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It was as if time was standing still. We stood there staring at one another, neither one of us speaking. The room was so silent that I could have sworn I could hear her eyes blinking.

"Bella, say something," I practically begged, our already intense gaze intensifying, making my heart hammer out of my chest.

She stood there silent; I could see the tears brimming in her eyes.

I reached for her hand but she pulled away. The gesture caused my heart to sink and my own tears threatened to pool in my eyes. I swallowed hard, trying to suppress the lump that was rising fast in my throat.

"I can't, Edward. I just can't," she whispered softly and finally broke our stare. She turned away from me, causing my heart to break as she took a few steps.

"Don't!" I screamed, scaring myself.

She stopped but didn't turn around.

I strode over to her and took a hold of her elbow, forcing her to face me. Even though her body was facing towards mine, her head was down. I reached for her chin and lifted her face to meet her tear-filled eyes with mine.

Cupping her cheeks with my hands, I brought my lips to hers. I was determined to show her that I meant what I'd said—that this was what I wanted.

She tried to fight it at first but I wouldn't allow it. I kissed her lips while my thumbs caressed the apples of her cheeks.

She melted a little and reached in front of us, fisting my shirt in her hands. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me, our kiss deepening.

As we continued to kiss, she let go of my shirt and put her palms against my chest. I sighed in content as she was finally giving in.

I continued to kiss her and massage her tongue with mine, loving the taste of her strawberry gum; I just couldn't get enough. My heart was finally coming back from that split-second that had broken it, when I'd thought she was leaving.

I slowed down our kiss until it was a few chaste kisses across her soft, sweet lips. Her eyes were still closed as she took a deep breath and let it out. Then Bella did the one thing that I never expected.

She pushed against my chest and whispered, "Let me go, Edward. It's what's best for both of us. Let's stop pretending."

I nearly choked, feeling as though my heart had jumped into my throat from her words.

She gave me one last kiss on the cheek then whispered, "Just let me go." She turned around and walked out the door.

I heard her car door slam, the engine rev, and her tires screech as she pealed out of my driveway. The sounds cut through me like a knife to my heart. I looked around my now empty house—never in my life had I felt more alone than I had at that moment.

I felt the anger boil in my blood. I cursed my career and picked up my glove sitting on my kitchen table and threw it against a picture on the wall, causing it to fall and shatter to pieces.

I slumped to the floor as the world around me started to crumble. How was I going to live now that she was gone? My house had once felt cold and lonely then she'd walked into it and helped make it a home. Now with her gone, it was back to the cold, lonely house.

How could I live here now, alone without her?

I wouldn't be able to…Not after Bella walked into my life and left her footprints on my heart.

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