Ziva and Tony sat in the back yard of their house watching their kids play with their dog, Wolf, as the now eight year old mini assassin Jeramiah named him. Jeramiah had a very good combination of skills to be a NCIS agent or a Marine, he was charming and manipulative like Tony, but strong, confident, and tough like his mom. He would follow orders without complaint and does as he was told, unlike most eight year old boys. Since Jacob's birth four years ago Ziva had given birth to twin girls, McKenzie Ziva (Or Kenzie) and Talia Grace, who were now two years old and already just like their mother, tough and strong. Jacob was more like Tony, charming and manipulative, and he was the only one who looked anything like Tony. All of his biological kids and Jacob for that matter, looked exactly like Ziva, except the twins and Jacob had green eyes and the DiNozzo smile.

The team, Collin and his fiancée, and Ducky was supposed to be coming over today for a cook out and the door bell rang right on time.

"Hey Gibbs." Ziva said and allowed Gibbs to enter, his family trailing behind him. Not only did Gibbs have the now eighteen year old Collin and four year old Gracie, but he now had his five week old triplets, one boy and two girls named: Madeline Kelly or Maddy (What everybody called her), Marci Shannon, and Maddox Cole.

Collin's fiancée and soon to be wife, Haley, walked in with the Gibbs family. Gibbs treated Haley like his own daughter, unlike Haley's real father who was a drunken bastard, as Gibbs called him. Collin had proposed to when he found out that she was pregnant with his child and she moved in with the Gibbs family and away from her father. Haley and Collin now had a four month named Brenan Jethro Gibbs.

"Hey Ziva. Where's the kids?" Collin asked.

"Out back with Tony." Ziva said and shut the door. But, she didn't get to walk out back because the door bell rang again.

"Shalom McGee."

"Hi Ziva." McGee said and Abby walked in behind McGee, holding the hand of the three and a half year old, Olivia, and carrying the one year old, Benjamin Timothy (Or Ben). Ducky walked in behind them.

"They are all out back." Ziva said and shut the door again. No body else was coming. She walked out back with everybody else and saw seven kids playing in the backyard and thought to the mural on Jacob's, and now everyone of her kid's ceilings, that had Jenny, Gibbs, Marci, Maddy, Maddox, Gracie, Collin, Brenan, Haley, Ben, Olivia, McGee, Abby, Ziva, Tony, Kenzie, Talia, Jacob, and Jeramiah all grouped together. (Sorry if I left anyone out.)

Ziva went and sat down with her dysfunctional family and watched Collin and Haley play with the kids. Gibbs handed her Marci after she sat down beside Tony and she held her, thinking back to all of her kid's births, and she realized that her life couldn't be any better then it was at that very moment, with all her kids safe and her family around her.

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