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Anna was glaring at Alias, rubbing her tail and looking slightly stunned. She had hit her chin hard on the last step, snapping her head back. Alias had set her in a chair and had vanished into Sonja's room. In the mean time, Prosper had his gun trained on Anna, the safety off.

Cadel shifted from foot to foot, trying to think. Fear had clogged his brain.

Anna yelped, distracting him. The chair Alias had set her in was wood, and her soaking wet fur was sliding off the wood. She slipped sideways, almost spilling onto the floor before wrapping one of her hands around the top of the chair. Her tail was sliding out from under her.

"A little help please?" She said, trying to wrap her tail around the legs of the chair to keep from sliding off entirely. Proper nodded to Cadel.

He walked slowly over. As soon as he came within range, Anna let go of the top of the chair and wrapped a hand around his shoulders. Her fingers clung to the back of his sweatshirt, pulling it down.

Anna managed to settle on the chair, clinging to his sweatshirt as a hand hold. Her fingers brushed his spine as she let go. A drop of water, left from her fingers, clung to his skin.

"So this is the plan." Prosper said. The gun hadn't moved an inch. Anna glared at him. Even the look from her brown eye, normally so warm, was icy. The only thing he could think about was how brown wasn't an icy color.

"We're going to walk out of here and get into the policeman's car. Alias will be driving. I'll be holding Sonja. If you do anything to alert that surveillance team, it's Sonja whose going to suffer."

"Just like a playground bully. Always picking on those who can't fight back." Anna sneered.

"And you are not going to say a word." Prosper said, addressing her directly. "Or not only is Sonja going to suffer, but certain geneticist will be made aware of your whereabouts. Am I correct in assuming that you are interested in avoiding your fathers circle?" His voice was malicious.

"You are." Anna refused to be ruffled.

There was a thud from Sonja's room that made Cadel's head whip around. He started toward the door.

Prosper grabbed his shoulder, his arm twisted so the gun remained trained on Anna.

"Oh, just put that thing away. I can't move fast enough to be a real threat, and it's only going to go off accidentally and hurt someone. And you can be sure that a gunshot will bring the police running." She snapped.

Cadel looked up. A slightly confused look flashed through Prosper's eyes as he put the safety on and slid the gun into his holster.

Anna must have seen the look too, because she rolled her eyes. "Please. I'm not stupid. I don't have the advantage." Yet, her eyes said.

Cadel saw her eyes flick from Prosper to over his shoulder. Her entire body stiffened. Cadel's head whipped around.

"What have you done?" He cried, seeing Sonja's limp form hanging from Alias's arms.

"Nothing permanent. Just a touch of chloroform." Alias said.

"Chloroform?" Cadel was appalled. Anna hissed under her breath.

"It makes her easier to managed." Prosper said.

"Or you could just leave her here and not have to worry about her at all." Anna suggested. Prosper ignored the comment.

"Cadel? Are you going to behave?" He tried to swallow, but his throat wouldn't work. "It wouldn't be very nice for anyone if we ended up besieged in here, would it?"

Cadel shook his head, wordless.

"Then let's go." Prosper had an arm around his shoulder's, guiding him out the door.

They passed by Anna's chair. In a single move, her tail unwound from the chair legs and flashed forward, aiming for Prospers legs. The strike was so fast he wouldn't have seen it until it had landed. He hadn't even realized she had moved until her tail froze, a foot from Prosper.

The man whirled, drawing the gun in the same motion and training it on her.

Anna's tail dropped to the floor with a dull thud. Cadel looked up, into her bicolored eyes. They were wide with surprise and pain. Anna doubled over with a low moan.

For a second Cadel was sure that Prosper had fired the gun, until he realized there would have been a gunshot, and blood.

Then he saw the fur on Anna's tail rippling. As he watched it began to retract, pulling back into her skin until all of the rich brown fur was gone.

They were completely silent, watching the muscles move under her skin.

Anna looked up, meeting Cadel's eyes. She looked… helpless. Completely and totally helpless. And in a great deal of pain.

There was a sharp pop. The muscles around the base of her tail, where the two feet-like flaps met, clenched and relaxed. The bone there had split in two.

He heard a faint whisper, coming from her direction. Cadel leaned forward slightly.

"Go." The word was barely audible. Her eyes were pleading; this was not something she wanted them to see. lines of red appeared along the middle of her tail. Throught the split skin they could see the striated muscles wrapping around her tail.

Another series of pops came, and a red drop of blood appeared on Anna's lip where she had bitten it.

Prosper's arm clenched around Cadel's shoulder's, forcing him toward the door. They passed out into the night, rushing down the stepped and into the car. As the door closed Cadel heard a sharp sound, though he couldn't be sure if it was Anna or simply the door swinging closed. He glanced back towards Sonja and the closed door.

It wasn't until they stopped to change clothes that he realized that the drop of water Anna had left on his back hadn't gone away. Alias left the bathroom where he was changing for thirty seconds, giving Cadel enough time to twist around and glimpse his back in the mirror. High on his spine was a drop of some clear plastic with a sticky base. Suspended inside the plastic was a tiny chip, more like a twist of wire, as fine as any he had seen in the Institute. As he watched a tiny light blinked. Unless, his brain had completely stopped functioning, it was a tracking device.

Cadel felt a small smile creep onto his mouth. He pulled the shirt over his shoulders before Alias had a chance to open the door and see the tiny plastic drop.

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