Starfleet Intelligence

Writer's Bible


            Pseudonyms of the three Assistant Chiefs of Starfleet Intelligence.  Their identities are known only to the Chief of SFI, so that they may retire or serve elsewhere in the Federation without fear of exposure.  They and Admiral Tolvak are responsible for the development of Project: Josephine.


            An ion cluster near the Neutral Zone, on the Federation side of space.  The ionization fields caused a short-circuit of an experimental Romulan cloaking device, causing it to drift invisible in the cluster for weeks.  Also, the site of the battle between the U.S.S. Challenger and the Romulan Warbird Imperial Might.



Current Assignment:  Chief of Security, U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Betazoid Male

Description:  5'10", short brown hair, brown eyes, pale, plain looking

Skills:  Speaks Klingon and Romulan, Klingon and Romulan Tactics, Small Unit Tactics, Martial Arts

Psychological Profile:  Quiet, reserved, alert, focused


            Used to serve aboard U.S.S. Challenger with Takashi.  Doesn't like to read minds, as he sometimes sends as well as receives.  Fancies himself more of a detective than a Security officer.


            A high-density species with dark bronze colored skin, three-fingered hands, and thick, tough hides.  They possess only small earholes and vertical slits for noses.  They can withstand phaser blasts that might kill several humans.  In order to function in Earth-normal gravity, they require special small gravity compensators.  Once so equipped, they are extremely strong and surprisingly nimble for their size.  (Quoted from "Star Trek: New Frontier")


            Starfleet Registry number NCC 2449-C.  The Challenger was a Constellation-class vessel, under the command of Captain Russ Hagen.  The ship took heavy damage after a conflict with the Romulan Warbird Imperial Might, and was subsequently scuttled by Admiral Tolvak, for the implementation of Project: Josephine.


            Technically referred to as the FSHJ/ED systems, these are a series of altered sensor pods imbedded in the Doyle's hull, changing the sensor resonances, and thus the appearance, of the ship. Combined with the warp dampening systems and multi-phasic shielding, the FSHJ/ED will pass almost any passive or active sensor sweep.



Current Assignment:  Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Terran (British) Male

Description:  5'8", slouches, brown hair, pale hazel eyes, always fidgeting

Skills:  Instinctual first contact medical treatments, First Contact protocols, Reconstructive surgery for the purposes of disguise

Psychological Profile:  Shy, Worrisome, Cryptic


            Code-named "Manchuria".  Dies by the end of book one.


            Starfleet Registry number NX 51610.  An experimental ship (roughly patterned after the U.S.S. Defiant) designed to use its "Chameleon Device" (see CHAMELEON DEVICE) to masquerade as other ships, aiding in Intelligence work.  The ship is currently under the command of Captain Sara Takashi.  Her current assignment is to act as short-term mission specialists, under the command of Admiral Trevor Iannone.

            Weapons:  2 Photon Torpedoes, 4 Phaser Banks.  Max. Warp 10, Cruising Speed 7.  1 Personal transporter, 1 Cargo Transporter.  1 Holodeck.  Max. Crew 100, Regular Crew 26.  Contains experimental FSHJ/ED systems ("Chameleon Device") and Multi-Phasic Shielding.


            An Engineering crewman aboard the U.S.S. Doyle.  Commander Maron's protégé.


            Short for Full Sensor Hull Jacket and Electronic Disguise Systems.  See CHAMELEON DEVICE.


            Starfleet Registry number NCC 9785.  The Hawking was a Hawking-class science vessel, under the command of Captain Akira Takashi.  It was destroyed at the Mandorian outpost during the Cardassian conflicts, near the Cardassian DMZ.  The Hawking was on an errand of mercy.  Out of a crew of 173, only 18 survived, including Sara and Nakita Takashi.


            Captain of the U.S.S. Challenger.  Died during a conflict with the Romulan Warbird Imperial Might.


            Starfleet Registry number NCC 20007.  The Hemingway is an Ambassador-class vessel.  Lt. Lorano Bradley served as Security Officer there for a year.


SECLAR:  Eight

Current Assignment:  Short-Term Cell Operations (Experimental), Starfleet Intelligence

Race:  Terran (American) Male


Skills:  Infiltration, Administration, Starship Command, "Technobabble"

Psychological Profile:  Quirky, Polar Personality, Secretive


            As Captain, achieved long-term infiltration of Maquis cell, gained valuable Cardassian intelligence, and intercepted information regarding Captain Picard's capture in Cardassian territory.


            The Warbird sent to recover the experimental Romulan cloaking device.  Commanded by Commander Tolvak, the developer's son.



Current Assignment:  Asst. Chief Security Officer (Starship Tactical), U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Brikar Male (?)

Description:  7'6", dark-bronze skin, three-fingered hands, small earholes, vertical slit for nose, small gravity compensator.

Skills:  Starship Tactics, Intimidation, Hand-To-Hand Combat

Psychological Profile:  A wry wit with gallows humor, doesn't talk much, glowers a lot


            Younger brother of Zak Kebron, Chief Security Officer aboard U.S.S. Excaliber.


            Attractive young red-head.  Used to be navigator for the U.S.S. Challenger, now navigator for U.S.S. Doyle.


            Common code name given to an Intelligence officer designed to watch a "friendly" cell from undercover.  Sometimes is unaware of their own status.  Lt. JG Brian Coffey is "Manchuria" for Project: Josephine.


            Common name for Starfleet Military Operations, the Marines are a seldom-used group of soldiers trained for last-ditch protection and recovery of Federation interests.  Both Sara Takashi and Elayth Wren served with the Marines.



Current Assignment:  Second Officer/Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Bajoran Male

Description:  6'4", short black hair, dark brown eyes, latinum earring

Skills:  Cardassian Tactics, Infiltration, Assassination, Theoretical Engineering Styles ("Jury Rig")

Psychological Profile:  Hard working, hard drinking, "fatherly", protective


            Used to be in Bajoran Resistance.  Had developed theory behind a possible cloaking device.  Starfleet Intelligence acquired him, and he developed the FSHJ/ED systems ("Chameleon Device").  Legally inverted his family and given names to Terran standards.


            Types of missions assigned to the Doyle include infiltration, rescue of Federation citizens, recovery or transport of sensitive Starfleet materials, botched First Contact scenarios, intelligence gathering, violations of the Prime Directive, internal Starfleet security, surveillance, deception or disinformation of Federation enemies, liquidation or termination of Federation enemies, investigation


            Official Starfleet Intelligence designation of the five-year test run of the Doyle and the "troubleshooter" cell structure.  All Starfleet Projects involving starships are named after famous female spies (both real and fictional).  Josephine is from an old twentieth century movie, "La Femme Nakita", also a subtle pun on Nakita Takashi's name.


SECLAR:  Three

Current Assignment:  Science Officer, U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Vulcan (Ton Telar*) Male


Skills:  Scientific Observation, Ops, Starfleet Regulations

Psychological Profile:  Young, by-the-book, feels all life is precious


            Son of Admiral Tolvak


            Short for Security Clearance.  It is on a numerical scale of 1 to 10, 1 being unclassified and 10 being "President's Eyes Only".  SFI agents frequently have about two SECLARs higher than their Exploration counterparts, so if the average Starfleet captain's SECLAR is about 5, Captain Takashi's is 7.  Sometimes SECLARs are artificially increased or decreased in certain situations.  Examples of SECLARs being increased were when Commander Wren got temporarily boosted to SECLAR Seven for Captain Takashi's briefing, and Commander Riker's knowledge of the Pegasus mission, which is around SECLAR Eight.  There are conditions for "field promotions" of SECLARs, but all instances must be explained in full to mission leader, who must explain to the Assistant Chiefs of SFI.


            Starfleet Registry number NCC 19760.  The Shogun is an Excelsior-class vessel, formerly under the command of Captain Nakita Takashi.  It was lost in the battle of Wolf 359 against the Borg, with 30 hands on board.



Current Assignment:  Chief Medical Officer (after Brian Coffey), U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Sylvan Female

Description:  Long blond-white hair to shoulders, violet eyes, slightly pointed ears, soft pale skin, slight body.

Skills:  Medical Procedures, Ship's Counselor, Illusions (using mental energy to project false images into a person's mind), mental healing, sensuality.

Psychological Profile:  Typical of race - sensual, erotic, soft of voice.  When working as a doctor, becomes strangely detached, almost 'ephemeral'.


            Was Ship's Counselor and Psychological specialist before Coffey's betrayal.  The first Sylvan to join Starfleet.


            A peaceful race from the planet Tir'Na'Nog.  Nicknamed "Elves", they were one of the first space-faring races, and the first to contact Earth.  They are healers of the mind, and tricksters or a sort.  Recently they have joined the Federation, at the behest of the Seelie Court, their government, run by the Noble House of Shidhe.  The first Sylvan officer, Lt. Merni Sylena, is a rarity amongst her kind, able to take orders and focus her attention on one thing at a time.


            Captain of the U.S.S. Hawking, and Sara's father.  Died during the Cardassian conflicts.  Close family friend of Commodore Hikaru Sulu's family.


            Captain of the U.S.S. Shogun, and Sara's mother.  Died during the battle of Wolf 359 against the Borg invasion of Earth.  Assimilated by the Borg, and becomes the new Borg Queen.


SECLAR:  Seven

Current Assignment:  Captain, U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Terran (Japanese) Female

Description:  5'9", slender, wiry, long black hair braided to her hips, jade eyes

Skills:  Cardassian Tactics, Borg Tactics, Starfleet Exploration, Starship Command

Psychological Profile:  Bitter, moody, hesitant to needless endanger crew, reflective


            Age 5 - Commander Akira Takashi died in Cardassian conflicts aboard science vessel Hawking.

            Age 18 - Entered Starfleet Academy

            Age 24 - Graduated Command School, fourth in class.  Assigned to Ops aboard U.S.S. Shogun, Excelsior class.

            Age 26 - Promoted to Lieutenant due to her valor in a first contact mission.

            Age 28 - Shogun enters Borg conflict at Wolf 359.  Captain Nakita Takashi is presumed lost, all but 30 crew rescued.  Stayed at Starbase 211 for new assignment.

            Age 29 - Joined the Starfleet Marines for Borg mopup.

            Age 30 - Promoted to Lt. Commander for Maquis infiltration.

            Age 31 - Leave Marines, return to Starfleet Command to take refresher courses.

            Age 32 - Promoted to Commander, made First Officer of the U.S.S. Challenger, Ambassador class, Captain Russ Hagen commanding.

            Age 34 - Promoted to Captain, given command of the U.S.S. Doyle, experimental ship NX 51610.


SECLAR:  Eight

Current Assignment:  Vice-Admiral of Administration, Starfleet Intelligence

            Cover:  Admiral, Starbase 29

Race:  Vulcan (Ton Telar) Male


Skills:  Logic, Martial Arts, Starfleet Administration, Indirect Truth

Psychological Profile:  Cool, even by Vulcan standards.  Logical almost to a fault.


            Reports to the three Asst. Chiefs of SFI, Admirals Adams, Baker, and Caine.



Current Assignment:  Chief Science Officer/Infiltration, U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Soongian style cyborg (male?)

Description:  (default) 2 meters exactly, average build, black skin with yellow holodeck lines all over, yellow eyes, discordant voice.  (Frank) A shade over 6', shoulder length red hair, slight stubble.

Skills:  Speaks all languages, All Race Tactics, access to Federation computer core, Infiltration

Psychological Profile:  Hostile, amnesiac, doesn't take authority well.


            Originally Francis McCarber, nearly killed in an undercover operation three years ago.  Implanted into a TIU shell - Tactical Infiltration Unit, a Soongian-type android body with a positronic interface to a human brain, partially developed by Commander Data.  Possesses a close-contact holographic grid, allowing him to masquerade as any humanoid of rough shape and size.  Upon falling asleep, the image vanishes.  Due to a misalignment of the positronic net, he sleeps only rarely.


            Commander of the Romulan Warbird Imperial Might, and son of the developer of the new Romulan cloaking prototype.



Current Assignment:  First Officer, U.S.S. Doyle

Race:  Trill Male

Description:  6'0", short marine-cut blond hair, blue eyes, dark Trill spots

Skills:  Stellar Cartography, Federation Intelligence Work, Humanoid Medicine, Starship Command

Psychological Profile:  Calm, in control, flippant, has trouble with discipline.


            First Joining - Female Stellar Cartographer - Malia Wren

            Second Joining - Male Doctor - Ristan Wren

            Third Joining - Female Historian - Kanton Wren (accident, caused amnesia)

            Spent some time in the Marines, about three or four years as Intel officer


Book 1:  "Family Traditions"

            The crew of the Doyle is introduced.  Captain Takashi is confronted with the Romulan who killed her previous captain, but it turns out he is looking for his fathers remains in Federation, which includes a working cloak prototype, capable of firing under cloak!

Book 2:  "Flesh and Blood"

            The Doyle is sent to Deep Space 8, on the edge of explored space, to read the will of Captain Russ Hagen and to test out Admiral Pressman's new phasing cloak mark II, refined from the information from "Family Traditions".  The experiment catapults them 50,000 light years into the Delta Quadrant, in the Borg's home system.  Six years ago, Takashi's mother was declared lost at the battle of Wolf 359.  Now she has returned, as the new Borg Queen!

Book 3:  "Triangle Politics"

            After the encounter with the Borg, and Bradley's "possession" by the Promethians, the Doyle is sent to scout out a strategically important pre-Contact world for possible Promethian influence, only to find the Jem'Hadar, Klingons, and Ferengi there!  Rumors abound of a Promethian cache of weapons, able to change the balance of power in the quadrant.

Book 4:  "P's and Q's"

            The cell gets arrested while undercover in Arcturus (nearby SB 17, scum central), trying to locate the source of the Intelligence "leak" that resulted in "Triangle Politics".  The Doyle is impounded with the crew on board, when Q decides to study the concept of subterfuge for the ongoing war in the Continuum.  (Star Trek: SB 17 - PIKE crossover.)

Book 5:  "The Rightful King"

            Ambassador Si Cwan of the ex-Thallonian Empire suspects that there is a strong anti-Federation movement in hiding, headed by his enemy Zoran Si Verdin.  Captain Mackenzie Calhoun calls in his old Intelligence friends, Elayth Wren and Frank Tee-Eye-You, only to find that the "Purist" movement from "P's and Q's" is being helped by the Danteri Empire.  (Star Trek: New Frontier crossover.)

Book 6:  "The Enemy of my Enemy"

            Maquis activity has picked up since the Cardassians have joined the Dominion.  One of the highest level Maquis agents is a Starfleet long-term Intelligence operative, and friend of Admiral Iannone's.  Can the Doyle retrieve him without alerting the Maquis... or the Cardassians?  And why is Maron so hesitant about the mission?  The crew finds that the Maquis did not form the "Purists", but in fact are being controlled by them...

* Ton Telar - Dark-skinned Vulcans, derived from an ancient caste of warriors.  Their fair-skinned cousins are the Ton Stolar, the priest caste.  Although such castes are now extinct, the Ton Telar tend to be more aggressively logical, while the Ton Stolar are more philosophically logical.