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Chapter 4

Alice floored the Volvo shooting out of the long road that led to the Cullen house.

Alice knew Rosalie was going to tell me her story, she should have planned for this. Actually I had no proof that she didn't.

"Worry not Bella, I'll get us there in no time." Alice turned up the stereo and continued her idea of driving. I wasn't quite prepared for the experience.

Edward drove very fast, and when it suited him he had no problems taking his eyes off the road. Alice was even more of a maniac behind the wheel. She sung along with the vocals as the drum and bass blared paying no real attention to the road. She would close her eyes when the lyrics demanded all of her focus. She also had no trouble looking at me every time she had something to say. Yet she flew along hairpin corners, along rain slick streets all at frightening speeds. I was momentarily terrified.

"So are you ready for tonight?" Alice asked her eyes full of concern. Her voice made me turn, then her eyes held me.

"Um...what part of tonight?" I had to clarify. I didn't know if she meant going to the city as she suggested twice already this weekend. Or if she was talking about the return of Edward and the rest. Her eyes looked like deep pools of honey after feeding this morning.

"We could always go to that club in Olympia, I'm sure you would love it. I could have you out late enough I'd have to carry you in and you could avoid it until the next day?" Alice answered with a grin. Apparently she really did know how uncomfortable talking to Edward was going to make me.

"Really I'd rather get it over with." I answered her honestly. Her eyes were still concerned but she could tell I was resolved..

"And today at school? Have you given it any thought?" Alice asked me gently. That did catch me off guard. This would be big, Forks was a small town. This kind of information would spread very fast. I owed to Charlie to tell him before he finds out via a rumor around town. I hope Alice would understand my reluctance. Not to mention Jake. What would I tell him. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing this out of order.

"Do you think..." I hesitated "..for today, we can keep this to ourselves. Forks is a small town, if my friends at school found out I have no doubt Charlie would hear of it before I even made it home." I explained in a rush. Her face fell for only a moment before realizing what I said made sense.

"Your right...I should have thought of that myself, but does that mean.." I had to interrupt her.

"Yes, when I get home I'll tell Charlie and by Monday..." I watched her face light up and her eyes sparkled.

"Really? Really? Your not nervous about telling Charlie, or Renee?" Alice asked with curiosity, her eyes shining.

"Maybe a little, but thats not going to stop me. Alice I love you and I want my family to know I've chosen you." I spoke quietly but I watched her smile and could tell she heard me.

"And our friends at school?" Alice couldn't seem to stop herself.

"I could only see it making school life easier, maybe then Mike would finally get the hint." I answered with a chuckle. As she pulled the Volvo to stop in it's usual parking spot I noticed that the parking lot was unusually empty. No doubt a result of Alice's careful planning, because the moment the car stopped her lips were pressed to mine.

I felt her cold smooth hand caress my check and run behind my neck. Alice's breath was sweet and enticing. I ran my fingers through her short hair at the base of her neck. Slowly she pulled away smiling.

"Good thing we're leaving at lunch, I wouldn't want to wait a whole day before doing that again." Alice's smile was brilliant. I was breathless and trembling slightly. I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks.

"Hurry Bella, you don't wanna be late!" called Alice, she had opened her door and stepped out.

"Sure, sure." I answered her, grabbing my bag I exited the Volvo and headed for class.

I watched as Alice seemed to dance her way to class vanishing around a corner. I was equally surprised when Jacob Black pulled up on his motorcycle.

"Bella run!" I heard Jacob yell over the sound of the engine. I couldn't help but laugh as I ran to the bike and got on behind Jake. Alice is gonna kill me.

Jacob sped down the highway heading to the Quileute reservation. I held on and hid my face praying that Charlie didn't happen to spot Jake's stunt. I also began working on a plan to appease Alice, no doubt this was going to really make her angry.

Eventually Jacob did slow the bike down and I knew we were on Quileute lands. He took a long winding rode that led to the beach. Jacob was quite smug about his escape plan.

"Ha! I bet she didn't see that one coming." said Jacob, he sounded like he got a real kick out of it. For moment he looked like a kid again.

"Oh no, I'm sure she didn't. That however will not lesson the trouble that I'm in." I said with a sigh.

"Oh don't worry Bells, you can always blame me." he joked. "Or hey, just crash in La Push tonight. You know Charlie wouldn't mind, we could even get my dad to tell a story." Jake sounded hopeful.

"Tempting..." I let my voice linger just a bit "but I'd rather face the music, so whats the latest pack news? You know Edward usually keeps me out of the loop."

Jake filled me in on the latest pack news, including Quil's imprint with Claire. That had me a bit a spooked. I mean, a two year old, Werewolves, go figure. We rode our bikes for awhile. He apologized again for turning me in with Charlie. Then he brought up the subject of me becoming a vampire. He was really working himself up, getting angry. Then I told him it would happen in a few weeks. He stopped shaking and I found his sudden composure a bit frightening.

"Weeks?" asked Jake, his voice seemed strangely subdued. "He's going to change you in a few weeks!?" Jake's voice began to drip with vehemence.

"Oh! Um....that may no longer be an accurate statement." I squeaked, and Jake looked momentarily confused. He didn't know my news.

"But you just said weeks." Jake's voice sounded unsure.

"Yeah, that part hasn't changed. Graduation seemed like a good time. See I want to be able to move out of Charlie's and not attract too much notice. I really have thought this out Jake." there. I said it, told him my plan. Something in my voice must have triggered something because suddenly Jake sighed and his shoulders slumped.

"Really?" Jake's voice seemed resigned.

"Yeah...and there's more." I cringed as I said the last part.

"A few weeks...more time?" Jake asked with a smile. I just smacked his arm.

"No! More news, the not so accurate 'He's going to change you in a few weeks!?'" I mimed.

"Okay, so what gives." I could see I had his curiosity peaked.

"Look Jake you gotta promise not to mention this to Charlie, in fact no phasing tonight until after six o'clock tonight." I said in a rush my voice rising slightly.


"I swear Jake if Charlie finds this out before I tell him myself I'll....." I was getting worked up trying to imagine what I could do that would be terrible enough to warrant Jacob listening. And on the verge of a panic attack. I started hyperventilating.

"Whoa whoa...slow down, take it easy Bella, I promise....I won't tell a soul. I'll go take a nap or something. Six o'clock right, I could manage that." that calmed me down but only a little. I started pacing around a huge log we usually sit on. My hands were in knots as I tried to find the easiest way to tell him.

"Bella calm down, what ever it is it can't be that bad." Jacob was starting to look a bit nervous.

"Do you want your good news or your bad news first?" I asked in a low voice.

"Good...no bad....bad news first." I could hear him preparing himself for.

"I'm still in love with a vampire." I told him. Covering my face with my hands.

"Um Bells?" Jake asked, I risked a peak and he looked calm as ever.


"That's no different than normal, how is that the bad news." Jake chuckled a bit and I thought about.

"Well I guess when you ask for the bad news first, it's not really all that bad." I had to agree, on it's own it was business as usual. I realized I was stalling. I looked up and saw Jake grinning.

"Well if that was the bad news, I'm just dying to here the good news." Jake's smile was ear to ear.

"I'm no longer going to be with Edward." I said the words quietly. It didn't hurt as much as I thought.

"So who then?" I looked up and saw that Jacob obviously didn't know how to take this.

"Alice..." as I said her name I couldn't help but smile. Jacob's eyes widened in surprise.

"Shorty?" Jake asked astonished.

"Alice!" I growled at him and then he laughed. Jacob threw back his head and started laughing harder. It was a bitter sound. I looked at him in bewilderment.

"Jake...Jake!" I had to raise my voice to get him to hear me over his uncontrolled mirth.

"Ugh...sorry Bella." Jake said wiping his eyes.

"Whats so funny?" I asked. That seemed to take the mocking smile off his face.

"Well....here I've been competing with Edward and all along Leah had better chance with you than I did. You'll have to excuse me if I don't find this revelation a bit freeing."

"Oh it's not like that!" I exclaimed.

"Isn't it? Look I've given you options and yet you always run back to those bloodsuckers! So tell me how is it Bella!"

"The heart wants...what the heart wants." I whispered.

"Don't I know it." Jacob stood up. "You being with a vampire will never be good news to me Bella."