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Chapter one:

Why do we like to hurt so much? I can't decide you have made it harder just to go on. And why? All the possibilities…well I was wrong. That's what you get when you let your heart win. Whoa! I drowned out all my sense with the sound of its beating and that's what you get when you let your heart win. ---paramore

The night was in between warm and cold. It was the perfect night to go boosting because it would be harder to work up a sweat. Kip, Freb, mirror man and I were out getting the Porsche. It was definitely going to be one of the harder cars to nab given the fact that it was inside a dealership but anything was possible, right?

Kip and I were the only two, besides Tumbler and Toby, who had known the car was inside the dealership, we thought it would be the best way to keep everyone calm.

"The corner of Wiltern and Weatherly…Tumbler messed up, it's not here."

I looked across the street and then laughed silently and both Kip and I said "He didn't mess up its right there"

Freb and mirror man looked all around and then across the street.

"That" Freb asked but before he can finish mirror man cut him off.

"Kip you got to be shittin' me man" mirror man than looks at me and says "you knew about this?"

I shrugged my shoulders "Ah come on Arriella, you are supposed to be the smart one, you are supposed to be the one to discourage him from doing stupid shit like this.

I looked at him, raised my eyebrows, and smiled. "That's still my Job? I thought I gave up babysitting when we called it quits?" I paused "He told me he wasn't going to do anything stupid, I need the money. If he plays it smart it can be done."

I heard Kip mumble something under his breath about babysitting.

Mirror man was the only person I was paying attention to and he said "and how is he supposed to play it smart?"

I paused, I hadn't exactly thought of that, but I figured Toby would have something in mind.

Mirror man sighed at my own stupidity and then looked at Kip "How are we supposed to get in? Tell me you and Toby worked something out." Toby and Mirror man were great with electronics. If Mirror man couldn't do it than Toby could and vice versa.

Kip grinned at him then said "Let me out, I need my tool." While he was getting out he said "Pop the trunk while you're at it."

Me and mirror man exchanged a look, this was not good at all.

"Kip what tool?" I asked worriedly. Kip jumped out of the car, ignoring my question, and leaving the door open so that me and mirror man could get out. "Kip, god damn it answer me, what tool? You and Toby made some kind of plan didn't you?"

I should have never gone along with this plan. I needed the money and the thrill. I had been busy so I had left a lot of the planning to Kip and the guys but the car being inside the store had been the one aspect that Kip had let me in on, somewhat reluctantly at that.

We got to the trunk and Kip opened it and grabbed for something that I couldn't quite make out. Mirror man had though "A BRICK!" He stated incredulously. "A brick is not a tool. If you are going to use that we might as well call up Folsom and make reservations."

I looked between both of my friends and then glared at Kip "Kip, don't do this, if I get in trouble, I swear to god I will kill you."

Kip looked at me "Leave then. This isn't for the faint of heart and besides you gave up babysitting duty right?"

I stopped at his words, Kip had never told me to leave before, we had gotten into fights over his stupid pranks but never had he told me to leave. Kip was angry as hell with me and it stung but I had to get over it. Finally, I got myself together again and started walking. "I can't leave Kip and you know that, I need the money, but I swear if I get in trouble with the cops you'll be begging them to lock your fucking ass up."

Mirror man laughed and Kip grunted. We had made it to the window and Kip threw the brick through the window. It made a loud crash and a few seconds later the alarm went off. I started panicking then. When a person boosts there is always a possibility of getting caught and you know that and most people were willing to risk it, for the most part so was I but this was suicide. If a person played their cards right they wouldn't get caught but an alarm going off before they even set foot into the car was not good at all.

I was pulled out of my reverie when Mirror man tapped me on my shoulder indicating we were ready to leave. I jumped into the backseat, not wanting to sit next to Kip because I was so pissed off.

"Okay Billy badass you got us in here now how the hell you plan on getting us out?" Mirror man asked somewhat sarcastically.

"You had to ask" I said anger, exasperation and sarcasm mixing at the same time. I pointed to the window right in front of us.

"Ah shit." Was all mirror man had time to say before Kip sped up and jumped the car out of the window.

I grabbed on to the Kip's seat, reflexively, and then let go hoping he hadn't noticed but I saw that Kip had a grin on his face and I knew he had. I cursed under my breath, just what I needed, Kip knowing I was scared shitless.

The Porsche hit the street and we sped away towards our destination. Kip, of course, couldn't go without making a little noise so he squealed the tires and laughed. I felt like slapping him across the head but given the fact that he was driving and we were not an item anymore it probably wouldn't go over very well, so I just tightened my hold on the seatbelt I had decided to wear and swore under my breath.

Kip looked up at the rearview mirror and into my eyes and said "You okay back there Angel?" Kip had started calling me Angel way back when we first met. According to him, I was his Angel. I used to find it romantic, now it just pissed me off.

I rolled my eyes at him and flipped him off; he laughed and sped up, Kip knew I hated going fast during a boost, being the responsible person I was. Let me rephrase that, Kip knew I hated going fast in a car that had definitely been reported and this one had. He was totally egging me on.

"Kip, were in a stolen car." Mirror man said.

"A fast stolen car" Kip added.

"Like that makes a difference" I said under my breath.

Kip looked at me through the rearview mirror and smiled "It does when you won't get to drive a car like this for a long time baby." He was right, cars like this were way above our spending limit, even when we boosted.

"You got that right hun, except soon we won't be driving any cars because we will all be in prison."

Kip laughed and Mirror man gulped and said. "Man I should have never come along with this."

Finally, after what seemed like hours we got to a stop light. I was thanking god and everything in between until Kip rolled down his window.

"Hey" He said to the beautiful blond next to us.

"Kip, stolen car." Mirror man and I said in unison. Mirror man was grabbing at him trying to pull him back.

"No… No" Kip said pushing mirror man off.

The girl turned her head our way and Kip said "Baby you are so talented"

The beautiful blond in the car next to us rolled her eyes in a dramatic way but you could tell she was enjoying the attention. Kip revved the engine, waited for the light to turn green, once it did, he put his foot on the gas, yelled "I love you" to the blond and we were jamming. I felt like I was on a roller coaster at that point. I felt my body slam into the seat; I felt my stomach jump to where my heart should be and my heart jump to my throat. I think I am going to be sick.

The car that Kip had been racing was no competition at all and we lost it not too long after we started the race.

"This is why we broke up!" I yelled.

"Why? Because I have good taste in woman?"

"No, because you're a jackass." I said somewhat angrily.

Mirror man laughed and Kip said "Don't laugh, that's not funny," He looked at me through the rearview mirror and said "That's not funny"

Mirror man patted Kip on the shoulder "Man, that's funny and so god damn true."

I smiled a little too; mirror man always had a way of lightening the mood.

Kip sighed but didn't say anything as we pulled into the spot where we held base. Kip honked, which indicated to the others that it was us, once he got the car into the warehouse and stopped the car Mirror man jumped out and I followed suit.

Tumbler said something to Atley Jackson who was supposed to be our babysitter. Atley smiled and then came over and patted Kip on the shoulder and said "goes 0-60 in 5.2 seconds"

Kip nodded his head and mirror man exclaimed "I can vouch for that man" Mirror man was acting like ten seconds ago he wasn't ready to piss his pants.

I rolled my eyes in disgust and anger, Atley must have caught it because he came over to me "Something the matter?"

I walked away from him and nodded my head 'no'.

Everyone was all excited at the prospects of having gotten thirteen cars done. Tumbler marked off the Porsche and started handing out beers. He got to Toby and said "You can't have any you're too young." Toby groaned but it was the only protest he would make on the subject. He knew there was no way he would win. He was only seventeen; the baby of the group and everyone thought it was their job to take care of him.

"What's that noise?" Atley asked worriedly.

I stopped my thinking to listen and heard a thump thump and then saw some lights shit I thought cops.

The others must have thought the same thing because they all yelled "Cops, let's get the hell out of here!" We all started running here and there cleaning up what we could. I was almost out the door when I heard someone break the black light and then I heard Atley say "Now you have gone and done it Raines."

I thought to myself definitely.


When I had first joined the gang about five years ago, I had been fourteen years old at the time; we had made plans that if we ever had to make a run for it we would meet at Danny's, an all night pool hall around the block from our old school. The only reason Kip wanted to meet there was because the owner, Danny, knew Kip's older brother Memphis and he would let us drink and what not as long as we had our fake I.D.'S. It took us all a good hour to regroup, but that was to be expected. I was the last one to arrive and I got a loud greeting.

"ANGEL!" Kip yelled from across the room "I thought they caught you baby!"

I rolled my eyes in loathing and walked over to the group. Tumbler was being assaulted by two bimbo's, Toby and Freb were sitting next to him staring at him in wonder, they were not as lucky at attracting female attention. Kip had two empty beers in front of him and one half empty one in his hand; those three beers were probably not his only three and probably would not be his last. Mirror man had a beer and was sipping it nervously looking about as if expecting cops to come busting through the door and arrest us all at any moment. I put a hand up to cover a smile that was coming to my lips; mirror man hated it when I laughed at his paranoia.

I made it to the table and reluctantly sat down next to Kip which was the only seat available. Kip must have sensed my reluctance because he said "You aren't mad at me are you angel?"

I looked at him angrily "Don't call me that"

"Ah come on baby" He said putting his arm around my shoulder. I shook it off and waved the waitress over. "Can I have a seven and seven?" The waitress shook her head and left.

Since I had arrived everyone had sobered up, except for Kip, who was whispering something to one of the girls on Tumblers lap. I sighed and grabbed for Kips beer which I missed the first time but got the second time.

"Hey" He protested.

I ignored his protesting and said "Sooo what's going on?" No one answered. I had known it wasn't going to be good news but obviously this was worse than I had expected. I sighed. "Someone needs to answer me. Keeping me in the dark is not going to do anything." The waitress had returned with my drink and I was sipping it, slowly.

Kip looked at me and grimaced. "They aren't answering my calls. But, we can do the job, we got thirteen cars in one week, we just got to up our game and show them we got this shit under control."

When the person in charge of a job does not answer the crew runner they asked to carry it out that is not a good sign. It meant they had lost trust in them. It also meant that they were making plans without that person; which could entail death or torture or just a "friendly" reminder not to fuck up again. However, we were dealing with Raymond Calitri and he was more of the death and destruction type of guy.

I snorted and everyone looked at me grimly, if I didn't think we could do it, it probably couldn't get done. "We were supposed to get fifty cars done guys; thirteen is nothing. What the hell were you thinking taking a job for Calitri that you could not do? You might have been able to do 50 cars in two weeks but there is no way to do 50 cars in one week I—"

"Actually" Tumbler said a bit slowly, as if he didn't want to, "we have five days" Then he looked at his watch and said 'actually, four days."


"We procrastinated a bit" Kip said.

"Brilliant" I said angrily. "Calitri is going to kill us." Kip had asked Calitri for a Ten thousand cash advance which him and the guys had spent on booze and a get a way car also known as a get there car.

"We procrastinated because we needed another hand and your fucking ass wouldn't call me back."

I looked around the table. "Oh no, you are not going to blame this shit on me. When did Calitri let it slip that he was thinking about hiring you for a job? A month ago? Two months ago? You should have gathered your team then, not a couple days before Kip!" I slammed my drink down on the table, most of it spilled out which left me only a sip which I downed quickly.

"I don't need this shit god damn it!" Kip said angrily.

I was about to say something but Toby and Mirror man cut in "Guys, come on fighting isn't going to solve this." Mirror man put his hand on my arm and rubbed it "Now" Mirror man continued "all we need is to gather a bigger team, got any people in mind?" He looked at me.

"Jake and his team, their good"

"Jake won't help" Kip exclaimed.

I looked at him and smirked "Cause you fucked his ex?" I said pointing at Kip "or because you fucked his sister?" I said pointing to Tumbler. Tumbler laughed but Kip looked uncomfortable.

"He won't destine people to die. I'll see what I can do." I looked around. "There is nothing more we can do tonight. Besides, I am tired, call me tomorrow around noon and I will tell you what I have worked out." At this point everyone dispersed except Kip and Tumbler who stayed. They would probably stay have a couple more drinks, fuck those whores that were hanging on them and call it a night.


I was making my way home when I felt a tap on my shoulder; I jumped a mile but relaxed when I heard "Damn Angel, you don't remember my touch anymore."

I looked at him, annoyance present on my face and said "What happened to Tumbler and the Bimbo's?"

He laughed "Them? They don't mean anything to mean, just a good time, you know? You though, you meant something."

I looked at him from the corner of my eye "Kip your drunk, go sober up and then come talk to me okay."

He laughed "Me drunk, nah, I haven't even had that many drinks tonight."

I laughed "No? What would you classify as not too many?"

"Ah you know twelve or thirteen-ish" Truthfully, twelve to thirteen beers wasn't a lot for Kip; mainly it just caused him to get a little emotional and loud.

I laughed loudly this time. Kip smiled too. "So, what happened to us Angel?" He was serious this time.

"Kip, Don't do this right now okay." I said sadly. I hated talking about our split.

"No, I want to know what happened. We had something good. I know we did, you even said we did. But, all of a sudden it was like, bye Kip, see ya, you don't matter. I mean what the hell was that?"I knew I had hurt him but there had been a lot to my decision to leave him. I wanted to protect him for the most part and leaving him was the best way to accomplish that.

Kip had been a senior when we met, I was in ninth grade. We met in P.E., the only class he tried in, we hit it off right away, mostly, and he invited me to go hang out with him and his gang. They had been in to petty crime at the time, stealing little things and then one day Kip mentioned his older brother Memphis and his car stealing days, we decided to try it and we all liked it and that's how our boosting days together had started.

At first it started out with Mirror man, Kip, Tumbler and me. However, Toby and Freb had come along not to long after. Toby lived close to the Raines his entire life. Supposedly he had known Memphis. We took Toby on two years ago, he had been fifteen; the guys had done it more out of sympathy than anything else. Toby wasn't good at making friends; he's a shy kid who doesn't really know how to interact with people. When he has conversations with people he starts bringing up facts about computers and electronics which a lot of kids his age are not interested in. Toby always liked Kip and the gang and one night we had seen him getting picked on by some kids who happened to be in my graduating class. Kip, Mirror man, and Tumbler beat the shit out of them and I mended Toby's wounds. Ever since that night he stuck to us like glue, in a way it had been a good thing because he had brought a lot of handy little gadgets and the whole hacking scene to our outfit, mirror man had done the same thing but Toby enhanced it.

Freb, on the other hand, had been the first person I had befriended when I moved to Long Beach and one day I had asked him if he wanted to hang with the guys and I at lunch, he was not good at making friends either, he agreed and one thing led to another and he started hanging out with us a year after I joined the gang. Neither Freb nor Toby were allowed to do much of anything. Basically they did odd jobs, Toby did the hacking but he never went out on a job, Freb ordered pizza for the most part and would occasionally go with us on a job but he never got his hands dirty. Our motto was if we got in trouble Freb could always plead ignorance. I had been reluctant about letting Freb join, I mean it had been my idea to let him eat lunch with us but I had never intended him to help us boost, but we had needed someone to help with the "get away" car so we decided on Freb.

Anyway, I had joined the gang and we had all hit it off great. Two years after joining Kip and I had gotten together and things had been good until about a month or two ago. Kip was the nicest guy. Although he would never let me admit it to anyone, he was sensitive to others needs, which is one of the things I had really liked about him. His looks were not that bad either. He had dark brown hair that he liked to wear slicked back, he was 5'11, which was good given my 5'6 frame, it would have sucked if he were extremely tall because then I would have to look up to him and if he were short, well looking down on your boyfriend wasn't the best thing in the world. He wasn't puny but he wasn't too buff, which I liked and he had tattoos.

"Look Kip," I finally said "What we had, it was puppy love, it wasn't anything special, it wasn't going to last so I did the responsible thing and broke it off. I mean, you've said it a million times before "Arriella Grace, you are the most complicated girl I know." You aren't good with complicated, it would not have lasted. So I called it off."

"Bullshit" Was all he said.

I looked at him and sighed "Kip, that shit you pulled tonight, it might have been cool when we first met, when I was a kid, but now, I am not in to that shit, you know? I need someone who is mature and that just isn't you?

I could tell by the look that came across Kips face that I had hit a soft spot "So what, Jake is mature?"

Kip had thought, and I had not led him to believe otherwise, that Jake and I had hooked up which might have been the reason Kip had slept with Jake's ex, who at the time was his girlfriend, just to spite him, an eye for an eye.

I looked Kip in the eye, wanting to end the conversation and said "Yeah, like Jake."

"Fine, go be with Mr. Mature ass Jake and I will leave you the fuck alone. Just remember one thing, when Jake leaves you for the next hot commodity, I won't be there for you okay?"

I smiled at him and said "I've never needed you Kip. You were just for fun. The next relationship, Jake for example won't be for fun, it will be for real." I knew what I was saying was hurting him but that's what I was aiming for. I needed Kip to give me up. I knew Kip had fallen for me hard and I needed him to let go. It could never work out between us. There were certain obstacles that would prevent us from being together and I figured it would be easier to stop the relationship sooner. In reality I had let it go on too long, almost three years, but the truth of the matter was I had fallen for Kip just as hard as he had fallen for me.

"Fuck off" was all Kip said as he walked away.

I turned away, tears burning my eyes, and walked home.


Kip Raines was walking down Walker and first thinking about the conversation he had just had with his Ex. Who in the hell did she think she was? He had invited her to hang out with his friends, he had treated her like a princess or some shit and then she goes and steps on him like he was a piece of dog shit, what the fuck man?

Kip was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't hear the car cruising behind him stop. He also did not hear the occupants of the car get out. He did however feel someone tap him on the shoulder; he turned around expecting Arriella and was surprised to see a big burly and extremely ugly man looming behind him. Shit was all he could think before he felt a fist smash into his face. His body slammed to the ground and he screamed out "wait man, let's talk about this, my gang and I can work this out, we can do it, you just got to give us time."

The ugly man laughed and punched Kip again. Kip saw darkness and nothing else.


I am sure you noticed I changed a few things around…if you haven't I won't mention what those things were. I hope you like this story. I was a little reluctant about writing it because I have never written Romance fic with a character that is already developed like Kip is. However, I was bored one day ( which does not happen much) so I was watching Gone in 60 seconds and Arriella came into my mind and then her story came to my head. I tried pushing her out of my head because I have other stories I am working on but she really wanted to be written so I had to oblige.

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