a/n: Based on my experiences with my first perscription depressant. Gotta love those things!

I think I've fallen into something I can't get myself out of. My feet are sore and I don't think I've walked this far in my life. My body is weak from all the growing and ungrowing I've gone through and I have this slight feeling that I still have miles to go. I can see the end of the road, I know it is there, but I cannot attain it.

A Cat is purring against my leg. I reach to pet him and he digs his claws into my shin. I scream in pain and fall to the ground, cold and wet ground. Cheshire smiles. Simply smiles.

I watch as my blood pours from my open wound into the creaks in the dirt. It turns green to pink to yellow and I'm scared. I reach out for a branch to pull myself up upon. It slaps my hand and turns away. I cry as the Cheshire Cat jump on my lap, letting his claws dig deep into my hips.

"Are you mad yet?" He hisses, leaping off me, taking the skin from my hips with him.

I cry more and dig my fingers into the dirt. A flower is near me and I reach for it. Its stem wraps itself around my hand and the thorns dig into my flesh. I try to break free but it's so far down that I've truly felt my bones for the first time. Suddenly, the thorny flowers have my other hand and my ankles. I'm struggling, I'm trying to escape, but there is none.

I'm trapped.

"Are you mad yet?" The Cheshire Cat whispers into my ear.

Suddenly a storm of black powder is landing on my face. I sneeze…and I sneeze…and I sneeze…pepper.

Dark pepper.

"You pig!" The Duchess yells at me. "You dirty pig! Hush you disgusting thing!"

The words sting me. The effects of the verbal abuse is taking in with the blood I'm losing. I'm sobbing now.

Please let me go! I want to go home! I don't know this place!

It starts to rain, but it burns. The raindrops are burning hot as they land on my face and inside of my body through my reveled hips. It is scalding me.

"A little bit of tea never hurt anyone!" March Hare giggles as he jumps onto me, his large feet on each skinless hip.

I cry as the Hatter takes my feet and wraps them around his waist, bringing himself foward.

"What doesn't kill you make you stronger!" The Hatter laughs as he thrusts his covered self against me. "And our tea is the strongest tea around!"

Let me go! Please let me go! I'll never be bad again! I'll never spill my milk and I'll always remember to feed Dinah! Oh, please, oh, please!

"Are you mad yet?" The Cat hisses again from somewhere far away.

Suddenly they all are gone and the Queen is in front of me. Her finger is pointed towards me and her nose is in the air. I can see the lightning and accusing flashes in her eyes.

"Liar!" The queen screams. "This girl is a liar! Off with her head!"

I'm begging for my life, for my home, for my hope, for anything that would get me somewhere I knew. The cards are stack around and against me and at once they jumped. The rabbit is somewhere near, yelling to me "It's too late, it's too late!" All goes dark, but the pain is still real. All I can see is a twisted mouth, cracked into a smile. It whispers to me…

Are you mad yet?