Okay guys it has been a long time. A very long time since I first started this story, I believe that I started this fic all the way back when I was like a Sophmore in High School lol. Now I am graduated and in the Big Army lol. Yes a very long time since I used to be the slacker who played games all the time and wrote fanfiction, but hey I can still do all of that and score 250 on my PT Test at the same time! Anywho, but its not about that this note is about my love for this story and how much I appreciate everything that has been poured into it. Not just my ideas, but the ideas of the reviewers, the fans who sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the next chapter. Curious to what will happen in the next installment. This is why I love and why I continue to do what I do.

To tell you guys the truth the nine weeks I was gone I was afraid when I came back to post up the last chapter of HOD, no one would review, no one would care, but I was wrong. I was very wrong. I wanted to thank everyone who reads, reviews, and favorites this story. Like I did with A Dragon's Rebirth the first fanfiction that I ever finished I will do it here. I set out with a goal to improve my writing style, further my craft. Get better at the things that I lacked in before and I acomplished that. My main goal was to outdo any of my past works and I have done that. Heir to Darkness is now my most popular fanficiton holding 32,687 hits from when it was first published, currently holds the title of 205 reviews, with 1 C2, 87 favorites, and 48 alerts, this story was published on June 30, 2009 and as of September 25,2012 is now officially over. Don't think this is the end my friends there is more to come, but first let me thank a few people who I found were deemed the biggest supporters of this story. They will be named after the mass.

Favorites and Alerts: Well... that's just alot names to write! :P I still love you guys though XD

The Big Three

Werehog21: What can I say man, you are it the biggest supporter of this story. Numero Uno in my book at least and this fic's most trusted reviewer. You have been with this story since day one and have basicly stuck by this fic for how long 3 years. That is a long time and I can do nothing, but humbly thank you. You've stuck through my fast updates, to my long procrastination between chapter, to my going away from basic. Have read every single side story I have made for Hod and even made an awesome AMV out of if. You are like the coolest person I have met on and one of the main reasons I had the desire to finish this tale. As you can notice alot of my other fics don't make it, but all the reviewers espicially you is what made this story so interesting to tell. What could I do more to surprise the mass? Without you my friend their would be no Heir to Darkness. From one KH/FMA fan to another, thanks bro. I will never forget what made this story so awesome to write.

archsage328: Lol, what can I say? You are like Werehog21, you were here from nearly the very start. Remember back in the day when like had absolutly no Crossover section at all and everything was scattered all throughout the website. Alot of new people here weren't here to expierence that, I found it annoying and wanted to hop on the bandwagon when the corssover thing happened. I didn't know if I would get anyone who would follow this fic with such a short first chapter and inexpierece. Nevertheless you were one of the few who stuck with the ride to the very end. You were vocal with your opinion and ususally always end with an update or keep it up! Things like that keep me wanting to write, knowing someone appreciates a fic they will stick around for a year or three lol.

The Layman: Dude you have been one of the faithful reviewers to, sticking around with this fic. Sometimes I wonder myself if you guys became urked with my rather sporadic updating schedual! But no you stuck around all the way to the end. You were always their to review and give a good opinion on how the sotry was going and highlight some parts that would even surprise me. Thank you for enjoying the story so much and I hope you stick around for the sequel.

The BetaReader!

DemonessOfDepartingSorrows: Okay before I say anything else you guys need to go check out this girl's stories because they are flipping awesome! She is the famed beta reader of this tale from the middle of it up, I was getting alot of reviews saying my grammar was a bit out of whack and when I asked for a beta she appears offering to do so. Took me forever to find her since back than she was AngelOfLostLight! But hey, I wanted to thank you for always being there everytime I asked for advice involving the story and for incorporating someof your own ideas into the fic as well. You have been an awesome beta reader and I appreciate every chapter that you have taken the time to read and tune up for me. I really appreciate it.

Honarable Mentions!

NorthsideOtaku: My Dede-Chan! Even though you didn't keep up with HOD so much you still desreve an honorable mention lol XD!

NamioftheSea, RJO, and Ragez: You were one the series most vocal reviewers to! You vanished somewhat near the end, but it really doesn't bother me. I'm sure that you finished the fic or maybe will one day, I wanted to thank you anyways in hopes that you read this. You really helped me out alot, so thank you friend!

The Kyrpt Keeper: Read the whole fic in one day... damn! That's what I call determination!

mp1757: My old man =_= you and your random reviews.

Welp guys thats about it, thanks for the three years of fun! I might be taking a weeks vacation, but trust me the sequel will be up on sunday with no exceptions. Be ready for it friends, with one last wink I'm J1210 and I'm out!