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Rude Awakenings: Prologue

She…It said that things were different. That things had changed since I had entered the enrichment center. When that was, was as just as large a mystery as to where I was going. I rose to the ground surrounded by dust and shrouded in darkness. My eyes tried to adjust, my hands wiping away specks of dust from my hair and eyes. I saw that had been trapped once more by that woman, even in death. I looked through this debris and dross that had once been my prison, my only home. At least in memory.

Apprehension gripped me as I attempted to push pass the scraps of girders and slogging through crumbling concrete. I came to an impassible object with only a small opening for only a glimpse of the remaining roof. I check around but couldn't find a passable route.

Just then it hit me. I still had my, lack of a better word, Portal Gun. I sent a blue portal to the ceiling and shot the orange opening in the debris and walked through and fell down. I saw that beyond me was a large piece of debris and I began to dig myself out of this quagmire. As I shifted through the rubble, brick by brick, inching closer to a sign of hope. I thought about those words GLADOS had said. How so many times she had lied to me. How can I trust what she says about the outside world. But my lack of memories from this world just adds credibility to her.

It has been an insane time in this place. One thing that I know once I get out of this junk heap is that I doubt anything will ever surprise me, Thinking with Portals is all I got and hopefully all I'll need. I have gone through tests that test your grip on reality, seen sentry turrets with personality, Psycho A.I, death traps, dubious promises of cake upon escape. Hell I even grew attached to an oversized box. One other thing I know, I'm need a whole lot of therapy.

I had worked my way to a small crawl space. I got down on all fours, crawling under broken steel on floor of shattered glass. At the end of the tunnel I saw a light, flickering behind a piece of steel. I grabbed it with the device and moved it out of my. I closed my eyes from the glare but also desiring to save the excitement of staring down this brave new world. I crawled up and stood and opened my eyes.

She said that things had changed. But I could never have imagined this.