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Bulkhead busied himself with some artwork to clear his processor. It didn't make sense to him at all. He'd never asked Bumblebee what his relationship had been with Longarm, and now he was regretting it. Perhaps the yellow bot was not one to 'kiss and tell' as the saying went, but he really would have liked some warning. He should have know, the pieces where all there. Whatever Bee was doing, he'd stop and talk with him, and was always so happy to see the tall mech, despite Wasp's constant harassing. Come to think of it, that mech did pay an awful amount of attention to his little buddy. Even if it was negative, did that attention count as love? If that was the case, surely Prowl was in love with Bee as well. Argh, why did these kinds of things have to be so very complex?

"You alright, Bulkhead?"

"Eh, what? Oh, yeah Boss-bot,"

"May I ask what you're painting?" the Prime said, tilting his helm to better see the large canvas that his teammate was working on.

"Well, I was just messing around. You know, to help me think,"

"I see," Optimus stated softly. The picture was blurry, but he could make out a frail yellow figure, in chains, with dark servos and claws reaching out towards him. Funny, how the Autobot had conjured that particular image. "You want to talk about it? I know this isn't easy for you."

"I just don't get it. If he loves Bumblebee so much, why would he kidnap him? Doesn't make any sense,"

"No, it doesn't, Bulkhead, but they say that love makes you do very crazy things,"

The larger Autobot smiled and nodded slowly.

"I guess…I just hope that he really does care about Bumblebee,"

"Me too, but Prowl thinks he has a way to locate him with information from Lockdown. We will find him and we will bring him home,"

"I hope you are right about that boss-bot, "

Bumblebee let himself fall back on the berth. His processor swam with what had just happened. So, Longarm's only folly was his devotion to him? As much as he wanted to believe that romantic bit of confession, he thought he knew better. A high ranking Decepticon could have anyone they wanted, so why him? It made little sense and Bee felt a wave of weakness fall on him. He had just stood up to Longarm, scratch that, Soundwave, and the mech was far stronger than he was, so why not just rape him? He could have just pushed him down and done it, but he had not done anything of that sort. The only physical contacts were those claws trying to hold his hands, and the soft touches on his thigh. Maybe he had meant what he said. Could Decepticon's be capable of such feelings? School and boot camp had always engrained it into his processor that Con's were monsters and they enjoyed the tortured screams of fallen or abused Autobots. Was Shockwave any different? He decided then and there that he could not let mere feelings sway him, he had to contact the others and let them know that he was safe, and find a way home.

Shockwave took a long intake before entering the room where he had left Bee. He was guilty about not getting his guest some nourishment sooner, but he'd wanted to talk. He thought his Bee would like that enough, for the yellow bot loved to talk, but it had sounded to him more like an argument. Sure, things hadn't worked out exactly as he had hoped, but there was still a little bit more time before he was to rendezvous with Megatron. He scanned the room quickly and spied his love resting on the berth.


The little yellow Autobot stirred, and straightened his haphazard posture. He sighed softly and onlined those innocent blue optics. He looked as if he'd been thinking very hard, while odd for the Autobot, maybe that meant he would come around and realize how much the purple mech cared for him? Shockwave set down the tray between them, and offered Bee a cup of oil.

Bee sipped at the drink slowly, well aware that the Decepticon's lone optic was on him. They sat close together, but not so much, that he was confident he wasn't going to be jumped anytime soon. Now, he nibbled at a piece of energon daintily, and kept his focus on Shockwave. They both simply looked at each other while they ate, and the air itself seemed heavy. Bee spoke up after he had eaten his fill, and his processor buzzed from the oil.

"I still don't know what to think about this, Shockwave,"

He drank a little more, for courage, looking down into the cup while the purple mech moved the tray, and now only air separated them.

"So if you were a spy on Cybertron the whole time, then why risk your mission by sleeping with the enemy?"

"At first, it was to have the appearance of normalcy, logically, it made sense that most mechs had significant others…I found you the most attractive,"

Mech fluid burned in the yellow bot's optics. So he had been simply a cover…

"Yet as I spent more time with you, I developed feelings for you. As illogical as it sounds, I didn't care about the cover, I just wanted to be near you," the Decepticon said softly.

"So why do this? Why set up Wasp, if I was already a cover?"

"As soon as I had realized how much you meant to me, I contacted Megatron. I told him of the situation and we made a deal to save you. Wasp deserved his fate. He lusted after since day one, and there was no way I could let him have you," he stated, his cold voice warming with emotion. "Since you had heard one of my calls, and gotten suspicious, why not kill two birds with one stone, as the human's say?"

Bumblebee's optics were moist and he could not fight the tears building.

"Why do you have to make this so hard?" he sobbed. "I can't bring myself to hate you…"

"I know, but I just couldn't let you be hurt-by Wasp or by Megatron,"

Shockwave cleared his intake and let his servo rest on his love's shoulder. The oil had emboldened him. To his pleasure, the Autobot leaned on him, and let that servo drift lower and curled into his touch.

"Please hold me…" Bee whimpered softly. "I missed you so much. I thought that you had forgotten about me,"

"Thank you," was Shockwave's soft reply in the younger mech's audial. They drifted closer and down into each other's hold in the berth. From there it didn't take them long to fall into a peaceful recharge.

Bee woke up in the strong arms that he had been dreaming of, with a firm body around him. A Decepticon was spooning him and it felt good. Part of him felt alienated, but another part of him wanted those claws lower.

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