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Kidnapped By Alice

After getting over my initial reaction to Alice's news that Edward was gone, and that she would be kidnapping me for my protection, everything went surprisingly well. Esme brought excellent food from Port Angeles, Alice put on one of my favorite movies. Even Rosalie seemed to be enjoying the night, I even thought I saw her crack a smile a couple of times.

Alice seemed to take her job as babysitter seriously. Each activity smoothly led itself to something else so I was never bored. However I also caught her watching me when she couldn't tell I was looking. She seemed to look at me with a touch a fascination I didn't understand.

"I think I'd like to go hunting." said Esme once the credits started rolling on the movie. She stood up and crossed to where I sat and kissed my cheek. "Your in capable hands Bella, as usual make yourself at home." Esme smiled at Alice as she said it.

"I'll join you." announced Rosalie, her voice is so pretty.

"Ready for your pedicure Bella?" Alice said coming over to sit by my feet.

"Sure, sure." I replied knowing even if I wasn't Alice would find a way to talk me into it.

"Don't wait up, we could be out awhile, there's a place I would like to check out further north than normal. Remember Alice, Bella has school tomorrow. Unless you'd like to stay here of course dear, it's up to you." Esme smiled, she always made me feel welcome.

"Got it." I stretched out and got comfortable so I could hold my feet still for Alice.

"I was thinking blue, it always looks so good on you." suggested Alice going through her kit. Esme and Rosalie held hands as they launched out into the night air.

"I trust you."

Alice was right blue did seem to look good on me. Watching Alice skillfully shape, and color my delicate toenails I was struck again by how lovely the pixie-like vampire was.

"You really do have pretty feet Bella, when you lived in Phoenix did you wear sandals a lot?" Alice looked up at me and I made the mistake of making eye contact. Her eyes were the color of liquid honey, they looked warm and inviting. I hadn't realized she'd been talking. "Bella?"

"Yes?" I barely managed an answer. She grinned saving me from myself.

"All done." I looked down and admired Alice's handiwork. Not only did she paint my toenails blue, she found the perfect shade of red to draw little hearts on them too. It looked cute.

"Wow Alice, your amazing. Here take a look." I tucked my feet and leaned forward and pushed off against the back of the couch. Doing my best to spin around I didn't notice how close I was to the edge and almost fell. However my lack of coordination was no match for Alice's reflexes. She quickly placed her hands on my hips and kept me steady as I spun. She wrapped her arms around me hugging me and I leaned back against the the grinning vampire.

"Thank you Alice." I said nestling close during her embrace.

"Don't be silly Bella, I would never let you get hurt." she pressed her marble cheek to mine as she gently squeezed me. Her cool skin was smooth and felt good.

"Not just for that, Alice, for everything. The whole night has been perfect." I turned to see Alice grinning. It took my breath away, she looked so happy. It was like I was telling her she'd won some kind of award.

"I'm glad you liked it." Alice kissed my cheek and I felt myself blush.

"Now I have to thank Edward for paying you off." I told her with a smirk. She just giggled, it was musical sound.

"Don't do that Bella, I have a small confession to make." Alice grinned at me. "I suggested that Edward let me look after you while he's away. He only bought me the Porsche early as a thank you. He actually didn't think of the sleepover I did."

"Really?" I couldn't believe it, I loved spending time with Alice but I never could seem to understand why the energetic vampire with a dramatic flair for fashion and parties would want to spend time with me. I was no good at that stuff.

"Yep" replied Alice her smile unwavering.

"But why? Did you see something? Is there trouble?" now I was a little alarmed. Victoria was still out there, and I didn't want anything to happen to any members of my family be they human, vampire or werewolf. It wouldn't be the first time a Cullen was holding out on me with information that could make me nervous.

"No, Bella stop being silly. You know I love you. I don't need any Italian sports cars to spend time with you." Alice's musical voice was compelling and beautiful.

"I love you too Alice." I leaned over and kissed her cheek. Letting my lips linger against her cool skin. I inhaled the most indescribable, and most intoxicating scent, it made my heart race yet at the same time I was light headed. A strange combination to be sure. Then Alice looked at me and smiled, something in her eyes told me she had more to say.

"Spill it." I command her, grinning right back.

"I have another confession Bella." as Alice said the words she had to look down. "I loved you before Edward did." my eyes widened at that. "I felt it was only fair to tell you. I really wanted to tell you before now, only you and Edward seemed so attached, but after..." Alice's voice quivered slightly and for once it lacked the confidence Alice usually carried.

"After what?" Wow, I didn't have the words, I didn't dare to believe I heard her say that. Nor could I figure out what sparked this confession.

"Well remember your first day of school here, the day you met Edward. As you know he tried leaving, heading to Alaska to escape the call of your blood." I easily remembered my first days at Forks High. From the first day at lunch I'd begun hearing about the mysterious Cullen's.

"Yes. I was there, I remember." I answered in a small voice.

"Well once Edward made it to Alaska he had already considered coming back a number of times. Enough for me to get flashes of many different possible futures. And one thing was the same in almost all of them, well all the ones where you lived past seventeen that is, I knew I would grow to love you. The more Edward made his mind up to come home the more I was able to see. Bella from the beginning I've loved you." Alice paused. "Breathe Bella." I didn't know I was holding my breath.

"Wow. I used to tease Edward that you saw me coming but he would never talk about it. I would've never guessed." I exhaled. Alice looked up at me and her face was a mask of sorrow. It looked so wrong on her face, I'd never seen Alice in such pain and my heart shattered at the sight. I felt my eyes instantly tear up and at the sight of her grief. Pain seemed to spread out from my heart, and I bit off a sob as she continued.

"Edward forbade me from talking to you early on. In case he couldn't handle it and wanted us to leave. It only made sense, but he didn't see the what I saw. Then not even a year later he made us all leave anyway." I heard Alice's voice quiver. Her eyes looked far away.

"You came back." I whispered. I could feel my tears beginning to run down my cheeks. Once I said it her jaw tightened and I could imagine her perfect memory recalling in detail my jump off the cliff down at La Push.

"I had too." She said, her eyes still far away. " Beautiful Bella you almost scared me to death. Watching you jump, I felt broken." Her face contorted and my tears continued to spill. I vowed then never to put Alice through anything like that ever again if it was in my power. The only reason I don't wish it never happened because if I had chosen not to jump she wouldn't have returned.

" Then when I arrived and found you alive, I couldn't move. I didn't trust my eyes." Alice's voice was quiet but steady. Then she surprised me. Her hands reached up and cradled my face, her hands were cool and unyielding yet soothing and electrifying at the same time. Her eyes were full of wonder and the pain I was feeling was replaced by something else. She leaned her head toward mine and again I breathed in her scent letting it intoxicate me.

Alice leaned in and placed her lips against mine. I felt a shiver of pleasure move up and down my spine when her lips made contact. I gave into her embrace and returned her kiss with more feeling. She broke the contact and I couldn't help but think too soon. Her cool arms stayed around my waist and I ran my hands along her arms until my hands found her hands, then I laced my fingers with hers.

"To think I almost lost my chance to do that." Alice's voice rang triumphant. "You don't realize how important you are to me...to all of us. After thinking I'd lost you I thought it was only fair to tell you." Alice's face slowly lit up as she looked at me. It was a very slow change, one that I couldn't help but follow. Her eyes looked at me with complete adoration and her voice was full of passion as she spoke. "Bella I love you."

"One time I explained to Edward how he...dazzles people." I began after a long pause. I reached out with my fingertips and caressed Alice's delicate cheeks. I was having trouble concentrating. Last night Edward was my last thought before bed, and the first thought when I woke up. I knew right then after Alice kissed me, I would be dreaming of another vampire.


"Yes Bella." Alice's words were just a whisper.

"Your dazzling me." my voice was almost inaudible but I knew she could hear me, my heart began to race and my breathing turned shallow. Alice leaned forward and placed gently kisses along my neck just behind my ear. I turned and looked deep into her golden eyes for a long moment, until Alice made herself blink. I could almost taste honey on my lips.

"I'll do everything I can to never put you through that again." I whispered a little breathless. Alice's smile was radiant and my breath caught in my throat at how happy she looked when I said that, but I only felt it was fair to get something in return. When Edward left he took all the Cullens with him and that hurt more than anyone will ever realize. "Just promise me....promise me you'll never leave me again." I tried to say it but my voice broke and I had to choke back a sob. Remembering what it was like when they left was almost paralyzing.

"Oh Bella no don't, don't go back to that place." Alice spoke in a soothing voice and held me close. I buried my face in her shoulder and Alice pressed her lips to my hair. Alice exhaled her cool sweet breath into my hair. It made me tingle and I slowly stopped crying. "I'll never leave you again." I heard her whisper.