Before this gets too insane, I'll going to make a list for you guys of the next Gen with ages (As of right now), and their year for the coming term.(If they are still in school) And their Jobs if they are out of School. Luna's brood are seven, and we won't see much of them. Nor will we see the older ones much once everyone goes back to Hogwarts.

This takes place in the Year 2022.

Teddy-24; Birthday April 14th – Hit Wizard

James-19; Birthday August 2th- Training for MLE

Albus 16; Will be 17 on July 5th- 7th Year

Lily-15; will be 16 on October 31st- 5th Year. (She is a year older than her classmates like her Aunt; and she thinks it's rather unfair that's she the only one in her brood that had to start late.)

Scorpius 17- 7th year; Birthday February 9th

Rosie 17- 7th year; Birthday June 5th

Hugo 15- 5th year; Birthday January 20th

Victoire- 22; Birthday; May 2th- Healer

Dominique-20; Birthday April 17th –Writes for the Daily Prophet

Louis 15- 6th year; Birthday June 15th

Molly 14- 4th year; Birthday May 19th

Lucy 11- 2th year; Birthday July 10th

Fred II 16-6th year; Birthday February 14th

Roxanne 14- 4th year; Birthday April 7th

And I believe I got my dates right; I stared at the computer screen, adding and subtracting until my brain hurt. And as for the use of cell phones and videos games…Well it's the year 2022, and I felt that the use of electronics would be so great by then, that not even witches and wizards could avoid them; if you're wondering. Plus I think the next Gen would love them anyway.

Song Listened to: If I could be like that- 3 Doors Down


"Thank you Mrs. Potter, this looks great."

Al's Mum smiled at me. "They're only sandwiches Scorpius." And she ruffled my hair, and went in the direction of her study.

Al, who was sitting beside me, glowered at me. "What?" I asked.

"If you keep that up, she'll eventually want to trade one of us in for you."

I rolled my eyes. "I've always been polite to your Mum and Dad. Besides if they haven't traded you in yet; I doubt they will." I wrinkled my nose. "Especially since I know your Mum has smelled your dirty socks." I ducked when Al threw a handful of crisps at me.

I made a rude hand gesture at him. But Al ignored me, and took a big bite of his sandwich.

I picked at a pickle that was on my plate, and stuck it in my mouth. "Want to try playing Halo again?"

Al swallowed his food, and took a sip of Pumpkin juice. "I'd thought I'd see if everyone wants to come over and play Quidditch. It'll be nice to play without having to worry about winning a game for once."

This suggestion considerably brighten my day, so I nodded. "Do you think Fred's still grounded?" I wondered.

Al shrugged his shoulders. "Uncle George has probably caved, and let him off the hook. And if not, we'll figure something out. " He began counting off on each finger. "Let's see…Me, you, Fred, Rosie, Hugo, Lily-" My stomach swooped. "- Louis, Molly, Lucy, and Roxanne. That way we can play a proper game; though we might have to play with one beater and two chasers on each team." He mused.

He pulled out his mobile, and began dialing numbers. "Hey Uncle Bill, is Louis around?…Okay…Hey Louis! Want to play some Quidditch?....Yeah at my house…No, mum won't mind, as long as we put up the wards around the paddock…Will you floo Molly and Lucy and see if they want to come over too?...Great see you in a bit, bye."

He hit the end button, and dialed another number. "Hey Rosie…Are you guys done shopping?...I was wondering if you two wanted to play a game of Quidditch in the paddock?...Great, how long before you get here?...Okay, do I need to call Hugo?...Alright see you in a bit."

He closed the phone. "I'm going to floo Uncle George, and see if Fred is out of jail yet. I told him putting the Sonorus Charm on Goyle while he was in the loo, was a bad idea. Be he never learns…" Al shook his head, and went to the Fire place. He threw in a little Floo powder, and stuck his head in.

A few minutes later he emerged. "Uncle George says its okay. He reckons Fred's been scrubbing the cauldrons at the shop long enough. Roxanne's coming too. If you want to, because I know this is going to get mad, you can stay the night. You know Mum won't mind."

"Awesome…I'll be right back, I'm going home to grab my stuff.

"And I guess I better tell Mum that all of the heathens are coming over. See you in a bit."


I emerged from the Floo in my room, and grabbed my gear; I put it all on my bed. "Mother!" I shouted, going down the stairs.

I found my Mother and Father in the parlor; both of them reading. "I'm going to stay at Al's tonight, is that okay? Everyone's coming over to play Quidditch and it'll probably be late when we get done." I would have said I'm going to stay at the Potter's, but I try to avoid that name around my Father. While he doesn't hate the Potter's; it's still a sore subject for him.

My Mother smiled kindly. "I don't mind…Draco?" She turned to look at my Father.

He looked up. "If it's alright with your Mother, then it's fine by me."

I bent down and kissed my Mother's check. "I'll be home tomorrow afternoon." I told her. I looked at my Father, and nodded; once. "Father."

He nodded back. "Scorpius."

Me and my father aren't exactly what I would call close. I know he loves me and all. But like all the Malfoy's before him; he tends not to show it and keeps his loved ones at Arm's reach. I'm a bit like my Mother in regards of showing affection; as in I'm not afraid to show it. Plus add the fact that I've known the Potter's for years, and the fact that they tend to rub off on you. So I'm not afraid to hug someone in the least bit; but I still have to keep it formal around my father.

I dashed up the stairs, shrunk my things, changed in to some muggle clothes, and put them in my pocket. I grabbed some floo power, and a few seconds later I walked out in to a fury of chaos.

I grinned; this was why I loved the Weasley's, and the Potters.

"Alright!" Mrs. Potter was saying to the group gathered around her; brooms on their shoulders. "If any of you lot get hurt, you are to come in the house immediately, is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am." Several of them said giggling.

"No flying outside of the paddock either. If I have to erase that poor Muggle's mind next door one more time…" She trailed off leaving it as a warning; she turned to look at Fred.

Fred threw up his hands. "Dad patted me down before I came over."

This seemed to have eased her mind. "Have fun, I'll be in my study if any of you need me. I'll send out some snacks later." And she left the room.

"Hi Guys!" I said, to Louis, Hugo, Fred and AL, as I was unshrinking my things. Molly, Lucy, and Roxanne, (who were already dressed out; their head stuck in a Magazine) threw up their hands without looking up.

"Hey." They caroused back. The three of them had already sat down, putting on knee pads. I joined them, after I pulled my Dark Green robes over my T-shirt, and Jeans.

Everyone one in the house, besides me and Lucy, plays on the Gryffindor Team as a regular player, or as a reserve. For the past two years no one's really bothered trying out. In fact, there is only one person on the Gryffindor team that isn't in their family; a muggle born named Andrew who's a Keeper reserve. So I sort of stuck out in my Green Robes; even Lucy is wearing a pair of her sister's old robes.

I noticed that two heads were missing from the bunch. "Where are Rosie, and Lily?" The later of the two names came out like a squeak, but I don't think anyone noticed.

"They're out in the paddock. Rosie is setting the wards this time so we don't lose any equipment." Roxanne answered.

"Oh" I said.

Al jumped up. "Is everyone ready?"

"I've been ready." A small voice from the couch piped up. Lucy stood up, and picked up her broom. "You lot are slowing me down." I'm pretty sure she'll make it on the team this year, as a reserve at least.

"Well Miss Big shot, please lead the way." Fred stood up and stepped to the side to allow Lucy to go past him. She flicked her red hair to the side, and rolled her eyes at him as she went outside. Fred followed her out.

"Are you lot coming? Or are you going to drool over pictures of shirtless blokes all day?" Louis asked.

The girls scowled at him, but got up and followed Fred out. The rest of us finished strapping on our protective pads, and went out as well.


In all the commotion of getting ready for the game this afternoon I'd sort of forgotten about my situation with Lily. But it was brought to my full attention, the moment I set my eyes on her. The way my stomach flipped in to my throat, left no doubt in my mind in regards to the way I felt about her. Lying to myself was no longer an option.

I thought it was a bit mad to tell you the truth, I mean, I only realized this a couple hours ago. So why is this feeling so…strong? I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. We haven't really been what I would call friends per say.

I'd always come to hang out with Al, while Lily was always just someone in the background. Yeah, we always shared the same compartment on the train for Hogwarts. We played Quidditch together, quite often, and when I was young, I'd help Al prank her every now and then. If we see each other in the hall at school, we'll say hello to one another. But that's it.

Just acquaintances, nothing more.

I just couldn't understand. How could you just fancy someone like this all of a sudden? Sure I've dated a few girls before, but it was never like this.

But I did know one thing. I couldn't let my feelings for her known to anyone. I'd have to figure something out. My friend ship with Al meant a lot to me, and I didn't want to risk it at all. Though I figured I could try and get to know her better. That couldn't hurt anything right?

"Is that okay with you Scorpius?" Al brought me out of my inner rant.

"What?" I asked.

"You, Rosie, Lucy, me, and Louis; against Fred, Molly, Hugo, Lily, and Roxanne."

"Sure…sure." I said.

Everyone started mounting their brooms, so I did the same.

"Nervous?" The voice was behind me, but I knew who it was.

I didn't turn around as I said. "You wish." I was caught off guard earlier this morning, and I knew I would fare better now.

"If that's what you have to tell you self." Lily said.

"Potter, you know that last match was a fluke."

"Well I guess this is your chance to redeem yourself."

I turned my face towards hers; her brown eyes met my grey ones. "Lily, the only person who's going to have to redeem themselves is you; the next time we play."

This seemed to have struck a nerve; because she took a step forward, her face was so close to mine that I could feel her warm breath on the bottom of my chin. "Is that a challenge?" she inquired.

I smirked and looked down at her. "If you want it to be." I thought I would make a fool out of myself, the next time I spoke to her. But this playful banter, felt almost natural to me.

"You're on." She told me, and she bit her lip.

"Nervous?" I echoed her own words back to her.

She took a step back, mounted her broom, and said. "You wish."

She took off, and I watched her go.

"Scorpius, stop being slow! And come on!" Al was getting impatient.

"Alright! I'm coming!" And I kicked up off the ground following Lily.