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Chell, New York City, New York

I emerge from out of a the New York Subway system, to see the big apple. I fall to my knees and shout out.

"I did it, I'm Back!" The people walk past me. From out of the crowd came another shout.

"Shut up ya crazies."

I rise up to my feet and just think to myself how great this is. I'm back in civilization and I'm free of the Enrichment Center. I have no idea where the enrichment center was but apparently near the subway. But I just left and never looked back. I see a bus with odd writing on it.

Chapter Three: Yatta!

It didn't seem to strike any one as odd so I just shrugged it off.

My first objective was to get an Idea of where am I and what is the year. I have no idea how long I've been there and now I just want to put what few pieces I have together. I come to an empty newspaper stand. I look at the headlines. Nathan Pertrelli wins the position of Congressmen. Some old woman was stabbed to death by her son. The date November 8th 2006. That doesn't help me but at least I have a reference piece here.

I tired man slumps behind the stand, panting and sweating. He says

"What," He gasps for breath. "is this city coming too…crazy japs steal goddamn comic books and through…meaningless money at ya…I tell you were starting some weird shit here…At first it would be knew an interesting… Like able characters with interesting situation and…connections and development. Then it comes back but not as good... With new and interesting characters but lacking the time to flush out an a good story…And finally it become a vastly disappointing fiasco…of poorly designed plot lines and then a genocide of perfectly good characters…in order to preserve a now defunct status quo."

I was too busy to listen to the this man rant about an annoying television show or whatever da hell he is yammering on about. What caught my eye was a comic book. 10th Wonders number three. On the cover was me holding my portal gun standing in front of GLADOS. In it were the final part of time in the enrichment center. My battle with Glados and my making my way through the wreckage leading to a splash page of me entering a bright light. Beneath it on the rack was the next issue. On its cover was me shouting in the middle of Times Square. I read up to find that it is a word for word description of my day so far. Including that weird bus that serves as the title for this issue. I flip to the back and find the author Issac Mendez. When suddenly I here!

"Do I have give the 'this is not a library' speech or are going to run." Weighing my options I make a split second decision and use the portal gun to shoot a blue portal at a far off building and the shoot the orange one underneath me and in an instant I'm ghost.

I find the address and scope the inside. I see a group of cops interrogating a Japanese man who and a body on a stretcher and a pool of blood. It turns out Takezo Kensei there had killed my prophet. In the pool of blood I see two officers with tazers sneaking up from behind but luckily I had used a blue portal outside this building and I just used an orange portal to make my quick escape.

I stand on a roof top with a ton of pigeons. I mean no one must tend these things because their shit is all over. I'm stuck in New York City. I have no mystery comic books to guide my plot line. Things can't get any worst. Suddenly a huge explosion is felt. A huge cloud of debris heads straight towards me. I look down at the ground an say.

"I had to ask!"

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