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"Blissfully Uneventful & Always Full of Surprises"

Bella looked over at her inhumanly gorgeous husband with the golden eyes and crooked smile that used to stop her heart in its tracks when she was a mere human. Three years ago today, Charlie had led her down the majestic staircase in the Cullen mansion into Edward's waiting arms and a promise of immortal love. For their third wedding anniversary, Edward had offered to take her anywhere in the world she wanted to go, but Bella had chosen to spend the evening in their meadow.

The past year had been blissfully uneventful. Aside from the joyous family occasions and the minor tedious responsibilities of life, that is.

Bella had completed an internship with the Port Angeles Police Department under the watchful eyes of their lead detective, Ethan Pelletier. After graduating with honors from the criminal justice program at Kaplan University in the spring, Ethan had asked her to be his partner. Bella's days were now spent on the job as a junior detective and her nights were devoted to Renesmee and Edward. Bella lived for the nightly ritual of bedtime reading with Renesmee. Renesmee's latest obsession was Harry Potter. She'd read the entire series five times already and was working on her sixth. Bella didn't admit it to just anyone, but the books were an obsession for her as well. Each night, after Renesmee was fast asleep, Bella and Edward would spend the remainder of the evening talking, listening to music, and making out like two love-struck teenagers on the sofa.

Bella giggled and shook her head to try and rid herself of a particularly not-so-pleasant mental picture from her brain.

"What's so funny?" Edward asked with a smirk.

"Oh, I was just thinking about Charlie and Sue… and the thoughts you so kindly shared with me after their honeymoon."

Edward chuckled and pulled Bella into his arms, kissing her on the tip of her nose.

"Sarcasm becomes you, Love. It's actually kind of sexy. However, I'd rather not have that particular memory in my mind as I make love to my wife on our anniversary. So, how do you propose to cleanse my brain of that vision?"

Bella grinned devilishly and shoved Edward onto his back in the grass straddling his waist. She kissed him right below his left earlobe and then pulled said earlobe into her mouth and began to suck on it while biting down gingerly. Suddenly, all thoughts of Charlie and Sue making love like two newlyweds disappeared.

~o ~O~o~O~o~O~o~O~o

Quil sauntered into the garage of AB&C Custom Automobile Repair and Restoration where Jacob was putting the final touches on a 1969 Ford Mustang GT convertible and whistled as he took in the view. Raven black with a white vinyl top and white ruffino vinyl interior, this car was a sight to behold!

"Man, B! How in the world you gonna top this kind of work by the time you graduate is beyond me!"

Jacob looked up from his work with a wide grin and a bit of grease on his tanned russet face.

"C put in a lot of hours on this girl, too, you know? She's definitely a beauty. Is pick-up still on for today? He sure did want to be here for this one. I hope he makes it back in time."

Embry, or C, as Jacob had called him, was at the Fork's branch of Peninsula College presenting a demonstration for a course credit. The business partners and life-long friends had taken to calling each other by the last initials that branded their car restoration and repair shop that Carlisle and Esme had given them for their high school graduation. Esme had hoped that the shop would give them a little money on the side from a few small jobs here and there until they completed their degrees at Peninsula College, but the few small jobs had very quickly turned into so many big jobs that they were already turning people away left and right. People from hundreds of miles away would bring their cars to AB&C for repair and restoration. Word of mouth had spread like wildfire, but the website Quil had created had made the biggest difference in the number of customers.

Today's pick-up involved a somewhat special customer. Bill Long, Jacob's and Embry's trade experience supervisor, had gotten wind of their thriving business and had made a deal with them. If they restored his most precious antique to mint condition, he would consider their co-op experience complete and they could graduate a semester early.

"He just called a few minutes ago from his cell and said he's on his way. He should be here about ten minutes ahead of Mr. Long," Quil informed.

A little less than a half an hour later, Jacob, Quil, and Embry stood by on pins and needles as Bill Long scrutinized every minute detail of their work on the invaluable vehicle. Every couple of minutes he would run his hand lovingly across her hood or around her steering wheel with a "Hmm" and the boys would exchange alarmed expressions. He opened the hood and spent five minutes inspecting under it before he eventually climbed into the car and cranked her. From there, he spent another five minutes testing out every working gadget on the dashboard – which looked more like the cockpit of an airline jet with all its new technological bells and whistles.

Finally, without even turning off the ignition, Mr. Long cocked his head to the side with a grin and said, "Well, boys… You can consider yourselves college graduates as soon as you finish this semester's courses in December… with passing grades, of course. You did a fine job restoring old Ebony to her original beauty. Now, I know we agreed that this would be a pro bono job in lieu of credit for your field experience, but I think this may also come in handy as well."

Mr. Long pulled a long white envelope from his shirt pocket and handed it to Jacob before slipping his aviator sunglasses over his eyes, turning up the XM 80's station on the stereo, and driving old Ebony out of the garage with a quick wave good-bye.

The boys had held it in just long enough for him to get out of ear shot. Whoops and hollers echoed off the walls as they slapped each other on the back in celebration. Jacob slipped a finger inside the front flap of the envelope to rip it open and pulled out a cashier's check made out to AB&C Custom Automobile Repair and Restoration.

"What the hell?" Jacob exclaimed as he looked down at the amount paid box.

Quil yanked the check from Jacob's fist and looked down at the check. His eyes bulged as he looked up at Jacob open-mouthed.

Embry grabbed the check from Quil and quickly read the amount aloud. "Twenty-one THOUSAND dollars!"

Jacob laughed and clasped his hand on Quil's shoulder. With a twinkle in his dark chocolate eyes, he said, "Well, you're our accounts manager. I think its pay day, A! But first, let's celebrate. You boys game for a cliff dive?"

~o ~O~o~O~o~O~o~O~o

The noise level in the Pelletier house was deafening. The warriors and the younger wolves were chatting it up in the living area, each voice growing louder than the other in order to be heard. School was starting back tomorrow, and it would be the warriors' and Seth's senior year at the school on the reservation. Leah glanced at the large group from her station in the kitchen where she was busy preparing the celebratory meal. She was amazed at how quickly they had all adapted to the new family they had created. Ethan and Leah had adopted the seven Ahtena teenagers as soon as it was legally possible after the wolves and warriors had returned from the Grand Canyon last summer. Ethan had lost sleep over where they would house them all considering their home in La Push was a simple 2 bedroom 1 bath house. Little did he know that housing would not be a problem.

Leah still had to pinch herself sometimes as she looked around at what had become a mansion seemingly virtually overnight. In reality, the renovations had taken place over a week's time during the hours between dusk and dawn when the Cullens would draw the least attention to their secret mission. Esme had spared no expense as she added a spacious modern kitchen and huge living room and dining room. In addition, the bottom level of the house included the master suite where Leah and Ethan slept along with a guest suite. Upstairs on the second level is where Esme had designed a virtual college dormitory. The boys occupied one side, the girls the other. His and hers bathrooms were decked out with every modern amenity known to man. Then, as if that weren't enough, Emmett and Rosalie had added a third level fully equipped with a home theater, a rec room with ping pong, pool, and gaming chairs, and a weight room. By the time the Quileutes and Ahtenas returned to La Push, it was as if Ty Pennington and his Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew had been there and built a new house in place of the old one.

A loud joyful squeal pulled Leah's attention from the scene in the living area to the dining room table where the older wolves, Charlie, Sue, Ethan, and the Cullens were gathered around Rachel and baby Lolly. At eleven months old, little Lolly Marie was crawling all over the place and babbling to anyone who would hold a conversation of baby talk with her. At the moment, she was sitting contentedly in Ethan's lap drinking apple juice from her favorite sippy cup. Ethan looked up and caught Leah's eye from across the room with a wink. She returned his wink with one of her own. Not long ago, Leah had held out little hope that she would ever be this happy ever again. And based on conversations with Rachel, she had felt the same way.

No one was more surprised than Rachel to discover that she had been five weeks pregnant with Paul's baby at the time of his death. By the time that she got over the initial shock, Leah and Ethan had dealt with their own grief over the loss of the dream of ever having children of their own following Leah's hysterectomy. So, the choice to ask them to be Lolly Marie's God-parents was a natural one. Lolly adored Ethan, and Ethan indulged her every desire. Leah loved to watch them interact. He would have been an amazing father to their biological children. Now they were both content to act as stand-in parents for the Ahtena warriors and to occasionally spoil their God-daughter absolutely rotten. Rachel kept a pretty tight rein on the amount of spoilerage allowed where Lolly was concerned, but everybody from La Push figured what she didn't know wouldn't get them in trouble. The Cullens were pretty much on board with that plan as well.

Leah's heart swelled as she looked around her crowded home into the faces of the people that represented her past, present, and future. She had wasted so much time on bitterness and anger… time she could never get back. But the past was over and the future was a gift that she did not intend to squander. She would spend the rest of her life making up for lost time.

From across the room, Leah watched Edward rise from his chair at the dining room table and walk purposely over to her. With a grin, he looked her directly in the eye and said, "I am proud to count you among my closest family and friends, Leah. You have truly come a long way."

"Thanks, Edward. Coming from you, that means the world to me. Never doubt my devotion to this family."

"Never doubt my belief in your devotion to this family."

As the once natural-born enemies locked eyes, Ethan and Bella walked up beside each of their soul mates… their eternal loves. Edward pulled Bella into his arms and Ethan wrapped his arms around Leah's waist.

Bella stretched her shield around Edward's body and looked up into his soulful ocher eyes.

Careful, my love. Compassion and humanity may just become your strong suits, too.

As Edward realized that Bella was lovingly throwing his very own words right back in his face, he tossed his head back and laughed.

"That's my Bella. You never stop surprising me."

Bella wrinkled her nose and tip-toed to plant a kiss on Edward's lips.

Life will never be perfect, Edward. But it will always be full of surprises.

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