caitlin, he soon gave up and followed in Caitlin's footsteps and bit by bit he got closer and closer. Until their lips met. Somehow both of them knew they were meant for each other, as bizarre as it sounded. They parted and reality slapped both of them

Caitlin gasped, smacked her hands over her face to both hide her shocked expression and also to hide the fact that she was blushing

"Jude! I'm sorry… I couldn't help it…" she mumbled

Jude acted, well, his mellow self

"Bra… I get it, I couldn't either."

"We're not telling the gang about this, this, incident okay?"


Once again, the gang gathered at their typical table while on their breaks. There wasn't much to talk about so yet again, they left one by one. And ONCE AGAIN, both Caitlin and Jude were by themselves.

Jude had given it much thought to the "kiss" they both had. He concluded that he liked her. He always did, he just never opened his eyes completely.

(A/N: His conscious talking is the one in caps. :})

'Should I ask her out?'


' What if she doesn't want to be 'more than friends' dude?'


' How do I tell her?'


' We' re not getting MARRIED!!'


Caitlin was applying makeup behind the lemon, but she was secretly in a war with her emotions.

Luckily Jude had thought of a great gift to give her which was neither expensive, nor cheap. Was he ready? Well, not really, he was afraid of rejection and making a fool of himself…So he got 'Sally' and rode to the nearest jewelry store.

{A few minutes after coming back from the store}


Inside Caitlin had been waiting for this and she was smiling inside.


Jude walked slowly until he entered the lemon, he closed it. Afraid that she would say no, he wanted to hide his humiliation from everybody. Caitlin didn't understand what was going on.

He kneeled, and opened the case.

"Caitlin, would you… go… out… with me?"

With that said and done, Jude looked away and narrowed his eyes.

"J-J-JUDE! This is so, romantic…"

"So do you?"

Caitlin cracked up and soon, tears began to form.


She helped him get up and pulled him into a hug, accidentally making him bump his head as he was forced to stand up. He didn't mind, he was in her comforting arms. He then told her to turn around and he gently placed the heart-shaped locket around her neck. Jude stole a kiss in the moment. This, was a start of a long-lasting relationship.

End of Flashback…

All four teens were talking about the usual thing, girls, coffee, sports, music, jobs, girls, etc.

(A/N: I put 'girls' twice on purpose)

Jude had Caitlin wrapped around his arms and had her sitting on his lap. And they stared at each other with a burning passion.

Nikki noticed them


Jonsey then butted in

"We can always join them" he said raising his eyebrows

Nikki shoved Jonsey off his chair and she playfully chuckled

"Well, I have to go back to work… the clones are driving me insane with their sweater folding lessons… as if I pay any attention" Nikki snorted and once again pushed Jonsey just when he was about to sit back again.

Jonsey chased after her to get his 'revenge'

Wyatt soon enough left to go get yet another cup of coffee. And Jen got yelled at by Coach Halder for being three minutes late, and got sent to the penalty box for five minutes.

Caitlin broke the silence once they all left.

"Well, now that they are gone… what do you say if we have some… lip action like Nikki said?"

Jude chuckled

"Hmmm… I don't know bra…"

"All alone with a lemon, the food court is practically isolated."

"Hmmm… the shoppers aren't necessarily early birds"


Caitlin tried to get out of Jude's clutches but he refused to let go, he soon let her go though…she went inside the lemon and put on her yellow citrus hat and polyester apron while Jude climbed on the counter. He couldn't keep his eyes off her fragile face; those enchanting emerald eyes hypnotized him entirely. Caitlin loved how he looked, from head to toe, especially his messy blonde hair with his cap.

"So" Caitlin casually said gliding her index finger gradually and effortlessly on the counter. "What are we going to do for our anniversary Jude?"

"I don't know bra… we can go to the movies or go eat out."

"Sounds sweet and romantic"

Jude lifted his arm and checked his watch

"I have to go dudette, duty calls…" he chuckled" I said duty!"

Caitlin giggled and Jude leaned in towards her and gave her a peck on the lips. He hopped off the counter and onto 'Sally' riding as fast as he could.

"See ya on my break Cait." He yelled

"Bye Jude." Caitlin waved faster than necessary.

Caitlin was hooked… she truly cherished him. He was her own little treasure that no one but she could own. The day she got her cold sore and swore off boys, Jude had taken care of her and gave her retail therapy to help her unwind and stay calm. That day, she started seeing Jude's romantic and compassionate side and he was in her head more than it was required. What was weird though was the fact Nikki and Wyatt thought they were both going out. Hmm who knew? She enjoyed the farts at the end though it sounds gross and unlady-like, it brought great laughs between them. She started realizing she was falling for the mellow, and always spacing out, Jude.

A few hours later, the crew came back to relax for their lunch break. It was the same thing everyday sort of. As always, Jen was stressing while Jonsey stared at passing girls which caused Nikki to get ticked off. And finally, Wyatt was drinking his coffee and was usually thinking of new song lyrics he could probably work on.

Soon enough, the sound of wheels rolling against the stone floor was faintly heard. It was Jude.

"Hello bro's and bra's…how's it going?" Jude asked in an casual way while harshly stepping at the end of his skateboard and catching the other end with his hand.

"Oh you know the usual" Caitlin said then soon received a small peck on the cheek by Jude.

"Tee-hee" she chuckled

Once again, the gang left them all alone.

"I have a full hour and thirty minutes for my break. You wanna go eat or something?" Jude brought up

"No thanks, unless you're hungry."

"I'm not hungry either."

"Want me to close the lemon and hang out or something?"

"Why don't we hang out at the lemon precisely?"


Both went inside the lemon, closed the top of it and they sat inside. Jude then smoothly put his arm over Caitlin's shoulder and whispered 'I love you' in her ear in a soft and soothing tone. Caitlin then adjusted her position to face his side and she moved her arms to hug him tightly, and then rested her head on his shoulder which fit perfectly like a puzzle piece. Caitlin started telling Jude how much she loved him and what she would do for him. Then Jude started tickling her and that resulted in a small playful fight. Caitlin was on her knees with her hand up as a sign of surrender from the previous tickle fight. She was facing him, he placed his hand on her cheeks ever so slightly and pulled her in. They both started to kiss passionately, and Jude grabbed her waist and pulled her close as if she was just an apparition that would disappear at any moment. Caitlin grabbed hold of his neck and she didn't want to let go. They soon separated to get a gulp of air and continued with a smaller one this time. Before they knew it they were both slowly falling asleep while in each other's arms. Once they woke up they were just in time to go back to work, it's so weird how time flew by inside the lemon with both of them in it. Jude then realized he was late and he ran out of the lemon.

"See you when I get off work!"

Caitlin pressed a button to open up the lemon and she had a huge ear-to-ear smirk. Since the job was slow, she started to daydream about both her and Jude. She hoped that one day Jude would give her a promise ring, or just wish their relationship would last long!

'Hmmm if we get married I hope we have children. How cute would that be? Being surrounded by Jude and my kids. Or as Jude would say, our own little dudes and dudettes.'

At the mention of that she started to giggle to herself.

She then imagined Jude getting close to kiss her…when he backed away and asked: 'excuse me'

'Huh'? She thought, and then snapped back to actuality.

"Starr?" she asked puzzled

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