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[A/N] This is my extremely late fight scene for the Bride vs. Shadow vs. Robotnik. Both of my opponents managed to get there fights in within the time limit and this should definitely be taken into consideration when judging.

I think there might be a disjuncture in timelines since I move from the Bride's fight with Joruus pretty much straight to her fight with this lot. I thought about posting the first bit as an intermission chapter but it moves straight from there to the fight so I decided to just leave it together. If you want to skip it just go to the line of periods and read from there. I'm sure a fair amount happened between the shield coming down and this fight for the rest of the characters in this tournament, but let's just give a nod to the timey-wimey ball and move onward.

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Black Mamba vs. Shadow vs. Robotnik

A Darker Side

Black Mamba continued her trek up the mountain, stopping to rest in a cave only after she had moved a good distance from her fallen opponent. She worried that if she remained too close to the scene of battle another fighter would attack her, finding Harry's gun had already taken longer than she was comfortable with, and she wanted a moment to catch her breath before resuming.

After examining the Jedi's lightsaber for some time, she found an out of the way mechanism near the base of the metal cylinder. Turning the switch caused a long beam of pure white light to grow instantly from the hilt, startling Mamba so much that she almost dropped the weapon. She didn't know whether the switch had been jostled when she stole the saber from the Jedi or if Joruus had used his force to turn it off, but either way it was working now.

The lightsaber was awkward to wield though. Making her strokes move how she wanted was difficult because the energy blade was weightless, so all of the mass was in the hilt. The lightsaber weighed much less than any sword Black Mamba had wielded before and something was rotating within the hilt, throwing her further off balance. It felt like the sword was trying to yank out of her hands every other second. Still it was a powerful sword and the best weapon she currently owned.

Going through a few sword kata with the lightsaber, Black Mamba was able to find some adjustments to her fighting style to better fit the sword's temperament and grew slightly more used to its alieness. She found that larger, swooping strikes allowed her to direct the weapon better and were easy to maneuver because of the light weight. Closer, precise movements were much harder to control but still moved quickly. She figured that she could get off three times as many attacks as normal if she didn't worry about striking exact locations. Though she probably wouldn't be able to hit exact targets even if she wielded the lightsaber slower and more focused, the rotation in the hilt was too hard to compensate for.

Suddenly the cave shook and some rocks broke loose from the ceiling. Black Mamba hurried outside to see the shield over the island cascading down. She shut off the lightsaber after checking for nearby contestants and returned it to her hip. She didn't really understand the weapon yet, but she couldn't afford to waste more time practicing. She hoped she hadn't wasted too much already.

Black Mamba contemplated going back to the shore of the island and escaping, but she couldn't be sure that there would be anything to escape in. She was also nearly at the top of the mountain, versus at least a day's journey from the ocean. Hopefully she would be able to find some way off the island at the top of the mountain or at least get a better view of what new madness was happening.


Black Mamba picked her steps carefully. The floor was covered in blood and dead thugs. The wounds were inconsistent. Some of the thugs looked like they had been run over by a vehicle but others had gunshot or sword wounds. There hadn't been just one fight here; it looked like this corridor had seen a few battles. Still, it wasn't as strange as the first one.

It had been easy to spot the door in the mountainside and just as simple to get in with the golden card she'd taken from the Jedi. Without the card, however, it would have been impossible to open the door and it was too sturdy to knock down so Mamba assumed BORED was going for stability more than camouflage. She had been expecting a barrage of thugs to attack once she got inside, but instead she found only two dead bodies. Well, she had assumed they were dead; it was hard to tell because they were both covered in dark chocolate. There were smudges of chocolate on the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling. It was as if a flood of chocolate had run through the passage, but it was odd that only a few traces had been left behind.

Black Mamba shivered at the memory. It had only been chocolate, but it was just so… creepy. And then there was the look on the thugs faces. Cries for help forever frozen in chocolate. She had hurried away from that scene. Yes, the current amount of gore and blood was much more familiar to Mamba.

Something black zipped quickly around the corner she was approaching. It blurred past her at a high enough speed to blow her hair back. She turned quickly to see if it would stop or continue away. It stopped.

Mamba bit back a laugh when she saw that it was a large, black cartoonish creature with huge eyes and spikes on its head. The thing was an impossibility; it didn't even look like an animal from earth. It looked like one of B.B.'s stuffed toys, but Mamba knew better than to let her guard down for anything on this island. Harry's gun was ready in her hand, but she raised it defensively before herself, ready for an attack.

"You're not supposed to be in here, Kiddo." The thing, which looked vaguely like a hedgehog, sounded annoyed. After a few seconds of open mouthed disbelief that the animal was talking, Black Mamba worried about how it, no he (it sounded male), how he knew her name. Maybe he was working with BORED, either way it would be prudent to attack first and ask questions later.

Unfortunately in the 15 seconds it took Mamba to piece this together the black animal grew tired of waiting for a response and ran forward at an incredible speed to kick her squarely in the chest. Black Mamba turned her backward momentum into a roll and ended in a crouched position. She immediately fired her gun at the attacker, but he dodged it easily. The hedgehog ran behind her and Mamba was barely able to turn and face him before he jumped forward and up and tucked into a spinning blur. She tried to dodge as the blur rammed into her, but he still clipped her head and sent her to the floor. Mamba swung her legs around and quickly regained her feet. She didn't wait to figure out where the hedgehog was but leapt to the nearest wall and placed her back against it. The black speed demon had started to attack her old position but realized swiftly realized what Mamba was doing and stopped. The assassin fired two shots at the hedgehog, he dodged the first and the second grazed his arm, but the hedgehog only winced as he pulled out his own gun. It was bigger than Mamba's and looked like it packed a much more powerful punch.

"I hope you're ready for this." The Hedgehog said, smiling.

The entire base was filled with rumbling noises from various fights, machinery workings, and the volcano beneath it. This is why, in the heat of battle, neither of the highly skilled fighters heard the slightly increasing rumble of the ATV that now burst down the hallway towards them.

Both fighters were distracted by the new arrival; the hedgehog forgot to fire his gun and Mamba didn't think to take the opportunity to move out of range. Driving the ATV was the strangest looking man Black Mamba had ever seen. He would be the strangest looking anything she'd seen if it weren't for the fact that she was currently being held up by a giant, talking hedgehog. The man had a fearsome face with angry red eyes and a wild orange moustache. His pointy head was bald and his body was extremely round and overweight. He wore a dark green metallic armor that looked like it was roughly pieced together. His ATV was splattered with blood and the wheels had bits of flesh stuck to them.

On seeing the two fighters the man stopped his ATV with a suddenness Mamba found impressive for all the gore slicking its wheels. He stood up partway in his seat to get a better look, squinting his eyes at the Hedgehog.

"Shadow?" He asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Hello Doctor." Shadow the hedgehog replied, "I'm afraid you've picked the wrong direction. Unless, of course, you were looking for a fight old foe."

"Why fight now?" Robotnik asked. Mamba slunk slowly sideways along the wall as the two talked. "We have a better chance of getting out of here together, we can fight all we want when we get home."

Shadow shook his head. "I'm not a contestant Robotnik, I'm working for BORED to make sure contestants like you and…" He looked around and spotted Mamba moving away. She dove for the cover of some discarded machinery but he fired a shot and it bit into her side. "that one don't cause any trouble."

"Damn." Mamba breathed as she curled her legs underneath herself. "What the hell are you guys?"

Robotnik gave an indignant grunt, but it was aimed at Shadow. "If you're working with BORED why didn't they invite me as well? Surely I would be just as valuable to them."

"I have no idea." Shadow said, Mamba noted that he was keeping one eye on her now. She stood up anyway, wanting to be on her feet for the next attack. "This is enough chat though," The Hedgehog continued, "I need to take care of you both before someone else comes along."

Shadow ran quickly along the wall and jumped over Robotnik's vehicle, firing his gun. Robotnik raised his left arm over his face for cover and fired back with his own gun. The bullets Shadow fired ricocheted off of the doctor's armor without denting the material. Whatever it was made of was a powerful substance.

Shadow finished his flight and pushed off the wall he landed against to use his spin attack against the doctor. Black Mamba ran forward while they were fighting. She was tempted to hang back and hope one finished the other off, but she knew little about either opponent and was skilled at fighting multiple people at once. She had faced much greater numbers before, and those had all been focused on her. She briefly considered asking Robotnik for an alliance, but the crazy scientist vibe he gave off didn't inspire much confidence.

Robotnik was rapid firing at Shadow, now with a rifle mounted to the front of his ATV. The hedgehog zigzagged to the side avoid the bullets. Mamba aimed for Robotnik's exposed head and fired. At that moment he was shot in the chest by one of Shadows bullets. The armor held, but the power from the bullet rocked him back enough that Mamba's shot missed his head by inches. Robotnik turned to see where the other shot had come from and on seeing the assassin running at him, swung his gun around to shoot at her. Mamba dropped into a roll and came up right on the side of the ATV. For now she was out of range of either fighter and used the advantage to shoot the closest tire. The bullet sunk into the rubber but the wheel appeared to be too thick to be punctured completely. Before she could try to damage the ATV more, a shot whizzed past her head from above. Mamba ran to the back of the ATV, but Shadow must have seen her, or was just lucky, and he met her there. His shot hit Mamba's left shoulder. She snap kicked at him, but the pain made her aim off and she missed badly. As she and Shadow prepared their next attacks a shot from Robotnik's handgun hit the floor between them.

Shadow turned to face the Doctor and grabbed the largest emerald Black Mamba had ever seen from the bandolier slung across his chest. Shadow held the emerald and shouted "Chaos Spear!" just like they did for attacks in cartoons. Even after making this observation, Mamba was still caught off guard when a bolt of energy burst from the gem and slammed into Robotnik. The man was knocked back into the controls for the ATV. He grabbed them and revved the machine into reverse. Mamba and Shadow both dove to the right of the vehicle as it shot backwards. Mamba was the first one up and noticed that Shadow had knocked a door open with his dive. Robotnik was turning the ATV around; the engine at this range was much louder than the rest of the buildings rumbles. It roared menacingly and Mamba hurried through the doorway after the hedgehog clutching her side with her good arm. The pain from the bullet was starting to numb, but Mamba still felt off on the left side. Shadow was just regaining his feet, but Mamba wasn't paying attention to him. She had just realized they were sitting on a landing in the middle of a large metal stairwell spiraling upwards and down. This was infinitely better than the closet she had expected to be stuck in. As Shadow shook his head clear, Black Mamba ran past him and up the stairs. She didn't care if the loud clanging of the metal told her opponents where she was going because this direction would force Robotnik to abandon his ATV, and she doubted the fat doctor would be in shape to handle fighting on his own feet.

Shadow followed and soon surpassed the assassin with his super speed and stopped in front of her on the fourth landing holding his emerald in one hand and his gun in the other. They both raised their guns simultaneously and stared each other down for a second before Robotnik's ATV rammed into the base of the staircase. The steel stairs shook, but held firmly against the vehicle. Mamba grabbed the railing for support but kept her eyes locked on Shadow's after glancing down. Robotnik's cursing and moving the mechanisms of the ATV could be hear faintly over the engine as it continued rumbling, but neither opponent looked down again. Mamba decided to move first. She worried that she wouldn't be able to dodge the hedgehog's speed if she waited. She held her gun steady and pulled the trigger, which clicked. It clicked again as she pulled the trigger once more and Shadow smiled as they both realized she was out of bullets. Mamba ducked as Shadow fired. She threw the gun at Shadow's face and drew Joruus' lightsaber. Shadow casually swatted the gun out of its path toward his face before realizing that the assassin had already rearmed herself. The White energy of the lightsaber thrummed in the air, Mamba gripped the handle ready to charge forward.

Suddenly Robotnik exploded up out of the opening in the middle of the stairwell, riding a flying chair that must have been incorporated with the ATV. Shadow raced to the next landing and fired alternately at Mamba and Robotnik from his new vantage point. Robotnik simply maneuvered the chair in an erratic pattern to avoid the fire, but Mamba had trouble dodging the shots in the cramped stairway. She waited until a point when Robotnik was well overhead and jumped across the gap to land on the lower stairs where Shadow would have more trouble aiming at her.

Robotnik returned fire on shadow from two guns built into his chair. The hedgehog yelled "Chaos Spear!" holding the emerald and sent another bolt of the strange energy at Robotnik. It rocked the bald man's chair into one of the railings but did only superficial damage. Shadow jumped onto the chair and punched Robotnik in the face. Robotnik caught the fighter's arms and tried to wrestle him off of the chair, but Shadow had the advantage of being on top. Their chair wobbled with the extra weight, but maintained its lift. Mamba took this chance to run back up the stairs towards her two foes.

When she had almost reached their level, Robotnik let go of one of Shadows arms and punched him in the throat. Shadow gasped for air and was phased enough for Robotnik to toss him overboard. The hedgehog grabbed the railing of the stairs as he fell and spun around to attack Robotnik again. He'd dropped the gun catching himself, but still held the giant emerald. He stood on the railing and shouted "Chaos Blast!" sending a shockwave out in all directions. Robotnik and Mamba were knocked into the far wall. Robotnik was knocked further and cracked the wall where his chair hit, Mamba was only thrown a few feet before she hit the wall but had the wind knocked out of her and was sure she'd bruised a few ribs. She shook her blond hair, now dirty with sweat and grime, from her face and then turned to face Robotnik. The doctor had just managed to free himself from the wall by leaning all his weight on the controls. His chair rocked unsteadily for a minute as it stabilized and Mamba took that opportunity to swing her lightsaber down at Robotnik's head. He saw her at the last minute and turned the chair sharply. The energy beam of the lightsaber crackled as it missed Robotnik and slammed into the railing.

As Robotnik swung his chair back around he drew a metal cylinder that looked uncomfortably familiar to Mamba. The doctor grinned as his own lightsaber, this one a bright red color, hissed to life and he prepared to attack. A second electric hiss sounded behind Mamba and as she turned halfway she saw that Shadow had replaced his emerald and drawn his own energy sword, also with a red beam although this one looked vaguely different from the other two lightsabers.

"So much for the advantage." Mamba sighed. She was in about the worst position she could imagine at this point, right between the two skilled fighters one in a flying chair and the other with super speed. The assassin gritted her teeth and held the sword steadily, upright in her hands with her knees bent and ready to spring in any direction.

Shadow and Robotnik both went for her at the same time. Sweeping their swords down in wide arcs they rushed Black Mamba. She bent backwards until she felt like her spine was going to snap and pushed up with her lightsaber. The white light crackled angrily under each of the red beams as the three swords met. Mamba only tried to hold them off for a second before pushing up and to the side with a burst of strength sending herself spinning sideways and her opponents off balance.

Mamba regained her feet while Robotnik and Shadow still had their swords pressed together and where circling slowly. They broke apart and Robotnik swung his sword high to hit Shadow's head, Shadow dropped low to attack the doctor's ankles. He hit the base off the chair instead, which fizzled indignantly, but the power of the strike sent it spinning out over the empty space in the middle of the stair well once again. Black Mamba saw an opportunity and decided to make what seemed like one of the stupidest leaps in her life. Pushing off of the railing with one foot, the assassin flung herself through the air onto Robotnik's chair.

"What the hell?" Then doctor shouted as Mamba collided with his chair, knocking it further into the space. The hedgehog stood watching, looking uncertain of whether he should attack as well or wait.

Mamba held onto the chair tightly and dug her lightsaber into the back of it. The energy beam and the wiring of the chair fizzled and buzzed. Even as Robotnik grabbed her leg, Mamba pressed the saber sideways. It melted the chair slowly, but it only took an inch for a small explosion to rupture the chair's mechanics. Just as she achieved the sabotage, however, Mamba felt the burning of Robotnik's lightsaber against her thigh. It burned her skin even though the energy sword was soon knocked loose by the chair's plummet down as its circuits failed. Mamba pulled her own saber free and abandoned ship for the closest railing. Robotnik tried to grab her ankle as she jumped, but it barely slipped out of his grasp. Robotnik's scream of rage followed Mamba as she slammed into the railing. She managed to keep Joruus' lightsaber as she scrambled over the metal bar.

She looked back over the railing in time to see the crash. Robotnik's red eyes were visible for a moment as he tried to free himself before the chair crashed onto the floor on top of him. The impact from both sides crushed Robotnik's body between his armor plates. His head cracked open when it hit floor and blood sprayed from Robotnik's joints and head, painting the floor like a grotesque modern art. His lightsaber lay crackling nearby, the red energy burning the bright red blood into a curling black smoke.

"Well that is one scrambled Eggman." Shadow tsked, Mamba looked up to see the fighter leaning over the railing one flight above her. "Rest in peace, doc." The hedgehog said and then returned his attention to Mamba. "I had hoped to end him myself, but there's nothing to be done about that now. Of course, this means it's your turn."

Black Mamba squared her shoulders and cracked her neck. "I guess you'd better get down here then." She said calmly.

Shadow smiled grimly and jumped down to Mamba's level. The assassin backed away and raised her sword defensively as Shadow descended. The hedgehog grabbed the railing and then flipped smoothly over it. He landed with his stance grounded and his sword ready. Mamba continued to back away until she found the door out to the current floor. She opened it and chanced a glance out. This corridor was as deserted as the others, which was to say, riddled with corpses.

"I'm a bit tired of the stairs." She explained to the hedgehog as she backed through the door. Shadow shrugged and followed her. Once through the door Mamba kept a healthy distance from Shadow. She was still slightly out of breath from the fall and was hoping for a moment to catch it. Shadow appeared to have other plans and immediately went for an attack, bringing his sword around for a low attack at her shins. The assassin jumped over the strike and spun around to counter attack at her opponents head. Shadow blocked and as the blades collided Mamba nearly lost her balance forgetting that she wouldn't need as much weight behind the block as with a normal sword. She recovered her balance with a clumsy step, but made a successful block against Shadow's next attack, this one high. She pushed away from his sword and turned her arms to thrust her saber forward, bending the front knee to keep her stance low and stable. Shadow brought his saber roughly down on her attack, sending her sword to the floor. Mamba kept pressure on his sword as she parried her own up in an arc until both sabers were in front of them. Then she launched a powerful side kick to Shadow's stomach, causing him to take a couple steps back. Mamba swept her lightsaber up over her head and, stepping after Shadow, struck down with a loud kiai. Shadow blocked and deflected the strike with his own sword held horizontally in front of his forehead. He then attacked with another horizontal attack aimed for Black Mamba's torso, forcing her to drop into a low stance on one knee to avoid being cut in half. He swung his red sword up, over his head and stabbed down to her leg. Mamba had started a roll out of the way as soon as she'd dropped and so just escaped the attack. She rose to her feet in time to knock the hedgehog's second vertical strike to the side so that his saber bit into the wall. However, it only took a second to extract the weapon and the two fighters were soon circling each other, ready for the next move.

Mamba knew that Shadow was much faster than herself, but she couldn't find a way even the field. She kept her eyes open as they slowly moved down the passage way. There were a few crates of weapons in this corridor, but Mamba didn't have time to shop for a gun fast enough to hit Shadow while running. Shadow swung his sword around for yet another strike at Mamba's head, but she blocked it and counter struck low. Shadow easily and quickly blocked the attack and shoved Mamba backwards with the force of it. The assassin suspected it was only her instinct in swordsmanship from years of hard training that allowed her to block Shadow's speedy attacks. Her head ached from the concentration of reading her opponent and predicting the next moves.

Though he would probably outlast her in the endurance of the battle, Shadow appeared to be growing annoyed with the current exchange of blows as well. After they had exchanged another two attacks, both ending in successful blocks, he jumped back and drew out his emerald of chaos once more. Mamba cursed and tried to run away, hoping that it wouldn't strike her as powerfully. But almost as soon as she heard the yell of "Chaos Blast!" behind her, Mamba was thrown from her feet and blasted fifteen feet down the corridor. If that wasn't the full effect of the blast, Mamba hoped she never felt the attack from close range. She heard Shadow yell again and pressed herself against the wall to avoid the bolt of energy that was his Chaos Spear. As it crackled past her, Mamba failed to hear the hedgehog's third yell and as she moved from the wall she was hit in the side by a second Chaos Spear and knocked into a large metal drum. As soon as she realized what she'd fallen against, Mamba was wide awake though. She had no idea why BORED would have an oil drum in their headquarters, unless maybe she was getting close to an aircraft hangar. That would really make her day, but for now she was just worried about the present. She new Shadow would be running to catch up with her at any moment, but she couldn't afford to make stupid mistakes. She didn't know whether the laser of Joruus' lightsaber would react with oil or not, so she switched it off to be safe. She quickly drew her knife and struck it harshly against the cap on the drum. As the cap came off, the blade of her knife broke into pieces. A Chaos Spear passed just over her head as Mamba heaved the barrel onto its side and let the oil flood out across the floor. She looked up to see that the blur of black that was Shadow had almost reached her. In another second he reached the oil and his momentum sent him flying past her as his feet slipped out from under him. Black Mamba kissed the hilt of her now broken knife. The weapon had taken a lot of abuse this tournament, but it had never failed her.

Shadow, aided by a nice coating of oil on his stomach had slid all the way through an open doorway. Mamba chased after him and realized that they had indeed reached the hangar; she and Shadow were now on a narrow catwalk with no railings about a story above several large jets and helicopters. Shadow now stood to face her. The assassin didn't wait for his attack but swiftly restarted the lightsaber and moved forward with two wide horizontal strikes. The Shadow blocked the first and dodged the second, but as he moved his feet residual oil on his shoes caused him to slip backwards more than he appeared to intend to. He struck forward with his lightsaber to keep Mamba at bay, but seemed reluctant to move his feet more than necessary.

"That wasn't a bad move Kiddo," He smirked, "but I'll still get you."

"Ah so," The assassin said quietly, "you are a true fighter to the end."

She struck again in a quick succession from a Kung Fu sword kata. The movements were clumsy with the difference in sword weight, but Mamba wasn't worried about accuracy now, she just needed to trip the hedgehog up. Shadow managed block and parry the first few attacks and struck out with some counter attacks that Mamba had to improvise blocks for. On her fifth attack Shadow feinted a counter and came around on the other side landing a strike on her right upper arm. Mamba cursed but she stayed focused and charged Shadow for her next move. He slipped on his oily feet as he moved out of the sword's path and almost fell off the catwalk, but caught a supporting wire and landed with the bulk of his body still on the narrow space. Black Mamba swooped her sword around to strike. Shadow tried to block it with his own sword but was at an awkward angle and had to fight to keep from falling over the edge.

Black mamba thought she had missed him at first when she felt little resistance in her strike. Then Shadow cried out sharply in pain and Mamba saw that his lightsaber and the hand holding it were missing. As his hand and sword fell to the floor below, some arteries that hadn't been fully cauterized by the heat sent spews of blood from the stump now at the end of Shadows wrist.

Shadow glared at Mamba as he clenched his teeth against the pain. The assassin stared coldly back at him. As soon as the hedgehog moved she brought her lightsaber down into his chest. It broke through his sternum with a little effort and reached his heart. Shadow died instantly and the crackling of Joruus' lightsaber sounded just like Robotnik's had in his blood. As she realized that Shadow's flesh was starting to cook, Black Mamba pulled the energy sword free and turned it off.

Shadow's hand had convulsed on the wire when she struck him, but now it went slack and Shadow's corpse slipped off the edge of the catwalk, down to the floor of the hangar. Mamba watched it fall and even heard the quiet thud it made as it hit the ground. Some workers that had been watching the fight from the ground rushed over to see what was left of the body. Some pointed up at the catwalk while others ran to a radio, hurriedly relaying the information.

Mamba calmly walked across the catwalk and found another doorway. There was no one in this hallway either… yet. She needed to find a separate way to sneak into the hangar now that she had been seen. She hoped that she ran into one of the BORED leaders though. It didn't feel right to leave without punishing the ones responsible from separating her from her daughter.

She had eliminated the last two obstacles fairly quickly. There were only a few more to go now -just a few more obstacles to get out of the way before she got back to B.B.

[A/N] I wasn't able to research all that Robotnik's chair is supposed to do thoroughly. My apologies if I got anything wrong.

I didn't mean to make Robotnik's role so much smaller than Shadow's in this, it just kind of happened. It took a lot longer to finish off Shadow than I expected…

Cutting off Shadow's hand is meant to be a tribute to the Star Wars trilogy. It felt right to include it what with everyone wielding lightsabers. It's also supposed to symbolize the dark side of the Bride that this tournament is bringing back out.

Of course, I wish the best of luck to my opponents!