One night….

"Who the hell would be knocking my door at 2:47 in the morning!?!" Anthony DiNozzo thought as he pulled himself up out of his warm comfy bed in order to answer the door. When he reached the door, he jerked it open and saw his partner, Ziva David, with two duffle bags in hand. In an instant there was a smile on his face.

"Hey Zee-vah, what are you doing here?" Tony asked happily.

"Well Tony, you see, my house burned down, and I was wondering, if I could stay here for awhile?"

"Of course you can!" Tony replied, "Come in."

"Thank you, Tony."

"No problem, Ziva. You can sleep in my bed, and I will take the couch."

"That is not necessary, Tony; we can sleep in the same bed, and we are adults and have done it before."

"If you insist…." Tony replied.

"I do, but I would rather not go to bed right now, could we watch a movie?" She asked.

"Of course, Zee-vah, but I get to pick the movie," he said with a famous DiNozzo smile, "Let's see we could watch the Bourne Altimatum, which is a GREAT flick, or…."

"That is fine, Tony." Ziva said with a small smile, she loved the way he stretched out her name.

"OK." Tony replied as he popped the DVD in and sat down. Ziva sat down beside him.

"Thank you, Tony, for letting me stay here." She said sincerely and rested her head against his chest.

"Anytime, Ziva, anytime…. Ummm what are you doing?" he asked.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to bother you." Ziva said and lifted her head of his chest.

"Oh! No, no, no, I like it! I was just wondering why you were being so… affectionate all of the sudden."

"I am just grateful, but I wonder if you will like this?" Ziva said to him, and she kissed him lightly.

(A/N: Want me to continue? This was my first fanfic and I want constructive critism, tell me if it sucked, or if it was good. And let me know if you want me to continue.)