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Third person POV

"Oh god! Shawn, we got here as fast as we could! What happened?!" Macy walked quickly over to her ex-husband with Jason trailing behind her.

"Did you know about her health condition?" Shawn asked quietly

"What health condition?" Macy gave him a confused look

"Apparently she's known about her chances of having Placental Abruption!" Shawn sat down placing his head in his hands. "The doctor thinks they can save both, but if they can't, Randy has to choose between to Chloe and the baby"

"Why Randy?" Macy asked with a scowl on her face

"Chloe said she wanted him to make all the decisions if something were to happen to her. If something happens to her….. Randy gets the baby…."

"Nothings going to happen to her! She'll be fine Shawn!"

"I'm not letting him take my grandson even if Chloe gave him parental rights." Macy shook her head hugging him tightly

"She'll be fine Shawn, she's tough! She and the baby will both be fine!" Macy comforted him with a soothing voice. "How long has it been?"

"5 hours, and there's still no word on her condition." Shawn sighed running a hand over his face

"Where's Randy?" Jason asked curiously

"In the room with her." Shawn replied

"Mr. Michaels?" A middle aged nurse walked out to the private waiting room

"Over here!" Shawn stood up, a hopeful look on his face as she approached the group of Macy, Jason and himself.

"After going over all options with the doctor, Mr. Orton decided it would be best to go a head and deliver the baby by Emergency C-section, the baby's already in distress and Chloe's lost a lot of blood. After the operation, there's three things that could happen…. Either she loses too much blood too fast and bleeds out, we need to remove the uterus, or we give her a series of blood transfusions depending on how serious it may be."

"What were the other options?! I doubt any were worse then this one! Let me see that little jackass! I'm not letting him decide the fate of my daughter and grandson!" Shawn yelled, glaring as Randy stepped out of the room with a few doctors.

"Get your ass over here Orton!" Shawn pushed past the nurse running up to Randy.

"I'm only doing what she wanted me to do!" Randy choked out wiping tears away from his eyes.

"She wouldn't want to die like this Randy! Don't you understand that?! She can always have another kid! Don't put both of them in danger just because of something stupid my daughter said!" Randy glared slamming Shawn against the wall.

"She told me to choose the baby over her! All the other ways would kill him! I'm not going against what Chloe says!" Randy released him from his grip as he began to walk down the long corridor, leaving the rest of group behind.


"I'm warning you right now, he'll be silent when he's taken out." Randy only nodded, far to nervous about losing Chloe and being a dad to even worry about noises.

"And he's here." The doctor quickly passed the baby off to a nurse while Randy stood silent watching the heart monitor that was hooked up to Chloe.

A loud flat bleep caused him to cringe before a group of nurses began pushing him towards the exit.

"I can't leave her! She can't die!" Randy fought hard to hold back the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes at any second.

"Please! I can't leave her!" Randy begged in a whisper.

"I'm sorry sir, but your not allowed in there anymore. Your allowed to wait in her room." And just like that, the doors closed and he was stuck in the waiting room, no longer allowed to return to Chloe's side.

"What happened?" John asked first coming up to the younger man.

"She flat lined once the baby was out, then they kicked me out. I don't even know if their both alive man." Randy cried walking into her hospital room with John following suit.

"Everything's going to be okay man! Everything!" John sighed, he hated to see his best friend like this.

"She looked so lifeless…" Randy slowly took off the scrubs throwing them on the ground.

"Everything will be alright." John sighed quickly hugging his best friend "I swear to god if you tell people I'm doing this…."

"I won't" Randy mumbled slowly hugging his best friend back before quickly pushing him away as the door slowly opened.

"You have some nerve even being here! You have no idea what you put my daughter through!" Macy glared slapping Randy hard across the face. "You better hope to god my daughter's alive! There's no way in hell your getting my grandson!"

"Macy stop it!" Jason rolled his eyes dragging his wife out of the room, giving Randy an apologetic look as he saw the red handprint already beginning to form on the young mans face.

"No one understands my side of the story, but since Chloe's only 18 they feel so damn bad for her! Why?"

"Maybe it's because of how you left her man…." John sighed sitting on an empty chair.

"I left for her own good." Randy ran a hand through his hair before sitting next to the older man.

"Mr. Orton?" A doctor with grey hair stepped into the room, a look of sorrow on his face. "Chloe's in the ICU now, I'm not going to lie to you, I don't know how much longer she has…"

"How's the baby?" John quickly asked

"He's in the Nicu now, he should be just fine though." He answered stepping out of the room "If it's okay with you, I'll bring you and Mr. Michaels up to your girlfriends room now"

"Sure." Randy nodded exiting the room quickly.


"Randy, you can go in first." The doctor left the two men in the waiting room.

"Alright" Randy whispered slowly walking in to the room.

"Jesus Clover…." Randy choked out wiping his eyes quickly as he laid a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I don't think I've ever seen you this bad before baby… but you still look beautiful, no matter what you'll look beautiful."

"I'm sorry I was such a dick about this whole thing. But I've been attached to him ever since that morning in New Orleans.. I wish I would have been like you and just manned up about this whole thing ever since you told me. I wanted to, I really wanted to, but for some reason, I just couldn't…"

"You can't die on me Chloe, our son's going to need both of his parents. Not just his dad. I promise I'm always going to be there for the both of you, no matter what. Consider yourself officially stuck with me." Randy smiled slightly as a tear splashed onto her hand. "I love you Clover…" Randy carefully placed a kiss on her lips before taking one last look at her pale face.

"She's all yours Shawn." Randy glared walking away from the shorter man.


"He's beautiful Randy…" Jess smiled softly touching his arm slowly

"That's what my mom said." Randy flatly replied, his eyes a deep red and puffy from crying.

"Chloe would want you to see him you know…" The young girl looked at him quickly before looking away as another tear slowly slid from his closed eyes.

"I don't think it's a good idea" Randy whispered quietly

"Your going to see him, that little boy needs his father more then anyone right now!" Jess angrily sighed pushing the blue eyed man into the Nicu station.

"How can I help you?" A young nurse smiled gently at the two.

"We'd like to see his son." Jessica answered for Randy

"What's his last name?"


"Right this way" She smiled sadly leading them to the private room the baby rested in.

"Here you are." Jess smiled pushing him into the room and closing the door quickly behind him before walking away with the nurse.

"You have no right to be in here. So I'm only going to tell you this once Randy. The baby's coming home with us, no matter what happens! Your not allowed to step foot anywhere near Chloe or the baby, or I will personally make sure you get suspended by Vince! Lastly, you better leave our family the hell alone, you had your choice, and you chose to NOT be with my daughter or her son. So get the fuck out!" Shawn glared as he yelled, causing the baby in his arms to start crying.

"Don't cry little guy!" Shawn frowned trying to comfort the baby "I'm sorry! Grandpa didn't mean to yell!" But nothing worked as he continued to cry loudly.

"I'd cry if I were being held by him to bud." Randy spoke gently touching the tiny baby's hand, with in seconds he stopped crying, his crystal blue eyes darting towards Randy's. "I'll be back later, I promise." Randy whispered quietly kissing his forehead. "You won't be holding him for long Shawn." Randy clenched his jaw walking out of the room slowly as the baby once again began to cry.


"He's gone now Randy" John nudged his friend in the side as he slept in a chair next to Chloe's bed.

"Alright." Randy mumbled standing up quietly before walking down to the room his son was in.

"He hasn't been asleep since you left." A nurse smiled letting him into the room.

"Thanks." He nodded in return, waiting until she left before picking the tiny infant up.

"We all think he looks like you." Jessica quietly spoke walking into the room with John.

"He looks like his mom to me." Randy whispered brushing his thumb across the baby's cheek.

" Matthew Randal Orton….." Jessica smiled slightly

"What?" Randy looked up confused

"That's the name Chloe had picked out…. Matthew Randal Orton."

"Well then, welcome to the world little Matthew …" Randy smiled softly as he wrapped a hand tightly around his finger.

"Well, were gunna head back to your place to get some sleep. Try and actually get some rest, you look like hell man." John replied nodding at his friend as he waited for Jessica to exit the room with him.

"I promise you, by next week if your mommy's not doing any better, we'll leave, just you and me. Mommy wrote me a letter about what to do in case something like this every happened…." Randy's voice broke as tears built up in his eyes yet again.

"The only way You'll be able to come with me is if we leave… and I know she'll understand that, because she already loves you so much little guy, and all she's ever wanted was for me to step up and take responsibility." Randy let out a shaky sigh as he carefully placed the baby back in the bassinet, pulling the blue blanket up to his chin before placing a kiss on his cheek.


1 Week Later-

"She wouldn't want to live like this." Randy shook his head staring at the door as he held Chloe's cold hand in his own. "She would never want to live like this!"

"You don't know anything about my daughter Randy!" Macy glared slamming her fist down on the table "You have to give her a chance! You can't just give up this easily!"

"It's been a fucking week Macy! She didn't even want to be on life support for two days!"

"I won't let you do this to her! This isn't what she wants! You don't anything that she wants! You haven't spoken to her in the last 8 months!"

"I know more about your own daughter and what she wants then Jason, Shawn and you all combined!" The 6'4 man spoke loudly as he stood from the chair. "Pull the plug." His voice cracked as he walked out of the room, taking one final look at his once girlfriend. He couldn't stand to see her like this, and he knew deep down inside, that he was doing the right thing.

"Come on Matthew, were finally going home." Randy silently placed the tiny infant in his car seat before placing a blanket on him.

"Where are you going Randy?" Jason asked a surprised tone in his voice.

"Chloe will know, and that's all that matters." Randy whispered quietly, pushing past the older man.

"Take the back door that leads to the stairs. It's the safest way out." Jason called to blue eyed man.

"Thanks…" Randy replied slowly walking towards the exit. His heart breaking with each step he took. The cries from Chloe's room filled his ears, bringing tears to his eyes with in seconds. He always thought doing this was going to be easy, but he was wrong. He felt like collapsing right there, but he didn't.

As the cold air hit his skin, he finally felt the cold trail his once warm tears made. The burning his eyes grew as he finally figured out to safely place the car seat into his car. The whole in his heart grew as he slowly drove past the front of the hospital. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Shawn and Macy, both hugging each other tightly as they cried.

The wails of his son broke him away of his thoughts, he quickly glanced at the back as the cries grew louder.

"You'll be okay Matt, I promise." Randy spoke, shifting his eyes back to the road.

Right now, he wished he could take everything back, he never wanted to be a bastard to the girl he loved, he never wanted to make her cry or be in pain. Yet, he did all of those things. And for that, he could never forgive himself. For the rest of his life he was going to have to live with knowing that he caused his beautiful ex-girlfriends death.

He thought about all of the things he did wrong for a very long, and hard time. But the only thing that made him feel better, was knowing he would always have half of her with him, no matter where he went. As he continued thinking, the pain in his heart seemed to subside, from this day on, he promised himself he would be the best father he could be, after all, that's all Chloe ever wanted from him.

The biggest regret Randy ever had in life, was leaving his girlfriend. And now, the one thing he wanted most, was to go back in time and fix everything. But he knew he couldn't, he knew that he would have to live with regret for the rest of his life. He just hoped the numbness in his body would go away.

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