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Ugh, where am I?

I tried moving only to find out I couldn't. My legs were tied together and to the legs of the chair I was sitting on. There was a gag in my mouth and a thick cloth over my eyes. My left arm was tied behind me, the rope intertwining with another rope that was tied around my stomach and the back of the chair.

Wait, only my left arm? Where the fuck is my right?!

So I'm tied to a chair, I have no idea where the hell I am or where Al is, and my right arm's missing, well isn't this just great.

After what seemed like hours of sitting alone in the darkness, I heard footsteps. They echoed a lot, like 10 footsteps in one. Slowly they got louder and louder, the person getting closer and closer. Then they stopped and I heard a laugh, a small quiet one but defiantly a laugh. "I see you're finally awake" A gruff voice said, I could hear, excitement in his voice. "Well let's get started then"

I heard a small click, like a pocket knife being unsheathed. He cut off the gag first, cutting my cheek along with it, and then he did the same with the blindfold.

I looked up at my capturer, and I swear I have never seen him before in my life.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm the person who is going to make your last moments in this world as horrible, and as painful as I can." He smirked, and then dragged the knife down my face, the cut aligning with the other two he made. I bit back a scream as he pressed harder when he got to my cheek actually making the knife go all the way through. I could momentarily taste the metal in my mouth. He did the same with the other side of my face.

"What the hell did I do to you that make's you want to torture me?"

"Don't remember me kid? That makes things, better; a random stranger grabbed you off the street for torture. Isn't that pleasant"

"What the fuck is wrong with-"

He took advantage of my open mouth and stuck the knife into it and started cutting random parts of the inside of my mouth.

He took the knife out of my mouth and started examining the blood left on the knife.

"There's nothing like the sent of blood at night is there?" He asked, but not expecting an answer.

To make the pain last longer and feel well, more painful, he slowly dragged the knife along random parts of my body. Some times deep some not, I will admit it hurt like hell, but I refused to cry out, to give the bastard the satisfaction.

"How does it feel little blond shrimp?" He questioned me.

It hurt, so much; I couldn't yell or do anything. The pain was almost overwhelming rendering me even more useless then I was before.

He turned around and I noticed a table sitting behind him. The table was full of potential torture weapons. He put the knife in his other hand and grabbed a crowbar.

He started to cut off my left pant leg from the knee down. The fabric fell to the floor and he examined the metal leg. I saw the puddle of blood gathering below the chair.

"Well wasn't this made well, must have taken a long time to make? Let's see how long it takes me to disassemble it."

He took the crowbar and started ripping it apart and I couldn't do anything to stop him.

Soon the leg was pretty much nothing. He started turning around but suddenly turned back and slammed the crowbar into my right leg. This time I couldn't help it, I let out a reluctant scream of pain.

"That's what I like to hear"

He swung again, I closed my eyes and braced myself for another hit, but I never did feel impact. I felt a falling sensation and then my face slammed into the ground along with my broken leg. I let out a gasp of pain.

He broke the front legs of that chair, leaving me in this face down position.

~~~~ OmE a SpAcEr Of DoOm~~~~

"Where the hell is Fullmetal?!" Mustang asked for about the hundredth time.

"Our answers have not changed sir" Hawkeye replied "We don't know either"

Then the door burst open.

"Colonel!" Who stood in the door way was none other then Alphonse Elric.

"Al, where is your brother!"

"That's the problem Colonel! I don't know. But one person did say that he saw a guy carrying a kid, that looked knocked out, in a red coat to a warehouse."

"What?" Mustang asked surprised.

"Do you think it was him?"

"Maybe, maybe not but either way I think we should check it out. Show us the way Al"

~~~~~oMe AnOtHeR sPaCeR~~~~~

The guy set the front of the char up on a cinderblock then walked back to the table.

He picked up a gun, and I was starting to feel dizzy from blood loss.

He aimed the gun and shot, again, and again, and again. It wasn't a powerful gun, probably a BB gun but it still hurt, especially since he was aiming for the open wounds. It hurt like hell, and I couldn't do anything to stop it.

He kept shooting, but the pain slowly started to fade. Soon enough I couldn't feel anything. I know that it couldn't be good that I felt nothing with him shooting me. But I didn't care, all the agonizing pain was gone everything I felt before was gone, and I was glad. But I could hear, I heard the guy laughing. He was actually giddy, getting his kicks out of killing me slowly and painfully.

After what seemed like an eternity of just listening to the gunshots and this guy laughing his head off, I heard something new, footsteps. I could tell they where running and I could tell that there where many people. The guy had heard also and immediately stopped laughing. He grabbed the knife he started out with and ran, but as he left he stabbed me and dragged the blade down my side.

"I hope you don't make it kid" he whispered in my ear then he fled.

The doors opened and I heard the voices.

"Hey get him!" One familiar one yelled. More footsteps, some fast and some slow, the people taking in the surroundings. Then I heard one less set of them, someone stopped.

I could just barely make out what they where saying.

"What is it?"

"Brother?" one said wondering trying to make sure, to see.

"Brother!!" The voice yelled and the footsteps started again.

The voices they where all so familiar but I couldn't tell who they belonged to, I was too out of it to care. The footsteps got louder until they stopped.

"Brother! Brother are you okay?"

Was he talking to me? I couldn't tell.

"Fullmetal, Edward, say something!" another voice said. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't my mouth wouldn't work my limbs wouldn't move I couldn't do anything, my body was shutting down.

Then I couldn't see anything and the noises faded until they where nothing.


"Edward!" Mustang yelled as he saw the bloodied battered body in front of him go limp.

"Brother! Wake up brother!" Al yelled, scared and worried.

"Cut the binds, Al hold him try not to move him to much and to harshly."

"We couldn't catch him sir."

"Shit, someone call an ambulance!"

Mustang put his fingers to the boy's neck.

Crap his pulse is slow and faint, this isn't good.

Mustang looked up at Al, he couldn't tell by looking at him (well he's a suit of armor) but he could tell that Al was worried. He was staring at his brother's mangled body.

"The ambulance is on its way sir!"

"Good. Stay with us Edward."

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