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Heir to Darkness

Part I: Kingdom Anew

A cool gust swept through the empty alleys of the dark world. Though the mighty Kingdom Hearts was corrupted it, emitted its pale light on the world causing paranoia for any who entered its depths. The tallest tower beckoned its neon glow on the close square of the world. Battles were fought for the entitled core of all worlds, for Kingdom Hearts.

In a silent alley, the core that led to Twilight Town burnt brightly. Slowly a figure began to emerge from the darkness. Green hair emerged first and a woman bearing a wicked smile followed. The Homunculus emerged from the darkness Dusk's clinging on for dear life. "Disgusting creatures!" Envy growled swiping the monsters away. The nobodies flew off disappearing into the darkness.

"Come now Envy, there not much of a nuisance." smiled the beautiful young woman following closely behind. Lust straightened her suave black dress and moved her ebony hair from the piercing gray eyes. Her gaze cast towards the dark pool they had just come through. "Gluttony," she sighed. "I told him he couldn't the Nobody's."

Envy had already left Lust by the swirling vortex and entered the Nobody city. "Do you think Fullmetal came through as well?"

"We would have seen him by now. Well," She sighed taking a few steps forward, examining the city. "Might as well make the best of this place, I like it." Lust responded. "If this is the place the man in the black coat was talking about. Then I believe that is the heart of all worlds."

An odd clapping suddenly sounded from above. Envy was first to catch to it, turning her attention to the tower overlooking the world. A man in the black cloak jumped down into the square and met them. "So you have arrived?"

"And you are?" Envy questioned taking a defensive stance.

The cloaked man hesitated before responding. The leader of Organization XIII seemed skeptical at the adversaries standing before him. "My name is of no importance...you are from a different world?"

"A different world?" Lust repeated. It was obvious to her, that she and her allies were no longer in Amestris. They had previously been fighting Edward Elric and his brother.

"Follow me." The man retreated backwards towards the white castle. Removing his hood he revealed his face, none other than the leader of Organization XIII, Xemnas. "So much to learn, and yet so little time we have." The two Homunculi trailed closely behind Xemnas wicked smiles on both of their faces.

Destiny Islands-The Beach

"What do you think it is?" Selphie poked suit of armor curiously. It lay dormant on the half covered with sand. She had never seen it before, at least not on the islands. Selphie reached forward and lifted the head off. "It's empty?" noticing the blood marked insignia. The sign perplexed the island girl; it was like nothing she had ever seen before.

Tidus was behind his friend glancing at the helmet as well in a confused manner. Sighing, he sat next to it. "It's just an empty suit of armor. There must be something else? It had to come from somewhere."

Selphie lay down next to her friend. Closing her eyes to take in the sun, she replies. "There is nothing more, it probably came with the tide." A gasp caught Selphie off guard. She jumped up as she saw the suit of armor rise to its feet. "Tiā€¦Tidus?" Selphie nudged her friend, but Tidus was speechless as he stared in awe at the sight before him.

"Nii-san, Nii-san where are you?" The suit of armor turned around frantically. "Nii-san!"

"Umm, ar-are you looking for somebody?" Selphie managed to stammer out. When the armor turned his attention to Selphie she jumped back and hid behind Tidus. "Uh, I'm Selphie."

"Oh, I'm sorry." The armor bowed in respect, then raised his hand up. "I'm Alphonse Elric."

Slowly Tidus shook his hand in return flashing a grin towards Al. He picked up Al's head and placed it back in its rightful place "I'm Tidus; don't mind Selphie she's just a chicken."

"Tidus how can you be so calm with this! That suit of armor is empty and you're talking to it. That isn't normal!" Selphie blurted out.

Tidus rolled his eye. "What isn't normal here is your screaming." Stepping towards Al, he placed his hand on his back and tapped the cold metal. "This is the most boring place in the universe; you had to come from, a different world."

Selphie scoffed. "A different world, Tidus you must be stupid."

"Don't call me stupid!" Tidus shouted defensively.

"I don't think he is." All three of them turned around to face Riku. With him were Sora and Kairi who looked as interested he did. Walking towards Al, Riku he put his hand to the suit's cold metal chest. Riku knocked against the cold metal. A hollow dong returned. He looked mesmerized seeing a suit of empty armor walking. "You're not from this world are you? Sora, there is only one way he could have gotten to our world."

Sora nodded in agreement. "It has to be the Heartless."


"Edward!" Winry cried out. She held out her hand in disparity, the other holding onto the little bit of earth left. Edward held his hand out reaching toward his childhood friend. Around them was nothing, but darkness, everything had disappeared; the world of Amestris was being devoured. A swirling vortex was pulling them apart from each other.

Ed held onto ground reaching towards Winry. He had lost Al and refused to lose Winry too. "Winry!" his fingertips brushed Winry's sparking a ray of hope for the young Alchemist. Fullmetal had a good grip on solid ground, but felt his automail beginning to give way to the pressure. He saw Winry's eyes beginning to water up, she was slipping.

Her hand was on its last finger against the crack in the ground. Ed wouldn't risk her disappearing into the vortex like Al did. Grunting he let go of the ground only to hear Winry scream after him flying towards the darkness. In one last effort, Full Metal clapped his hands together and slammed them against a broken piece of wood flying past him.

Forming a rope through the process he called out Winry's name. The mechanic looked toward rope flying in her direction and let go of the remaining bit of her world and grabbed onto the rope.

The Alchemist pulled the rope until Winry was close enough to grab. Winry helped Ed wrap the rope around their waists so they wouldn't lose each other. The portrayal in Winry's eye's already asked Ed the question. "Are we going to be okay?"

Turning his head away he mumbled in response. "I don't know?"

Short first chapter I know, but that's the way I write. After this, the chapters will increase in capacity. Also this is my first time writing a fic for Fullmetal Alchemist so I'm going to try to get all the characters in check. Envy might be a little hard for me though. So I hope you stick with the fic. Review Please!