Please note: I do not own Twilight in any way shape or form(fudge!) All characters associated with Twilight are Stephenie Meyer's. The plot and story and all new characters are all mine though :) Enjoy!


I woke up in a sweat. The nightmare was back again. I got up knowing that I wouldn't go back to sleep. I looked at my alarm clock and saw that it was two in the morning. I had another five hours before I could go to school. That was my life. School, homework, dinner, then if I was lucky I got four hours of sleep before the nightmares came. I felt dizzy with the lack of sleep I'd been getting in the past month. Charlie almost had me committed I was so bad. Renee wanted to take me back to Florida, but I quickly put stop to that. I thought about what I found out earlier today. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't I had no more tears to spare... I was all cried out. Now I needed to come up with a plan...what was I going to do? I couldn't stay here...especially not with Jacob and the pack around. I would have to leave, but where would I go? As the next hour passed I came up with a plan. Resolved I got up grabbed the gym bag underneath my bed and started to pack. I knew exactly where I had to go. Could I get there in time?

Now onto chapter One!

This Prologue is a freebie ;)