This fic is AU(Alternate Universe), taking place right after 'This is Why I hate Machines' but before Endgame, parts 1 and 2. It mentions relationships both before and in between episodes, so I will do my best to keep this relatively easy to follow. This is one of my favorite pairings in TFA.

I adore comments and flames are welcome…So enjoy the show!

-Note: This is slash, if you don't like it, don't read this…

-Thanks to GeminiGirl, who's Shockwave/Bee inspired me sooo much.

Shockwave did take matters into his own servos. Even thought the Autobot Ratchet had the Magnus hammer, he had the source of the activation codes and had greatly pleased his master upon their reunion. So he was given permission to go ahead with his plan, to have the one thing he'd always wanted.

Lockdown's face came on the screen, albeit grainy. The bounty hunter nodded and smirked. Shockwave had spoken to him about this before, and of its particular importance.

"So, you are ready for your little yellow package? Hmmm, it will take a few orbital cycles to get him away from the others. They can be a hassle together. I will message once he's aboard. We'll discuss the drop off rate then,"

"Remember, he is not to be harmed. Any marks will be considered with your payment. Are we clear?"


This ended their conversation. As much as the Decepticon did not trust Lockdown, but the promise of penalty on payment would keep the mech in line. Soon, very soon he would have him. The double agent was not particularly sensitive, yet the true matters of the spark were important. The Autobot was the only one he'd ever wanted in such a way. Since they had met at boot camp, Shockwave had fallen for him hard, going so far as to keep his love far away from the Decepticon revolts and battles. It had all been perfectly planned. The Allspark had thrown a wrench in the mix, but he'd spoken with Megatron. The leader had been oddly very understanding and had promised to spare the bot, should they come into contact. They had not told anyone else-to save Shockwave from any blackmail.

Now it would all come together. He would have his lover back in his servos again. His precious little Bumblebee.

He dreamt of strong arms holding him safely, and tender lips caressing his neck and muttering endearments. His spark seemed to ache when he awoke alone in his berth. Bumblebee curled himself into a ball. Why? Why was he dreaming of him of all mechs? True, Longarm had been his first, but he was a double agent, whom had tricked him into sending Wasp off to loose his sanity in the stockades. If he had tricked him so well about that, then what was to say that Longarm just had used him as well? The thought of that alone made him curl more tightly. He hugged his body, and tried will himself back into stasis. If he did that…he would dream, and even though it was a lovely dream it was a lie. No Decepticon could make him feel so safe and loved. Why was he trying to fool himself? Now awake, Bee staggered around the plant to find his stash of axel grease. It made him feel a little better, but as he walked back to his room he heard something.

"Listen to my voice it's my disguise/ Oh, it's what you do to me/ Oh, it's what you do to me, what you to do to me…"

The little Autobot's audios perked up. What was that? He crept past Sari's room to make sure she hadn't left on her radio again. Then the plant was silent again.

"I'm a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do/ Times Square can't shines as bright as you, I swear it's true,"

Bee followed the music outside, and looked around. What was going on? The only noise now was the crickets, and a few cars in the distance. The lights of the city reflected softly, and everything appeared calm. Too calm…

"I'd walk to you if I had no other way…"

He turned around towards the song just in time to see Lockdown behind him. He had just enough time to dodge the bounty hunter. He stumbled forward, and looked back around to see nothing. He rubbed his helm and started back to the plant, confused and muttering to himself. He never saw it coming.

Lockdown carried the young bot back to his ship. The mech was indeed attractive, he gave Shockwave that much. He looked innocent. The cheery color of his paint and delicate curves gave him a soft androgynous look. The bounty hunter knew that the little Autobot couldn't be too innocent-you would have to have more than a pretty little frame to have such a hold on a mech, particularly one like Shockwave. He pondered this while he uncloaked his ship and made his way off the Earth. He contacted the double agent and sent him a picture of his catch.

"There were no witnesses?" Shockwave said, while his lone optic glowed with contentment. Something the bounty hunter noticed and smirked over their video connection.

"No a one. Hit them at night, while the rest were in stasis,"

"Good. I'm sending the drop point coordinates now, as well as the meet time,"

Lockdown checked on the young bot, and made sure he was secure. He bound the mech's arms and legs and loaded him up with a milder sedative. The little one's twitching eased, and he slumped against the restraints.

"You gotta be worth something special for him to go to all this trouble for you, Little Bee,"