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Introduction: Separation

She slowly became aware of lying face down in hot, salty sand. The back of her exposed neck was tight with sunburn; her mouth was dry and full of grit. She blinked and coughed, looking around the beach for signs of other humans.

Then memory returned, and with it came a wrathful scream. She scrambled to her feet and ready to fight, but the attackers from last night were gone. Next she searched for any signs that B.B. had also been left on the beach and where she might have gone.

. . . . . . . . . .

"Mommy, what's wrong?" B.B. had asked her as she read the BORED invitation.

She realized her face showed her worry and forced a cheerful grin to replace it. "Nothing Baby." She said. "How'd you like to take a road trip?"

"Tomorrow?" B.B. asked.

"Nah, let's go right now." She said, picking up a coat, her sword, and B.B.'s favorite toy gun. "Come on sweetie."

B.B. slipped off her chair and followed. "Don't we need suitcases?"

"We'll buy what we need on the way. Come on honey." She helped her daughter into the car, buckled her in and hurried to the driver's side. She worried about closing her door after the car started out of the driveway.

Late that night she had collapsed onto the hotel bed with B.B. wrapped in one arm and her Katana in the other. She slept fitfully and jolted awake at small sounds. A few hours before dawn, she finally fell into a deep sleep.

She didn't hear the hissing gas until B.B. shook her awake asking what the sound was. However, once awake she immediately knew the location of all three intruders in the room. The gas was starting to affect her but she pushed B.B. to the floor and jumped off the bed towards the closest attacker, drawing her sword and striking before she hit the ground. The man yelled in pain bringing the other two rushing at her. She swung around to face them, but the gas was affecting her more and she tripped. One man grabbed her sword and another slammed something into the back of her head.

. . . . . . . . . .

A man stood at the edge of the trees at the beach's end. As she drew closer she realized that he held her sword. He was also watching her, ambush wasn't an option. Unless she was the one about to be ambushed . . . she pushed the thought away as she kept walking. She needed information.

The thug didn't move until she was just outside of striking range. Then he stepped forward a couple paces and said, "Beatrix Kiddo, by invitation of the BORED organization you are here to fight in the Survival Tournament. As stated in your invitation, the last contestant standing will be declared the winner. Good luck." He then threw the katana to her and turned to the jungle.

"Wait." She said sharply. "Where is B.B.? Where is the girl I was with?"

The man turned back. "Our orders were to bring you here. Anyone else was left at the hotel." Then he continued walking.

"It's fortunate you didn't hurt my baby girl." She said, her voice thick with anger, "Your punishment for taking me from her will be swift."

As the man stopped she plunged the Hattori Hanzo Katana into his back. The thug twitched briefly and fell. She pulled the katana out and started into the forest.

"Don't worry baby," She said quietly, "I'll be home soon."

[A/N] I used "she" to try and recreate the feeling of the Kill Bill movies where The Bride is largely nameless. Anyone have thoughts on this?
I will use her name or codename some in the upcoming chapters since they'll be much longer.

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